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Updated COVID Protocol 1.12.22 - 2022-01-12

Ohio Valley Region 2021-2022 Covid Protocol Update – Jan. 12, 2022


The Ohio Valley Region is deferring ALL policy on COVID restrictions/protocols to the State, County, or City Health Departments. Restrictions vary from State to State, County to County and City to City; and MAY be determined by the facility. Please keep in mind that a FACILITY has the legal right to impose restrictions, (limiting spectators, requiring mask or proof of vaccination). The OVR is recommending ALL clubs to develop a contact tracing list for every practice, it is the prudent thing to do! The OVR has a sign-in sheet available on the website, to access, click on the Covid link. Clubs should keep the sign-in sheets for a period of two weeks. Please check with your LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT to determine necessary reporting of POSITIVE CASES.


The following is not OVR POLICY; the information provided is to assist you in addressing parent questions. Take special notice when reporting or speaking to anyone concerning YOUR CLUB PROTOCOLS.   When reporting any incidence of a POSITIVE CASE, law requires that you DO NOT IDENTIFY any INDIVIDUAL/ATHLETE BY NAME!


The following quarantine recommendations have been issued by the CDC and adopted by the Ohio Department of Health; they are not OVR requirements! You may choose to reference these guidelines as YOU develop your club policies.


IF a positive case is REPORTED to the club: OVR RECOMMENDATIONS

1)    You have previously determined local health department reporting, if required

2)     The club inform ALL parties (coaches/athlete’s, parents/spectators) that they were either directly or indirectly exposed. It would be common courtesy to contact tournament directors of events the team just participated in!



1)    Quarantine for a minimum of 5 days, if asymptomatic after 5 days you may leave quarantine and are recommended to mask for another 5 days

2)    If a fever still exists after the initial 5 days, remain in isolation until the fever goes away; recommended to wear a mask for another 5 days



 UNVACCINATED (direct/indirect contact) individuals or those more than 6 months out from their last shot and not yet boosted:

1)    QUARANTINE for a minimum of 5 days and follow strict mask use for an additional 5 days

VACCINATED + BOOSTER (direct/indirect contact)

1)    NO QUARANTINE REQUIRED, recommended use of a mask for up to 10 days


CDC RECOMMENDATION – Everyone exposed should get a covid test 5 days after exposure!


It is vital that ALL of our athletes and parents take this matter seriously. Safety is our priority! Our athletes deserve an opportunity to compete in a safe environment; it is not asking too much to make that a reality. As Covid conditions change I’m sure there will be adjustments made by the governing bodies.


I am hopeful that all clubs demonstrate a genuine concern for the safety of our athletes as you develop your club protocols to address the Covid crisis. The more concerted our efforts, the sooner we can approach “normal”.


The OVR has recently made numerous attempts to assist our athletes/parents/clubs in sorting out what is the most effective action that can be utilized to keep our athletes safe! After discussion with our attorney, this announcement addresses our concerns; 1) how to keep our athletes safe and, 2) not infringe on the structure of our clubs. The OVR is dependent on the good judgement and common sense of our club directors and tournament host. The success of the 2022 season is dependent on all of us!


Bob Price


Ohio Valley Region – USA Volleyball













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