Juniors' Team Seeding

The purpose of OVR juniors' standings is to seed OVR Championship tournaments. The OVR Championships are for all OVR juniors' teams, offering all levels of play. To view the results contributing to the standings of any team shown, click on its team code. The Juniors' Seeding System details how standings are calculated. Standings listed on this page reflect results reported by tournament directors. Direct all inquiries regarding juniors' standings to Tom Kohl.

Reporting discrepancies: For fastest correction of errors, please follow these procedures:

  1. Only club directors and coaches should report discrepancies. This will prevent the same issue being reported multiple times.
  2. Direct inquiries regarding errors in reported results first to the tournament host. He or she is in the best position to resolve the error.
  3. If your standings appear to be incorrect, check your results first to find the source of the problem. You can easily find your team's results by clicking your team code from the standings page.
Girls' 13 American
 OVR Champ. rank:
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team codeteamTtotal
FJ3‑ACAVC3‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC CLE ROX 13E Kim574.08314.8171686.36914.3951
FJ3‑AAVBC1‑OVAdvancement Academy Volleyball Club – 13 Green571.26714.2532684.41014.0682
FJ3‑NSVBC1‑OVNorthShore VBC – Holeman569.60013.9203790.40012.9145
FJ3‑TAVBC1‑OVTeam Atlantis VBC – 13 Etzler569.00013.8004569.00013.8003
FJ3‑IGNIT1‑OVIGNITE – 13 Black568.47613.6955793.03013.2904
FJ3‑CVBCO3‑OVCleveland Volleyball Company – 13 Red565.90513.1816892.47611.5609
FJ3‑SWVBC1‑OVSouthwest VBC – 13 Elite - Payne565.54213.10879107.09511.8998
FJ3‑ACITY1‑OVAiR CiTY CHiCKS – 13-PiNK Dynamite564.75212.9508784.75212.1077
FJ3‑GCVCO1‑OVGlass City Volleyball Company – 13-1561.61912.3249777.86711.12413
FJ3‑ESVBC1‑OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 13 Thewes449.01812.25510449.01812.2556
FJ3‑AAVBC7‑OVAdvancement Academy Volleyball Club – Velocity 13 Black560.57112.11411992.41010.26817
FJ3‑AAVBC2‑OVAdvancement Academy Volleyball Club – 13 Orange560.17112.03412778.74311.24911
FJ3‑ZENIT1‑OVZenith Volleyball Academy – Zenith Third Degree 13 Apex560.09412.01913668.45711.40910
FJ3‑BKEYE1‑OVBuckeye VBC – Buckeye 13 Red American558.62411.72514881.42410.17818
FJ3‑CHAMP1‑OVChampaign County VBC – 13 Royal558.51411.70315774.51410.64516
FJ3‑KIDVC1‑OVKidron Volleyball Club – 13 Crawford557.14411.42916665.50810.91814
FJ3‑TAVBC2‑OVTeam Atlantis VBC – 13 Haley555.83911.16817555.83911.16812
FJ3‑SPIRT3‑OVSpirit VBC – 13 SPIRIT A RED555.32311.06518872.4089.05126
FJ3‑SPIRT1‑OVSpirit VBC – 13 ELITE BLACK554.53610.90719770.06010.00921
FJ3‑CINVA3‑OVCincinnati Volleyball Academy – 13 Etter554.18610.83720554.18610.83715
FJ3‑ACAVC4‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC CLE ROX 13A Alyssa552.37910.47621765.4089.34424
FJ3‑BSVBC2‑OVBlackswamp VBC – 13-Hohler552.37110.47422660.73510.12319
FJ3‑OXTRM1‑OVOhio Xtreme Volleyball – Ohio Xtreme 13s Teal550.51410.10323761.8288.83327
FJ3‑ELEVA3‑OVElevation – 13 Middy330.27010.09024330.27010.09020
FJ3‑BDLJV1‑OVKaepa Borderline Jr Volleyball – 13 Hawks550.36410.07325758.6498.37829
FJ3‑ECLVJ2‑OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – ECJ 13 Sky550.12110.02426873.0359.12925
FJ3‑ELEVA4‑OVElevation – 13 Burton438.9009.72527438.9009.72522
FJ3‑INFTY1‑OVInfinity Volleyball Club – 13 American547.8609.57228651.4608.57728
FJ3‑CTHUN1‑OVCincinnati Thunder Volleyball Club – 13A547.1539.43129547.1539.43123
FJ3‑SPIRT2‑OVSpirit VBC – 13 AMERICAN BLUE ANGELS542.0388.40830749.5077.07231
FJ3‑ACEVB3‑OVMaverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 13 American540.0928.01831749.3887.05532
FJ3‑COLVA3‑OVColumbus Volleyball Academy – 13 American Navy539.3647.87332848.9356.11735
FJ3‑COLVA2‑OVColumbus Volleyball Academy – 13 Red539.1277.82533745.7756.53933
FJ3‑BULET1‑OVBullets – Bullets Zedeker428.9047.22634428.9047.22630
FJ3‑COLVA4‑OVColumbus Volleyball Academy – 13 American White535.9177.18335945.5745.06441
FJ3‑ECLVJ4‑OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – ECJ 13 Orange535.7517.15036743.7516.25034
FJ3‑CHAMP2‑OVChampaign County VBC – 13 Black531.8866.37737741.3145.90236
FJ3‑IGNIT2‑OVIGNITE – 13 Red529.6385.92838632.5615.42738
FJ3‑ECLVJ3‑OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – ECJ 13 Navy529.4735.89539737.4735.35340
FJ3‑DJVBC1‑OVDayton Jrs. – 13 Blue211.5435.77140211.5435.77137
FJ3‑KIDVC2‑OVKidron Volleyball Club – 13 Shilling528.7385.74841734.5044.92942
FJ3‑ACAVC5‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC CLE ROX 13A Elizabeth527.4655.49342629.4654.91143
FJ3‑COVBC1‑OVCentral Ohio Volleyball Club – CO131527.0655.41343527.0655.41339
FJ3‑TOLVC2‑OVToledo Volleyball Club – 13-Mizuno526.1275.22544629.0604.84344
FJ3‑MCVBC1‑OVMCVBC – 13 American418.8764.71945418.8764.71945
FJ3‑ZEROG1‑OVZero Gravity Jrs. – 13 Black520.1984.04046931.3983.48946
FJ3‑VFORC2‑OVVertical Force Volleyball Club – 13 AMERICAN GARDELLA514.6422.92847514.6422.92847


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