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Adult Background Screening Change to $30 for Two Years Beginning 1/1/2020 - 2019-08-15

Dear OVR Club Directors,


During the last RVA meeting in May, USAV discussed a number of upcoming changes, primarily the implementation of MAAPP as well as the USOPC’s plan to modify the Background Screen policy. In review, the USOPC requires an off year supplemental screen, the inclusion of a federal search component, review of red light results.  This is not a USAV implemented policy yet one that we will be required to adhere to.


The addition of the federal search component and supplemental off year screen generates a price increase to $30/screen through NCSI.  USAV and the Regional Insurance Committee working group met to determine, jointly, how we might best implement these changes.  In our last meeting we asked the USOPC to review the new initiatives with us that we may gain a broader understanding of the additional safety measures. Together on that call we determined the following:


  1. Jan 1, 2020 implementation date is best
    1. Facilitates consistency of screening for anyone screened in the 2019-20 season.
    2. Prevents a member from needing to pay a region’s current price for a screening, then pay an increased price the next season in order to be in compliance with the USOPC requirements.
    3. Members who were screened in the 2018-19 season and still have a current screening through the 2019-20 season will not be required to obtain a new screening in the coming season.
  2. While we are not required to work with NCSI, we have not found a more reasonable price.  Two other vendors come in at $31 and $33 per screen given the additional components.
  3. Automatic disqualifiers can continue to be used. 
    1. Preserves current standard. 
    2. USAV will be required by the USOPC to receive “Red Light” information and possibly share that information with the USOPC and the SafeSport Center.
    3.  A review of automatic disqualifiers should be conducted before the 2020-2021 season





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