Juniors' Team Seeding

The purpose of OVR juniors' standings is to seed OVR Championship tournaments. The OVR Championships are for all OVR juniors' teams, offering all levels of play. To view the results contributing to the standings of any team shown, click on its team code. The Juniors' Seeding System details how standings are calculated. Standings listed on this page reflect results reported by tournament directors. Direct all inquiries regarding juniors' standings to Tom Kohl.

Tournament Directors Seeding a Tournament: When you have team(s) playing in an older age/division, please follow these procedures:

  1. For a Regional team playing in the next Regional age level, multiple their current seeding average by .75 and then seed them by their new average.
  2. For an American team playing in the next American age level, multiple their current seeding average by .75 and then seed them by their new average.
  3. For an American team playing in the next Regional age level (i.e. 13A playing 14R or 17A playing 18R), multiple their current seeding average by .90 and then seed them by their new average.
  4. If the team has played in tournaments of the older age/division already, they keep full points for those tournament results.

Reporting discrepancies: For fastest correction of errors, please follow these procedures:

  1. Only club directors and coaches should report discrepancies. This will prevent the same issue being reported multiple times.
  2. Direct inquiries regarding errors in reported results first to the tournament host. He or she is in the best position to resolve the error.
  3. If your standings appear to be incorrect, check your results first to find the source of the problem. You can easily find your team's results by clicking your team code from the standings page.
Girls' 17 Regional
 OVR Champ. rank:
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team codeteamTtotal
FJ7‑CAVS11‑OVClub Ashtabula Volleyball – 17 Fowler576.00015.20017100.57114.3671
FJ7‑XCELV1‑OVXcel Volleyball Club – Xcel 17 - Burton573.96914.7942796.36913.7672
FJ7‑PGVBC1‑OVPandora-Gilboa Volleyball Club – 17-Bonham565.08613.0173673.44912.2424
FJ7‑HOLLY2‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – SMITH'S-17'S564.59712.9194784.25412.0366
FJ7‑APLBK1‑OVA.C.E. Prospects Lady Blue Knights – LBK Blue 1563.60012.7205781.31411.6168
FJ7‑ZENIT2‑OVZenith Volleyball Academy – Zenith 17 Peak563.37412.6756772.50110.35719
FJ7‑BSVBC2‑OVBlackswamp VBC – Black Swamp 17-Cory563.08612.6177672.73812.1235
FJ7‑SOVCR1‑OVSOVC (Southern Ohio VC) – 17 Winter450.32712.5828450.32712.5823
FJ7‑BKEYE4‑OVBuckeye VBC – Buckeye 17 Silver Elite561.60012.3209878.8349.85423
FJ7‑ACEVB3‑OVMaverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 17 Regional560.54212.10810779.20911.31610
FJ7‑NCSVC1‑OVNorth Central Select VC – Select - 17 Black - Garverick560.48612.09711778.42911.20411
FJ7‑POINT1‑OVPittsburgh Point Volleyball Club – 17447.86211.96512447.86211.9657
FJ7‑BKEYE2‑OVBuckeye VBC – Buckeye 17 Red Elite559.81711.96313884.62710.57817
FJ7‑BSVBC3‑OVBlackswamp VBC – Black Swamp 17-Hiser558.80011.76014667.16411.19413
FJ7‑DEFIA2‑OVDefiance Volleyball Club – 17 Gray446.40011.60015446.40011.6009
FJ7‑PGMGC1‑OVPittsburgh Magic VBC – 17 Pink557.13911.42816777.13911.02015
FJ7‑TAVBC2‑OVTeam Atlantis VBC – 17 Sheldon556.98211.39617664.69610.78316
FJ7‑KIDAM2‑OVKid's America – 17 Dulgar556.85711.37118660.67510.11321
FJ7‑TSJVC1‑OVToledo SJVC – 17 Lightning556.69111.33819877.7199.71526
FJ7‑TRAIL1‑OVTrailblazers VBC – 17R-Wheeler556.01011.20220768.7749.82524
