The OVR newsletter, winner of the Viggo O. Nelson Award (1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998) for editorial content, returned to a schedule of 4 issues per year beginning November 1, 2000.

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Volume 23 Number 1
November 30, 2005
  OVR Registration 2006, Hosting an OVR-Sanctioned Tournament, Open Challenge I Tournaments, Changes in CAP Accreditation, Board Meeting Summary: October 23, 2005, Cleveland Fire Victorious at 2005 World Police and Fire Games, Tournaments Needed in Central and Northeast Ohio, ...
Volume 22 Number 3-4
September 25, 2005
  OVR Plans Breakthroughs for 2006, OVR Election Results: OVR Board of Directors, August 2005 Board Meeting Summary, Hank Trimble Elected as Men's TD, OVR Verification Officer's 2004-2005 Year-End Report, 2005 Ohio Valley Regional Volleyball Championships, Ohio Valley Region 2005 Boys' Regional Championships, Ohio Valley Region-Kaepa® USA 2005 Girls' VolleyballChampionships: Results and Photos, Ohio Valley Region-MoltenŽ2006 National Bid Qualifiers, Juniors' Tournaments, Juniors' Links at a Glance, From the Referees' Chair, Women's Tournaments for 2006, Miami Valley Masters 55s Reach Third in Silver at Nationals, ...
Volume 21 Number 3‑4
October 2, 2004
Volume 22 Number 1‑2
March 9, 2005
  OVR Poised for Spectacular 2005 Season, OVR Elections 2005, IMPACT Coaching Requirement, Training and Certification for Junior Officials, Registration for the OVR-Kaepa USA 2005 Girls' Volleyball Championships, Juniors' Tournaments 2005, Results of OVR 2005 Boys' Volleyball Championships, New Officiating Appointments, Adults' Tournaments Needed, Scorekeeping Updates for 2005, Enabling OVR Members, OVR Board Meeting Synopsis: 3 Oct 2004, OVR Board Meeting Synopsis: 16 Jan 2005, ...
Volume 21 Number 3‑4
October 2, 2004
  New Rules and Procedures for the 2004-2005 Season, August 13-15 Board Meeting, OVR Awards, A Change for Women's Open, Registration for 2004-2005, Patty Salvatore First Female Referee to Officiate Olympic Indoor Volleyball, ASEP Course and Refresher, Tom Kohl Appointed as Boys' Program Director, 2004 Ohio Valley Regional Championships, OVR-Molten® 2004 National Bid Qualifier, OVR-Kaepa® USA 2004 Girls' Volleyball Championships, 2004 USA Girls' and Boys' Junior Olympic Volleyball Championships, 2004 USA Volleyball National Championships, Maverick 13-1 Wins Bronze at AAUs, ...
Volume 21 Number 2
February 10, 2004
  Patty Salvatore to Officiate Summer Games; The Importance of IMPACT; USA Volleyball CAP Clinics Restructured; Tournament Entry, Deadlines, and New Divisions; Big Top Volleyball; Modified Rules for Younger Juniors' Divisions; Award Nominations; Registrations, Certifications & Related Resources; 2004 Libero Uniform Rule Change; OVR Board Meeting Synopsis: January 19, 2004, ...
Volume 21 Number 1
November 30, 2003
  Unprecedented Development Opportunities, OVR BoD, Officers, Staff, and Members Receive USA Volleyball Meritorious Service Awards, Ohio Valley Region-MoltenŽ2004 National Bid Qualifier, Coaching Education Update for 2004, Safe-Release Floor Tape Required for All OVR Events, October 19 OVR Board Meeting Synopsis, ...
Volume 20 Number 4
September 22, 2003
  OVR Teams Victorious at Nationals, OVR Officers Elected, Boys' Volleyball: Regional and National, Barb Strome: New OVR Junior Officials' Development Director, Important news for the 2004 season, OVR Members Honored for Exemplary Service, Results from 2003 Men's Regionals, New on,
Volume 20 Number 3
July 6, 2003
  OVR Junior Championships, Regionals, Boys' Regionals, BoD Election Results, Athletes Selected for OVR High Performance Camp and Youth Teams, OVR Athletes Selected for Youth National Training Teams, On the Road to Girls' Nationals, Juniors' Camps and Clinics ...
Volume 20 Number 2
February 8, 2003
  Online Registration Scores an Early Win, Elections 2003, Updates from the CEO, Commissioner, and officers, January 20 Board Meeting Summary, ...
Volume 20 Number 1
November 25, 2002
  Bob Price Inducted to Coaches' Hall of Fame, Juniors' Recruiting Policies, Expanding Boys' Volleyball, OVR Meritorious Service Awards, Online Registration, October 27 Board Meeting Summary, ...
Volume 19 Number 4
September 10, 2002
  Results from Junior Olympic Championships and the US Open; OVR HP Teams Excel at Volley Classic, USAV & OVR Meritorious Service Awards; August Board Meeting Summary; Announcements for the 2003 Season; Patterns of Growth, ...
Volume 19 Number 3
June 24, 2002
  Records Shattered at Championships, BoD Election Results, Ron Wyzynski, Ohio Valley Region Inc. Kaepa-USA 2002 Junior Volleyball Championships, Regionals, High Performance Teams to Compete in Salt Lake Volley-Classic, Junior Nationals, USPV Tryouts, ...
Volume 19 Number 2
February 10, 2002
  Welcome to OVR 2002, Recap of CAP/ASEP/IMPACT/Officials' Clinics, News for the 2002 Season, 1/21/02 Board Meeting Summary, High Performance, OVR Handbook, Junior Championships, ...
Volume 19 Number 1
November 5, 2001
  Results from the October Board Meeting, more Junior Nationals, information on the upcoming 2002 season for Men, Women, Juniors, and Officials
Volume 18 Number 4
September 7, 2001
  2001 Junior Nationals and US Open, High Performance Teams, Glenn Purdy Meritorious Service Award, Bob Price re-appointed Commissioner, Bill Zelher named Outstanding Club Director, August Board Meeting Summary, Looking to 2001-2002, ...
Volume 18 Number 3
June 14, 2001
  2001 OVR Championships, Summer Camps and Clinics, Boys Volleyball Taking Off, Behind the Scenes at Regionals, ...
Volume 18 Number 2
January 22, 2001
  "The 2001 Season Opens at KSU", photos and results from the Kent State kickoff tournaments, the approaching Juniors' season, late-breaking news for the 2001 season, board meeting highlights, ...
Volume 18 Number 1
November 1, 2000
  "OVR Hosts Record-Setting US Open", rules changes for 2001, coverage of 2000 Adult and Junior Nationals, boys' volleyball, many changes for Juniors, 2001 Bid tournaments, board meeting highlights, ...

Each issue centers on but is not limited to a particular theme. Publication dates and submission deadlines for each USAV season are as follows:

      central topics
November 1       October 15       the upcoming Men's/Women's season;
updates to rules and procedures
January 15       January 1       the upcoming Juniors' season
June 1       May 15       the OVR season and Regional Championships;
summer camps, clinics, and other events
September 1       August 15       National Championships;
looking to the next season

Contributions from OVR members are encouraged: send text, photos, and ideas to Nick Nystrom, Publications Editor, Advertising space is also available.


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