Juniors' Team Seeding

The purpose of OVR juniors' standings is to seed OVR Championship tournaments. The OVR Championships are for all OVR juniors' teams, offering all levels of play. To view the results contributing to the standings of any team shown, click on its team code. The Juniors' Seeding System details how standings are calculated. Standings listed on this page reflect results reported by tournament directors. Direct all inquiries regarding juniors' standings to Tom Kohl.

Tournament Directors Seeding a Tournament: When you have team(s) playing in an older age/division, please follow these procedures:

  1. For a Regional team playing in the next Regional age level, multiply their current seeding average by .75 and then seed them by their new average.
  2. For an American team playing in the next American age level, multiply their current seeding average by .75 and then seed them by their new average.
  3. For a 17 American team playing in an 18 Regional age level (i.e. 17A playing 18R), multiply their current seeding average by .90 and then seed them by their new average.
  4. If the team has played in tournaments of the older age/division already, they keep full points for those tournament results.

Reporting discrepancies: For fastest correction of errors, please follow these procedures:

  1. Only club directors and coaches should report discrepancies. This will prevent the same issue being reported multiple times.
  2. Direct inquiries regarding errors in reported results first to the tournament host. He or she is in the best position to resolve the error.
  3. If your standings appear to be incorrect, check your results first to find the source of the problem. You can easily find your team's results by clicking your team code from the standings page.
Girls' 17 Regional
 OVR Champ. rank:
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team codeteamTtotal
G17OACZZ1OVOiler Attack Club – Oiler Attack - 17 Black346.39115.4631346.39115.4631
G17APLBK1OVA.C.E. Prospects Lady Blue Knights – LBK-Elite-Davenport570.32714.0662681.41813.5704
G17GRLVC4OVGrandlake VBC – 17R Schwieterman342.00014.0003342.00014.0002
G17KIDAM2OVKid's America – Kids America- Griffith568.80013.7604679.60013.2676
G17SOVCR4OVSOVC (Southern Ohio VC) – 17 - Howard454.41913.6055454.41913.6053
G17TRAIL1OVTrailblazers VBC – Trailblazers 17R566.74313.3496566.74313.3495
G17EPICV2OVEPIC – NOWICKI565.67713.1357565.67713.1357
G17EPICV4OVEPIC – 17'S MARIA565.20013.0408565.20013.0408
G17TRIBE2OVThe Tribe VBC – Tribe 17R Tracewell451.18212.7969451.18212.7969
G17ERIEP1OVErie Elite Performance VBC – Erie Elite Performance VBC 17563.08712.61710563.08712.61710
G17FOURN1OVFour1Nine Xtreme – 17-Moran562.68612.53711562.68612.53711
G17ROUND1OVRoundtown Volleyball – Roundtown 17's Bailey562.47612.49512562.47612.49512
G17ECPAG1OVEast Coast Power Allegheny – EC Power AG 17-Triumph449.10012.27513449.10012.27513
G17SPIKE1OVSpiketown Volleyball Club – Dresbach336.55812.18614336.55812.18614
G17GRLVC2OVGrandlake VBC – 17R Binkley559.32111.86415559.32111.86415
G17GCINC1OVGreater Cincinnati Volleyball Club – 17 Black Reg/AM Lite335.48711.82916335.48711.82916
G17SOVCR1OVSOVC (Southern Ohio VC) – 17 Winter - Howard446.94111.73517446.94111.73517
G17EPICV1OVEPIC – 17 RED335.10811.70318335.10811.70318