FJ7‑FLASH2‑OVFlash VBC – 17's Black556.00011.20021556.00011.20012
FJ7‑MAGVB1‑OVMagic Volleyball Club – MAGIC 17555.70011.14022662.50010.41718
FJ7‑LATIT1‑OVLatitude 41 – 17 Elite555.37111.07423555.37111.07414
FJ7‑GCVCO2‑OVGlass City Volleyball Company – Glass City 17-2553.66710.73324658.3349.72225
FJ7‑BKEYE3‑OVBuckeye VBC – Buckeye 17 Black Elite553.46010.69225875.9129.48930
FJ7‑CRUSH3‑OVClub Crush – 17 Allen551.25710.25126657.2579.54328
FJ7‑RCVBC1‑OVRiverCreek – 17's551.10810.22227551.10810.22220
FJ7‑BLUCR1‑OVblue crush – Hensley550.80010.16028654.4009.06733
FJ7‑CRUSH2‑OVClub Crush – 17 Feller550.80010.16029653.9438.99136
FJ7‑TRIBE1‑OVThe Tribe VBC – 17R Ohrn550.13510.02730550.13510.02722
FJ7‑CAVS12‑OVClub Ashtabula Volleyball – 17 Jones549.6799.93631652.5368.75639
FJ7‑FLASH1‑OVFlash VBC – 17's Gold549.3529.87032655.3529.22532
FJ7‑SPIKE1‑OVSpiketown Volleyball Club – MONROE548.7199.74433863.1697.89652
FJ7‑THNDR1‑OVThunder Volleyball Club – THUNDER VBC GINTERT-SEGER 17's548.5939.71934652.9938.83237
FJ7‑BLUCR2‑OVblue crush – Miller548.5829.71635654.0109.00235
FJ7‑CHILL1‑OVClub Chill – Chill17548.4769.69536548.4769.69527
FJ7‑EPICV2‑OVEPIC – FLB - 17s547.6489.53037547.6489.53029
FJ7‑CRUSH1‑OVClub Crush – 17 Aukerman547.2199.44438651.9468.65841
FJ7‑MIDOH1‑OVMOJO Volleyball – 17 Purple546.8789.37639546.8789.37631
FJ7‑TWOGV1‑OVTwo Girls Volleyball – Orange546.6219.32440756.7168.10247
FJ7‑CLONE2‑OVClub O.N.E. (Ohio North East) – 17 White546.5279.30641650.1278.35446
FJ7‑OXTRM1‑OVOhio Xtreme Volleyball – 17 Black546.3589.27242652.3588.72640
FJ7‑XPLOS1‑OVXplosion Volleyball Club – 17s R - Dabe545.0549.01143651.0548.50942
FJ7‑EPICV1‑OVEPIC – Corry 17s Black436.0219.00544436.0219.00534
FJ7‑SEOAT1‑OVSEO Attack Volleyball Club – 17s544.8408.96845861.5387.69253
FJ7‑OFVBC1‑OVOld Fort Volleyball Club – OLSON544.8198.96446647.7287.95550
FJ7‑SWPAV1‑OVSouthwestPA Volleyball Club – 17 BLUE544.3898.87847647.3897.89851
FJ7‑BARBR1‑OVBarbour Elite – Back2Back544.1098.82248544.1098.82238
FJ7‑KIDAM1‑OVKid's America – 17 Bickel543.6008.72049647.8867.98149
FJ7‑KLARS1‑OVKlars VBC – Black543.4678.69350650.2678.37845
FJ7‑ESVC11‑OVEastside Volleyball – 17 Vanover543.3678.67351965.0817.23156
FJ7‑SOVCR3‑OVSOVC (Southern Ohio VC) – 17 - Fuchs542.0008.40052542.0008.40043
FJ7‑FLASH4‑OVFlash VBC – 17's North325.2008.40053325.2008.40044
FJ7‑GCVCO3‑OVGlass City Volleyball Company – Glass City 17 Adrian216.1828.09154216.1828.09148
FJ7‑BULET2‑OVBullets – 17 - Garber539.1247.82555642.8387.14059
FJ7‑APLBK2‑OVA.C.E. Prospects Lady Blue Knights – LBK Grey538.4577.69156642.8577.14358
FJ7‑CCRSH1‑OVCincy Crush Volleyball Club – 17 Orange537.9747.59557639.9746.66264
FJ7‑NSVBC2‑OVNorthShore VBC – B.K.537.8967.57958846.8295.85471
FJ7‑PCHRG1‑OVPositively Charged Volleyball Club – 17 Collins537.4987.50059537.4987.50054
FJ7‑IMPCT1‑OVImpact Sports Academy – 17 Camo537.4497.49060746.0216.57466
FJ7‑CCRSH2‑OVCincy Crush Volleyball Club – 17 Black537.2877.45761639.9836.66463
FJ7‑DEFIA3‑OVDefiance Volleyball Club – 17 Volt429.7787.44462429.7787.44455
FJ7‑CGLDS1‑OVClub Gold South – 17 NC535.9647.19363535.9647.19357
FJ7‑CLONE1‑OVClub O.N.E. (Ohio North East) – 17 Black535.5647.11364637.5646.26169
FJ7‑GREEN1‑OVGreene County Volleyball Club – GCVC 17 Sweat535.2427.04865639.9696.66265
FJ7‑CLIPP1‑OVYMCA Club Volleyball - Greater Cincinnati – 17-1 Black Lightning427.8006.95066427.8006.95060
FJ7‑NLVC11‑OVLancers Volleyball Club (LVC) – 17's White320.5146.83867320.5146.83861
FJ7‑QUEST1‑OVQuest Volleyball Club – Sapphire320.0296.67668320.0296.67662
FJ7‑V5VBC2‑OVV5 Volleyball Club – 17 Blue532.7486.55069532.7486.55067
