Juniors' Team Seeding

The purpose of OVR juniors' standings is to seed OVR Championship tournaments. The OVR Championships are for all OVR juniors' teams, offering all levels of play. To view the results contributing to the standings of any team shown, click on its team code. The Juniors' Seeding System details how standings are calculated. Standings listed on this page reflect results reported by tournament directors. Direct all inquiries regarding juniors' standings to Tom Kohl.

Tournament Directors Seeding a Tournament: When you have team(s) playing in an older age/division, please follow these procedures:

  1. For a Regional team playing in the next Regional age level, multiply their current seeding average by .75 and then seed them by their new average.
  2. For an American team playing in the next American age level, multiply their current seeding average by .75 and then seed them by their new average.
  3. For a 17 American team playing in an 18 Regional age level (i.e. 17A playing 18R), multiply their current seeding average by .90 and then seed them by their new average.
  4. If the team has played in tournaments of the older age/division already, they keep full points for those tournament results.

Reporting discrepancies: For fastest correction of errors, please follow these procedures:

  1. Only club directors and coaches should report discrepancies. This will prevent the same issue being reported multiple times.
  2. Direct inquiries regarding errors in reported results first to the tournament host. He or she is in the best position to resolve the error.
  3. If your standings appear to be incorrect, check your results first to find the source of the problem. You can easily find your team's results by clicking your team code from the standings page.
Girls' 17 Regional
 OVR Champ. rank:
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team codeteamTtotal
FJ7‑EFORC1‑OVEast Ohio Force VBC – 17 Black570.00014.0001570.00014.0001
FJ7‑TRAIL1‑OVTrailblazers VBC – 17R Stahr568.25813.65228101.63512.7042
FJ7‑EPICV2‑OVEPIC – Whiteout568.01113.6023898.37512.2976
FJ7‑NCSVC1‑OVNorth Central Select VC – SELECT 17 BLACK CHRISTY566.23413.2474787.83412.5483
FJ7‑ROUND1‑OVRoundtown Volleyball – Roundtown 17's Danielle565.14313.0295999.30511.03413
FJ7‑BULET1‑OVBullets – 17 Black563.94312.7896781.32111.61710
FJ7‑KOKOR1‑OVKokoro Jrs – Kokoro 17- Teal563.86512.7737674.04712.3415
FJ7‑KIDAM2‑OVKid's America – Bradford562.28612.4578674.28612.3814
FJ7‑LATIT2‑OVLatitude 41 – 17 ELite Silver561.20012.2409987.9649.77432
FJ7‑APLBK2‑OVA.C.E. Prospects Lady Blue Knights – LBKBlackLC560.80012.16010780.98211.56911
FJ7‑PGVBC1‑OVPandora-Gilboa Volleyball Club – 17-Gerdeman560.70812.14211670.70811.7858
FJ7‑POINT1‑OVPittsburgh Point Volleyball Club – Navy - 17560.02412.00512560.02412.0057
FJ7‑STEEL1‑OVSteel Valley VBC – 17's Purple560.00012.00013776.57110.93915
FJ7‑MRAGE1‑OVMountain RAGE Volleyball Club – SANDSTORM 17R559.14811.83014663.91710.65319