G17CAVS11OVClub Ashtabula Volleyball – Sanford558.30811.66219882.09410.26225
G17BKEYE4OVBuckeye VBC – 17 Red Elite558.03611.60720776.03610.86221
G17APLBK2OVA.C.E. Prospects Lady Blue Knights – LBK-Cress556.63011.32621767.7169.67433
G17EPICV3OVEPIC – WARREN 17'2444.36911.09222444.36911.09219
G17ESVC12OVEastside Volleyball – Hennosy 17R555.25711.05123769.6219.94628
G17NSHOW1OVNorthcoast Showtime Volleyball – Felbinger443.90810.97724443.90810.97720
G17APLBK3OVA.C.E. Prospects Lady Blue Knights – LBK-White-Hawkins554.17110.83425657.0299.50534
G17TRIBE3OVThe Tribe VBC – Tribe 17R Ohrn442.76410.69126442.76410.69122
G17ADREN1OVAdrenaline Volleyball Club – EKimber - 17 Regional441.78210.44527441.78210.44523
G17ESVBC3OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 17 SELECT551.99510.39928551.99510.39924
G17EFORC1OVEast Ohio Force VBC – 17 Dunning551.75210.35129654.8959.14938
G17BULET1OVBullets – Bullets - MV 17 Black551.25710.25130551.25710.25126
G17FOCUS1OVClub Focus – 17 Regional550.11410.02331654.5149.08639
G17SOVCR2OVSOVC (Southern Ohio VC) – 17 Winter - Ridenour440.00010.00032440.00010.00027
G17PCVBC1OVPlayers Choice VBC – Piranhas549.5649.91333549.5649.91329
G17NSVBC2OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore Bartlett549.0339.80734549.0339.80730
G17GCINC2OVGreater Cincinnati Volleyball Club – 17 Green Regional329.4139.80435329.4139.80431
G17ALETA1OVALETA VBC – 17 Regional439.1539.78836439.1539.78832
G17BKEYE5OVBuckeye VBC – 17 Black Elite547.8799.57637860.7717.59653
G17NSVBC3OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore Grendow546.7679.35338546.7679.35335
G17PENNO1OVPenn-Ohio Volleyball Club – Penn Ohio Scarlet - 17437.3469.33639437.3469.33636
G17TAVBC3OVTeam Atlantis VBC – 17 Cummings546.6499.33040652.6498.77543
G17FFORC1OVFull Force VBC – FullForce17Black218.4009.20041218.4009.20037
G17MOVBA2OVMid Ohio VB Academy – MOVA 17-V545.1729.03442856.3727.04658
G17FLATL2OVThe Flatlands Volleyball Club – 17-Blue436.0009.00043436.0009.00040
G17BKEYE7OVBuckeye VBC – 17 Scarlet544.5358.90744970.8027.86750
G17CGLDW1OVClub Gold West – 17 Gold435.5278.88245435.5278.88241
G17LATIT1OVLatitude 41 – 17 Elite544.3648.87346544.3648.87342
G17HOLLY2OVClub Hollywood VBC – HOLLYWOOD HALL 17's543.3358.66747543.3358.66744
G17OSTRM2OVOhio Storm – 17 Depriest542.5978.52048648.5978.10046
G17OFVBC1OVOld Fort Volleyball Club – OFVBC 17-ELCHERT542.2868.45749648.5718.09548
G17CATZV1OVCATZ Volleyball Club – Pumas18.3648.3645018.3648.36445
G17NAVBA3OVThe National Volleyball Academy – TNVA 17R432.3928.09851432.3928.09847
G17KOKOR1OVKokoro Jrs – Kokoro17-Kelly432.3278.08252432.3278.08249
G17ZEROG1OVZero Gravity Jrs. – 17 Black539.9647.99353848.9256.11666
G17NEWAV3OVNew Wave VBC – 17-Clarke539.3197.86454539.3197.86451
G17MAHON1OVMahoning Valley Premier VBC – MVP 17's Blue539.0917.81855539.0917.81852
G17SKYEL1OVS.K.Y. Elite VBC – 17U430.3497.58756430.3497.58754
G17BSVBC3OVBlack Swamp VBC – 173537.6107.52257641.8956.98260
G17HOLLY1OVClub Hollywood VBC – HOLLYWOOD McCOMAS 17's537.5537.51158537.5537.51155
G17GRLVC3OVGrandlake VBC – 17R Hardesty429.6817.42059429.6817.42056
G17MAHON2OVMahoning Valley Premier VBC – MVP 17s Green537.0487.41060639.9576.66062
G17OFVBC2OVOld Fort Volleyball Club – OFVBC 17-ORTIZ536.9717.39461640.5716.76261
G17ROUND2OVRoundtown Volleyball – Roundtown 17's Desarae536.3437.26962536.3437.26957
