Subject:OVR Club Director & Coaches' Memo: Junior Work Teams & Pre-match Warm-up Protocols
Date:January 13, 2012 05:17 AM
From:Brian Hemelgarn <>
OVR Club Directors and Coaches:

As we prepare for the 2011-2012 season, I will be sending a couple of
emails to summarize important points, rule changes and OVR procedures
for juniors' competition.  This first email includes reminders for
junior work teams and OVR warm-up procedures.

*A pre-season juniors' scorer or second referee clinic is important to
ensure work teams are well-prepared to fulfill their duties during
tournaments.  Please contact me if you need assistance in this endeavor.
*It is important that work teams are prompt in reporting to the first
referee for their duties.  The referee has only the 10-minute warm-up
period to prepare for the match, and depending on the experience level
of the work team, much of that time will be spent giving them
instructions.  Please be respectful of this by having your teams ready
immediately at the conclusion of the previous match.  After instructing
the work crew, the referee will often release them so that the players
can have a break or grab a snack.

* A coach must be present courtside when his/her team has support duties
during a match.  It is not necessary that the coach be at the scorer’s
table unless there are scoring issues.  The coach should identify
him/herself to the first referee during warm-ups.

*In the event a junior player cannot adequately score a match, the coach
must assume this responsibility for his/her team.  An online scoring
video presentation is available and should be reviewed by players and
(Note: This video does NOT include instructions for the Libero serving
rule modification.)

*The use of electronic devices is not permitted by any work team members
(except for necessary medical equipment, i.e., blood sugar monitor). 
These devices include cell phones, iPods and other mp3 players, CD
players, etc.  The work team's coach may not use such devices if he/she
will be seated at the scorer's table during the match.  A work team that
violates this OVR policy will be assessed a 10-point penalty during
their next scheduled playing match.  If there is no remaining match, a
fine will be levied by the OVR Commissioner.

*The junior second referee and scorer should report to the first referee
by the time the referee conducts the pre-match coin toss, but no later
than two minutes after the start of the timed pre-match warm-ups.  All
line judges who will work during the match, as well as the assistant
scorer/Libero tracker, must report to the first referee no later than
the last four-minute on-court warm-up session by the receiving team. 
Late work teams may be assessed a penalty of one point per minute, up to
a maximum of 9 points, during their next scheduled playing match for
late arrival.  

*Ensure that any player who will work as a second referee has her/his
own whistle and lanyard.  It is not the tournament director's or first
referee's responsibility to provide this.   Ideally they will also have
a timing device/watch to help the first referee time the warm-ups.

*Junior second referees should review the online Junior Second Referee
Clinic to ensure they are familiar with their duties:

*REMINDER: During warm-ups, when one team has exclusive use of the
court, the opponent must be at their team's bench, and may not use
practice balls to warm-up.  

*If both teams mutually agree, when one team is on the court during
their four-minute warm-up period, the opponent may volunteer to retrieve
balls for them.  If teams do not agree to provide this service for one
another, then both teams will need to remain at their bench/bench area
while the other team is warming up.  The team assisting with ball
retrieval may NOT use practice balls for warming up.  

*REMINDER:  Spectators or parents who are not currently registered USAV
members may NOT participate in warm-ups, specifically on-court.  

If you have any questions about work team responsibilities or pre-match
warm-up protocols, please feel free to contact me:

Brian Hemelgarn
OVR Referees' Chair
OVR Junior Officials' Development Director (interim)


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