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OVR Board of Directors Election Results - 2019-05-21

The votes for the OVR Board of Election have been counted, verified and the results have been submitted to our attorney, Mike Fultz.  Mike has reviewed the results and concurred that the accounting of the votes is accurate.   The board is being notified of the results at the same time as the candidates.  353 online ballots and 175 paper ballots were cast.  The results will be posted on the OVR website some time in the next few days.


I want to thank everyone for their interest in serving the OVR by running for the board.  Congratulations to those reelected and to the newly elected members to the board.   This was the largest number of candidates in recent history.  I would encourage those of you who were not elected to consider running again and to look for additional opportunities to serve the region in other ways.


The results of the voting is as follows.  The top 5 vote getters will begin their 3 year term on Saturday, June 1, 2019.  

1.  Al Herbert                  298 Votes      

2.  Brian Hemelgarn      287 Votes       

3.  Bob Price                   255 Votes       

4.  Tonya Thompson     213 Votes       

5.  Corey Verchio            168 Votes       



6.   Chris Bielby             159 Votes       

7.   Glenn Freed              146 Votes         

8.    Brian Saterfield       116 Votes        

9.   Gretchen Niebling    115 Votes         

10.  Tim Meyer                 68 Votes         

11.  Keith Burke                51 Votes        

11.  Paul Claridades         51 Votes         

13.  Stephanie Grieshop  45 Votes        (All write ins)

14.  John Cooper              32 Votes         


Others Receiving Write In Votes

Max Miller                  6

Jackie Cline               1

Randy Cline                1

Susan Coulis              1

Chuck Fleet                1

Gary Freed                  1

Luke Maloney             1

Megan Mullloy            1

Gary Ostkar                 1

Corey Verchio             1  (This vote was not counted because it was an on-line write in and there is no way to verify if the voter also voted for Corey in the regular vote)


Congratulations to Al, Brian and Bob who have been re-elected and welcome to Tonya and Corey who will be first time board members.  Thank you to Gretchen and Paul for their years of service on the board.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Thank you.


Michelle Hills, Election Chair



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