FJ7‑MOXIE2‑OVMoxie Volleyball – 17 Gray532.6976.54070532.6976.54068
FJ7‑OFVBC2‑OVOld Fort Volleyball Club – ORTIZ532.0006.40071634.8575.80972
FJ7‑SOUTH1‑OVSoutheast Volleyball Club – SEV 17318.2186.07372318.2186.07370
FJ7‑FLATL1‑OVThe Flatlands Volleyball Club – FLATLANDS COLUMBIA 17R530.2886.05873633.0885.51575
FJ7‑BARBE1‑OVBarberton Volleyball Club (BVC) – BVC 17s529.6075.92174632.4075.40176
FJ7‑SPARK1‑OVSparks Volleyball – 17'S Silver317.1275.70975317.1275.70973
FJ7‑PRCSN1‑OVPrecision Volleyball Academy – Precision Storm 17-1528.0215.60476528.0215.60474
FJ7‑TUSCV1‑OVTVC - Tuscarawas Volleyball Club – Erika526.9435.38977627.9434.65790
FJ7‑TRIBE2‑OVThe Tribe VBC – 17R Lee526.8365.36778526.8365.36777
FJ7‑PCHRG2‑OVPositively Charged Volleyball Club – 17 Chaney526.8345.36779526.8345.36778
FJ7‑HOLLY3‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – SKINNER'S-17'S526.4785.29680526.4785.29679
FJ7‑MOUNT1‑OVMountaineer Volleyball Club – 17 Black525.6035.12181525.6035.12180
FJ7‑PGVBC2‑OVPandora-Gilboa Volleyball Club – 17-McVicker525.3715.07482628.2804.71389
FJ7‑WSTPA4‑OVWestern Pa Volleyball Club – 17 2 Legit 2 Hit420.0305.00883420.0305.00881
FJ7‑SUVBC2‑OVSouthern United Volleyball Club – Storm524.8634.97384524.8634.97382
FJ7‑SOSVB1‑OVS.O.S. (Southern Ohio Spikers) – Sydney- 17's419.4234.85685419.4234.85683
FJ7‑NWOVB2‑OVNorthwest Ohio Volleyball Club – 17s Blue Hines/Moore419.1644.79186419.1644.79184
FJ7‑WESTV1‑OVWestland VBC – Matt 17's523.9334.78787627.3244.55491
FJ7‑TRIBE3‑OVThe Tribe VBC – 17R Chancellor523.9274.78588523.9274.78585
FJ7‑WSTPA3‑OVWestern Pa Volleyball Club – 17 jump serve419.0554.76489419.0554.76486
FJ7‑WSTPA1‑OVWestern Pa Volleyball Club – 17 GREEN418.9254.73190418.9254.73187
FJ7‑SPIRT4‑OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT 17R PIRATES523.5764.71591523.5764.71588
FJ7‑CHAMP3‑OVChampaign County VBC – 17Silver522.7334.54792522.7334.54792
FJ7‑PCVBC1‑OVPlayers Choice VBC – Tammy522.3904.47893522.3904.47893
FJ7‑PUTVC1‑OVPutnam VBC – Inferno522.1374.42894726.1373.73496
FJ7‑FLASH3‑OVFlash VBC – 17's Red521.8924.37895521.8924.37894
FJ7‑SVVBC1‑OVStillwater Valley VC – Sneed 17416.6864.17196416.6864.17195
FJ7‑ESVC12‑OVEastside Volleyball – 17 Young519.9433.98997931.9383.549100
FJ7‑LATIT2‑OVLatitude 41 – 17 Purple518.5433.70998620.5433.424102
FJ7‑EPICV4‑OVEPIC – Lakers518.2483.65099518.2483.65097
FJ7‑NEWAV1‑OVNew Wave VBC – 17-Brandewie518.0003.600100518.0003.60098
FJ7‑PJVBA1‑OVPittsburgh Juniors Volleyball Academy – Pittsburgh Juniors 17-1414.3903.597101414.3903.59799
FJ7‑PRCSN2‑OVPrecision Volleyball Academy – Precision Ravens 17-2517.4233.485102517.4233.485101
FJ7‑LONEL2‑OVLondon Elite – London Elite 17 Regional Elite517.3543.471103928.7723.197105
FJ7‑BKEYE5‑OVBuckeye VBC – Buckeye 17 Red Winter516.1613.232104516.1613.232103
FJ7‑SUVBC1‑OVSouthern United Volleyball Club – Power516.0823.216105516.0823.216104
FJ7‑VOKEY1‑OV1890 – Club1890 Aftershock39.1953.06510639.1953.065106
FJ7‑WSTPA2‑OVWestern Pa Volleyball Club – 17 FUSION515.1183.024107515.1183.024107
FJ7‑SNRGY1‑OVSynergy Volleyball Club – 17 Red515.0963.019108515.0963.019108
FJ7‑PCHRG3‑OVPositively Charged Volleyball Club – 17 Griffis513.5042.701109513.5042.701109
FJ7‑NWOVB1‑OVNorthwest Ohio Volleyball Club – 17s Elwood38.0522.68411038.0522.684110
FJ7‑OVVBA1‑OVOhio Valley Volleyball Academy – 17 Ice410.6002.650111410.6002.650111
FJ7‑BLUCR3‑OVblue crush – Blue Crush 17-Miller00.0000.00011200.0000.000112
FJ7‑SWARM1‑OVWest Virginia Swarm VBC – 17 Gold00.0000.00011200.0000.000112


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