G17OVVBA2OVOhio Valley Volleyball Academy – OVVA 17 GREEN214.0007.00063214.0007.00059
G17MAHON4OVMahoning Valley Premier VBC – MVP 17's Red426.6006.65064426.6006.65063
G17TRIBE1OVThe Tribe VBC – TRIBE 17R ALLODI532.9716.59465532.9716.59464
G17MAHON3OVMahoning Valley Premier VBC – MVP 17s Yellow531.9836.39666634.9835.83070
G17PUTVC1OVPutnam VBC – Heat318.3496.11667318.3496.11665
G17FFORC2OVFull Force VBC – FullForce17Red423.8055.95168423.8055.95167
G17BDLJV2OVBorderline Jr Volleyball – 17 Attack423.3525.83869423.3525.83868
G17FLATL1OVThe Flatlands Volleyball Club – 17-Black423.3335.83370423.3335.83369
G17DEFIA2OVDefiance Volleyball Club – 17 Purple317.2215.74071317.2215.74071
G17TANDM2OVTandem Volleyball Club – 17 Mitchell528.5775.71572733.4864.78483
G17POINT1OVPittsburgh Point Volleyball Club – Navy 17422.4205.60573422.4205.60572
G17NEWAV2OVNew Wave VBC – 17-Barker527.8295.56674527.8295.56673
G17PCHRG1OVPositively Charged Volleyball Club – 17 Blue316.5925.53175316.5925.53174
G17SPIKE2OVSpiketown Volleyball Club – DeAtley 17422.0245.50676422.0245.50675
G17EXILE1OVExile VBC – Exile 17 Red527.5275.50577527.5275.50576
G17BULET2OVBullets – Bullets - CW 17 Gray527.1435.42978527.1435.42977
G17CGLDS1OVClub Gold South – 17 Gold421.2105.30379421.2105.30378
G17SOUTH2OVSoutheast Volleyball Club – SEV 17 R525.9105.18280525.9105.18279
G17DJVBC2OVDayton Jrs. – 17 Gold420.6065.15281420.6065.15280
G17LNSHT1OVLineshot Volleyball Club – 17 purple Regional315.0765.02582315.0765.02581
G17OXTRM2OVOhio Xtreme Volleyball – Ohio Xtreme 17 ROX Adam Orange314.9094.97083314.9094.97082
G17TAVBC2OVTeam Atlantis VBC – 17 Bauman523.4974.69984625.4974.24986
G17LEGAC2OVLegacy Elite VBC – 17 Legacy418.2064.55185418.2064.55184
G17VIPER1OVVipers Volleyball – Vipers 17U28.9334.4678628.9334.46785
G17KIDAM3OVKid's America – Kids America- Williams520.8474.16987623.6473.94189
G17HOLLY3OVClub Hollywood VBC – HOLLYWOOD VOITUS-MILLER 17's520.6914.13888520.6914.13887
G17FOURN2OVFour1Nine Xtreme – 17-McVicker416.4954.12489416.4954.12488
G17BKEYE6OVBuckeye VBC – 17 Red520.0664.01390725.6663.66791
G17MORGN2OVMorgantown Volleyball Club – 17 Blue519.2943.85991519.2943.85990
G17THNDR2OVThunder Volleyball Club – THUNDER VBC TRISKETT 17'S517.6663.53392517.6663.53392
G17NEWAV1OVNew Wave VBC – 17-Brock517.5953.51993517.5953.51993
G17EOHVB1OVEastern Ohio Sports Complex VC – 17R-Goodwin517.0653.41394619.8653.31194
G17ZEROT2OVZero Tolerance VBC – ZT PUNISHERS412.9703.24295412.9703.24295
G17CHAMP3OVChampaign County VBC – 17Silver515.2093.04296515.2093.04296
G17OUTLW1OVColumbiana County Outlaws – Outlaws 17411.4802.87097411.4802.87097
G17BKEYE8OVBuckeye VBC – 17 Red Winter38.5232.8419838.5232.84198
G17PCHRG2OVPositively Charged Volleyball Club – 17 Yellow25.6002.8009925.6002.80099
G17ZEROT1OVZero Tolerance VBC – ZT FREEZE512.9612.592100512.9612.592100
G17NEWAV4OVNew Wave VBC – 17-McLoughlin512.5662.513101512.5662.513101
G17BKEYE9OVBuckeye VBC – 17 Scarlet Winter00.0000.00010200.0000.000102
G17KIDVC1OVKidron Volleyball Club – Marcoaldi-1700.0000.00010200.0000.000102
G17PVClb1OVPrinceton Volleyball Club – Princeton Volleyball Club 18u00.0000.00010200.0000.000102
G17RAGEV1OVRage Volleyball Club – RAGE Volleyball Club - U17-100.0000.00010200.0000.000102


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