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KRVA And Grade Level Teams - 2018-10-22

OVR Club Directors,

In the past we (KRVA) have not had restrictions on OVR teams entering KRVA tournaments. That is continuing through this season. OVR teams are welcome to enter all of our events. Teams must register for the event in TM2Sign (just like AES previous years).

When it comes to waivered players / grade level teams, there has been some confusion that we would like to clarify.

KRVA no longer allows waivered players on teams in our region, but if OVR teams have any waivered players they are still allowed to participate in KRVA events. There are no restrictions on those teams.

Since waivered players cannot be added to rosters in TM2Sign, the region will permit you to accept the OVR system rosters or webpoint rosters showing all team members and staff. Nothing on the roster may be handwritten, as per usual.

Please let us know if you have questions about this.

Thank you,
Have a great day!
Chynna Tavares
Event Coordinator
KRVA Office and Events



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