Juniors' Team Seeding

The purpose of OVR juniors' standings is to seed OVR Championship tournaments. The OVR Championships are for all OVR juniors' teams, offering all levels of play. To view the results contributing to the standings of any team shown, click on its team code. The Juniors' Seeding System details how standings are calculated. Standings listed on this page reflect results reported by tournament directors. Direct all inquiries regarding juniors' standings to Tom Kohl.

Reporting discrepancies: For fastest correction of errors, please follow these procedures:

  1. Only club directors and coaches should report discrepancies. This will prevent the same issue being reported multiple times.
  2. Direct inquiries regarding errors in reported results first to the tournament host. He or she is in the best position to resolve the error.
  3. If your standings appear to be incorrect, check your results first to find the source of the problem. You can easily find your team's results by clicking your team code from the standings page.
Girls' 10U
 OVR Champ. rank:
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team codeteamTtotal
FJ0‑ELEVA1‑OVElevation – 10 Amanda446.00011.5001446.00011.5001
FJ0‑ESVC11‑OVEastside Volleyball – 10 Hampton552.75610.5512982.8349.2046
FJ0‑BSVBC1‑OVBlack Swamp VBC – 110552.00010.4003767.0489.5782
FJ0‑CINVA1‑OVCincinnati Volleyball Academy – 10-1328.5149.5054328.5149.5053
FJ0‑ELEVA2‑OVElevation – 10 Meadows438.0109.5035438.0109.5034
FJ0‑TOLVC1‑OVToledo Volleyball Club – 10-N Davidson327.7149.2386327.7149.2385
FJ0‑V5VBC1‑OVV5 Volleyball Club – 10 Yellow327.4929.1647327.4929.1647
FJ0‑ARSEN1‑OVArsenal Volleyball Club – Arsenal 10U545.4929.0988545.4929.0988
FJ0‑CEAST1‑OVCincy East VBC – 10-1 Stotz326.4008.8009326.4008.8009
FJ0‑SWVBC1‑OVSouthwest VBC – 10's Elite435.0488.76210435.0488.76210
FJ0‑ACAVC1‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC CLEV ROX 10 Karol543.7148.74311543.7148.74311
FJ0‑OPREM1‑OVOhio Premier Volleyball Club – 10 BELL434.7068.67712434.7068.67712
FJ0‑CCRSH1‑OVCincy Crush Volleyball Club – 10 Orange542.2868.45713542.2868.45713
FJ0‑SPIRT1‑OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT SMACK 10U STARZ541.8098.36214860.0007.50016
FJ0‑CVBCO2‑OVCleveland Volleyball Company – 10 BLUE539.6577.93115539.6577.93114
FJ0‑ACEVB1‑OVMaverick Volleyball Club – 10's539.3337.86716644.7627.46017
FJ0‑DANDG1‑OVDavid & Goliath(DG) Warriors – 10U-Navy539.0297.80617539.0297.80615
FJ0‑MSPRT1‑OVMintonette Sports – m.01536.8577.37118642.2867.04820
FJ0‑GRLVC1‑OVGrandlake VBC – 10U- Craft429.2767.31919429.2767.31918
FJ0‑CVBCO1‑OVCleveland Volleyball Company – 10 BLACK536.4767.29520536.4767.29519
FJ0‑HIGHJ2‑OVHighland Juniors Volleyball Club – 10 - Spikers 4th320.4766.82521320.4766.82521
FJ0‑NSHOW1‑OVNorthcoast Showtime Volleyball – 10u427.2706.81722427.2706.81722
FJ0‑WESTA1‑OVWestlake Volleyball Academy – 10s Smith532.8956.57923532.8956.57923
FJ0‑LONEL2‑OVLondon Elite – 10 Black532.7536.55124532.7536.55124
FJ0‑HSHOT1‑OVHot Shots – 10 Black425.3336.33325425.3336.33325
FJ0‑DEFIA1‑OVDefiance Volleyball Club – 10 Purple317.4295.80926317.4295.80926
FJ0‑CLATK1‑OVClub Attack – 10U15.7505.7502715.7505.75027
FJ0‑OPREM2‑OVOhio Premier Volleyball Club – 10 Siemer421.3355.33428421.3355.33428
FJ0‑SPIKE1‑OVSpiketown Volleyball Club – Ritenour314.8404.94729314.8404.94729
FJ0‑CRUSH1‑OVClub Crush – 10Miller524.0954.81930524.0954.81930
FJ0‑HAWKV1‑OVHawks VBC – 10U Stout418.9034.72631418.9034.72631
FJ0‑TRAIL2‑OVTrailblazers VBC – 10U Elida Sneary29.4294.7143229.4294.71432
FJ0‑DEVAC1‑OVDEVA – DEVA 10313.8864.62933313.8864.62933
FJ0‑TRAIL1‑OVTrailblazers VBC – 10s Bath Capps313.8414.61434313.8414.61434
FJ0‑BULET1‑OVBullets – Metz JC Black29.1434.5713529.1434.57135
FJ0‑OFVAC1‑OVOFVA – Bulldogs 10s522.1914.43836522.1914.43836
FJ0‑PRCSN1‑OVPrecision Volleyball Academy – Titans 10s417.7144.42937417.7144.42937
FJ0‑ACAVC2‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC CLEV ROX 10 Stacy521.4294.28638521.4294.28638
FJ0‑NSVBC1‑OVNorthShore VBC – Muenz417.1434.28639417.1434.28639
FJ0‑TOLVC2‑OVToledo Volleyball Club – 10-S Tschantz28.5714.2864028.5714.28640
FJ0‑EVBTC1‑OVElite Volleyball Training Center – Elite VBTC 10 Black312.8524.28441312.8524.28441
FJ0‑MIDOH1‑OVMOJO Volleyball – 10 Purple417.1114.27842417.1114.27842
FJ0‑UTBCV1‑OVUtopia Beach Volleyball – Daly520.8574.17143624.0004.00044
FJ0‑LONEL1‑OVLondon Elite – 10 Blue520.1564.03144520.1564.03143
FJ0‑BKEYE1‑OVBuckeye VBC – Buckaneers 10 Black27.4673.7334527.4673.73345
FJ0‑TANDM1‑OVTandem Volleyball Club – Black10414.7943.69846414.7943.69846
FJ0‑LONEL3‑OVLondon Elite – 10 White414.6233.65647414.6233.65647
FJ0‑BDLJV1‑OVBorderline Jr Volleyball – 10 Armadillos310.9613.65448310.9613.65448
FJ0‑GCVCO1‑OVGlass City Volleyball Company – Glass City 10-139.4293.1434939.4293.14349
FJ0‑EFORC1‑OVEast Ohio Force VBC – 10 Black39.1953.0655039.1953.06550
FJ0‑HIGHJ1‑OVHighland Juniors Volleyball Club – 10 - Diggers38.2862.7625138.2862.76251
FJ0‑CAVS11‑OVClub Ashtabula Volleyball – 10 Haeseler/Brace410.7432.68652410.7432.68652


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