Juniors' Team Seeding

The purpose of OVR juniors' standings is to seed OVR Championship tournaments. The OVR Championships are for all OVR juniors' teams, offering all levels of play. To view the results contributing to the standings of any team shown, click on its team code. The Juniors' Seeding System details how standings are calculated. Standings listed on this page reflect results reported by tournament directors. Direct all inquiries regarding juniors' standings to Tom Kohl.

Reporting discrepancies: For fastest correction of errors, please follow these procedures:

  1. Only club directors and coaches should report discrepancies. This will prevent the same issue being reported multiple times.
  2. Direct inquiries regarding errors in reported results first to the tournament host. He or she is in the best position to resolve the error.
  3. If your standings appear to be incorrect, check your results first to find the source of the problem. You can easily find your team's results by clicking your team code from the standings page.
Girls' 13 American
 OVR Champ. rank:
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team codeteamTtotal
FJ3‑SWVBC1‑OVSouthwest VBC – 13 Elite Rozman570.72714.1461570.72714.1461
FJ3‑BSVBC2‑OVBlackswamp VBC – Black Swamp 13 - Walcher228.25514.1272228.25514.1272
FJ3‑NSVBC1‑OVNorthShore VBC – Miller342.00014.0003342.00014.0003
FJ3‑ACEVB2‑OVMaverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 13 American340.69113.5644340.69113.5644
FJ3‑UTBCV1‑OVUtopia Beach Volleyball – Davis339.58213.1945339.58213.1945
FJ3‑CEVBC1‑OVCleveland Elite Volleyball Club – Black226.00013.0006226.00013.0006
FJ3‑ELEVA3‑OVElevation – 13 Hess337.58812.5297337.58812.5297
FJ3‑ECLVJ2‑OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 13 Sky561.29112.2588561.29112.2588
FJ3‑CEAST1‑OVCincy East VBC – 13 AMERICAN BLACK335.92411.9759335.92411.9759
FJ3‑INFTY1‑OVInfinity Volleyball Club – 13 Green446.98211.74510446.98211.74510
FJ3‑LONEL1‑OVLondon Elite – London Elite 13 American446.44911.61211446.44911.61211
FJ3‑ESVBC1‑OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 13 Premier446.18211.54612446.18211.54612
FJ3‑ACAVC3‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC CLE ROX 13E Balser223.09111.54613223.09111.54613
FJ3‑ACEVB3‑OVMaverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 13 American-2557.22611.44514557.22611.44514
FJ3‑IGNIT1‑OVIGNITE – 13 BLACK ELITE557.10111.42015557.10111.42015
FJ3‑PCVBC3‑OVPlayers Choice VBC – Thunder556.24911.25016556.24911.25016
FJ3‑TOLDV1‑OVToledo Dynamic Volleyball – 13 ELITE222.40011.20017222.40011.20017
FJ3‑SOVCR1‑OVSOVC (Southern Ohio VC) – 13A - Weasels222.00011.00018222.00011.00018
FJ3‑ACITY1‑OVAiR CiTY CHiCKS – 13-PiNK Krushers332.93810.97919332.93810.97919
FJ3‑ESVC11‑OVEastside Volleyball – 13 Schroeder554.45510.89120554.45510.89120
FJ3‑PCVBC2‑OVPlayers Choice VBC – Jaguarz442.48610.62121442.48610.62121
FJ3‑VFORC1‑OVVertical Force Volleyball Club – 13 A1-A. Roberts440.45710.11422440.45710.11422
FJ3‑SWVBC2‑OVSouthwest VBC – 13 Elite - Annes549.7459.94923549.7459.94923
FJ3‑ECLVJ3‑OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 13 Navy549.1539.83124654.5829.09730
FJ3‑V5VBC2‑OVV5 Volleyball Club – 13 Purple328.9829.66125328.9829.66124
FJ3‑CVBCO3‑OVCleveland Volleyball Company – 13 Red547.7749.55526547.7749.55525
FJ3‑AAVBC4‑OVAdvancement Academy Volleyball Club – 13 Jade219.0919.54627219.0919.54626
FJ3‑CCRSH1‑OVCincy Crush Volleyball Club – 13 Orange American547.5669.51328547.5669.51327
FJ3‑ACAVC4‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC CLE ROX 13A Karen436.9829.24529436.9829.24528
FJ3‑UTBCV2‑OVUtopia Beach Volleyball – Smith436.4369.10930436.4369.10929
FJ3‑IMPCT1‑OVImpact Sports Academy – 13 Camo545.4309.08631545.4309.08631
FJ3‑NSVBC2‑OVNorthShore VBC – Pelham436.1259.03132436.1259.03132
FJ3‑MSPRT3‑OVMintonette Sports – m.33327.0229.00733327.0229.00733
FJ3‑TOLVC2‑OVToledo Volleyball Club – 13-2 Fender435.9958.99934435.9958.99934
FJ3‑BDLJV1‑OVBorderline Jr Volleyball – 13 Hawks435.9788.99535435.9788.99535
FJ3‑HSHOT1‑OVHot Shots – Green325.0918.36436325.0918.36436
FJ3‑SPIRT2‑OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT 13 bLUE541.2218.24437647.0397.84040
FJ3‑CHAMP1‑OVChampaign County VBC – 13Royal432.7148.17838432.7148.17837
FJ3‑GCVCO1‑OVGlass City Volleyball Company – Glass City 13-1432.3528.08839432.3528.08838
FJ3‑ADVNC1‑OVAdvance Volleyball Club – 13A Black539.9077.98140539.9077.98139
FJ3‑XPLOS1‑OVXplosion Volleyball Club – 13s A - Burton538.4007.68041538.4007.68041
FJ3‑IGNIT2‑OVIGNITE – 13 RED537.8497.57042537.8497.57042
FJ3‑CINVA3‑OVCincinnati Volleyball Academy – Cincinnati Volleyball Academy 13-3429.3947.34843429.3947.34843
FJ3‑ECLVJ4‑OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 13 Orange536.0577.21144638.0576.34348
FJ3‑BFIRE2‑OVBuckeyefire – Sparkfire 13A Snider427.0136.75345427.0136.75344
FJ3‑SPIRT1‑OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT 13 A BLACK532.5926.51846635.8655.97852
FJ3‑DGWAR1‑OVDG Warriors – Gold - Rydzinski425.9226.48147425.9226.48145
FJ3‑OPREM1‑OVOhio Premier Volleyball Club – 13 COOPER319.4296.47648319.4296.47646
FJ3‑DJVBC1‑OVDayton Jrs. – 13 Blue16.3646.3644916.3646.36447
FJ3‑BKEYE1‑OVBuckeye VBC – Buckeye 13 Red American530.7556.15150634.5735.76253
FJ3‑COLVP1‑OVColumbus Volleyball Academy-Pickerington – 13 Navy318.2806.09351318.2806.09349
FJ3‑NOVAJ1‑OVNOVA Juniors – 13s Navy530.3276.06652530.3276.06650
FJ3‑AAVBC5‑OVAdvancement Academy Volleyball Club – 13 Lime318.0006.00053318.0006.00051
FJ3‑BFIRE1‑OVBuckeyefire – Spitfire 13A Perney523.1564.63154523.1564.63154
FJ3‑EVBTC3‑OVElite Volleyball Training Center – EliteVBTC 13 Pink417.1394.28555417.1394.28555
FJ3‑CCVBC2‑OVCincy Classics – 13 Gray312.8184.27356312.8184.27356
FJ3‑PCVBC1‑OVPlayers Choice VBC – Kathlyn514.9142.98357514.9142.98357
FJ3‑ACAVC5‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC CLE ROX 13A Kalli411.5272.88258411.5272.88258
FJ3‑TCAOH1‑OVTCA Ohio – 13 Black513.4792.69659513.4792.69659
FJ3‑TOLVC3‑OVToledo Volleyball Club – 13-Bedford24.9332.4676024.9332.46760
FJ3‑VFORC2‑OVVertical Force Volleyball Club – 13 A2-Stevens36.8002.2676136.8002.26761
FJ3‑TESTC5‑OVTest Club – 13 A1-Roberts00.0000.0006200.0000.00062


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