FJ7‑CGLDW2‑OVClub Gold West – 17 Gold223.49111.74515223.49111.7459
FJ7‑CAVS12‑OVClub Ashtabula Volleyball – 17 Salinas557.73511.54716773.69910.52820
FJ7‑PRIDE1‑OVPRIDE Volleyball Club – Beast557.65711.53117664.45710.74316
FJ7‑KIDAM1‑OVKid's America – R.Hire556.92511.38518777.28811.04112
FJ7‑PUTVC1‑OVPutnam VBC – Heat556.79311.35919659.5939.93229
FJ7‑OXTRM1‑OVOhio Xtreme Volleyball – 17 Orange556.55811.31220873.2069.15143
FJ7‑ROUND2‑OVRoundtown Volleyball – Roundtown 17's Debbie555.48611.09721877.5909.69934
FJ7‑BSVBC3‑OVBlack Swamp VBC – 173554.86210.97222662.57610.42921
FJ7‑SOSVB1‑OVS.O.S. (Southern Ohio Spikers) – Trish Boggs- 17's443.83910.96023443.83910.96014
FJ7‑GRLVC2‑OVGrandlake VBC – 17R- M Hardesty554.59110.91824766.8779.55436
FJ7‑BSVBC4‑OVBlack Swamp VBC – 174554.06810.81325769.4969.92830
FJ7‑LNSHT1‑OVLineshot Volleyball Club – 17 PURPLE554.00610.80126662.37010.39522
FJ7‑BARBR1‑OVBarbour Elite – Notorious D.I.G.442.91410.72927442.91410.72917
FJ7‑OSTRM2‑OVOhio Storm – 17 Hamsher553.60010.72028553.60010.72018
FJ7‑FLASH5‑OVFlash VBC – 17's North East330.91410.30529330.91410.30523
FJ7‑GCVCO3‑OVGlass City Volleyball Company – Glass City 17 White/Wobrock551.28210.25630551.28210.25624
FJ7‑CGLDW1‑OVClub Gold West – 17 Blue551.12710.22631551.12710.22625
FJ7‑FLASH2‑OVFlash VBC – 17's Black440.63910.16032440.63910.16026
FJ7‑THNDR1‑OVThunder Volleyball Club – THUNDER MUHAMMAD 17'S550.14510.02933654.0129.00246
FJ7‑NOGVC1‑OVNorthern Ohio Girls Volleyball Club – 17R-1550.07810.01634859.6217.45364
FJ7‑FLASH6‑OVFlash VBC – 17's Blue440.00010.00035440.00010.00027
FJ7‑ALETA1‑OVALETA VBC – Young549.9179.98336549.9179.98328
FJ7‑LATIT1‑OVLatitude 41 – 17 Elite Purple549.6879.93737861.2877.66162
FJ7‑ESVBC2‑OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 17 Select549.6819.93638766.4089.48738
FJ7‑EPICV5‑OVEPIC – FLB439.6579.91439439.6579.91431
FJ7‑TPSVC1‑OVTop Spin Volleyball Club – Top Spin 17's549.5259.90540655.5259.25442
FJ7‑CHILL1‑OVClub Chill – 17 Blue438.9239.73141438.9239.73133
FJ7‑TRIVA1‑OVTri-State Volleyball Academy – 17's548.5099.70242758.7958.39951
FJ7‑EXILE1‑OVExile VBC – 17 Red328.9829.66143328.9829.66135
FJ7‑BDLJV1‑OVBorderline Jr Volleyball – 17 Hawks548.0229.60444757.2208.17454
FJ7‑NEWAV3‑OVNew Wave VBC – 17-Beardsley547.7099.54245547.7099.54237
FJ7‑CXTRM1‑OVClub Extreme – CEV 17R DIAMOND547.5849.51746654.3849.06444
FJ7‑TANDM1‑OVTandem Volleyball Club – Vigneault547.2579.45147861.9437.74360
FJ7‑GREEN1‑OVGreene County Volleyball Club – 17ís GCVC Tobe/Timmons546.8249.36548546.8249.36539
FJ7‑EPICV3‑OVEPIC – HARBORCREEK 17'S546.8009.36049546.8009.36040
FJ7‑EFORC2‑OVEast Ohio Force VBC – 17 Yellow546.6349.32750546.6349.32741
FJ7‑PCVBC1‑OVPlayers Choice VBC – Black546.2039.24151857.4497.18168
FJ7‑TRAIL2‑OVTrailblazers VBC – 17R Choi545.9199.18452653.2528.87547
FJ7‑ZEROT1‑OVZero Tolerance VBC – 17 LADY DRAGONS545.2439.04953649.5298.25553
FJ7‑POINT2‑OVPittsburgh Point Volleyball Club – Gray - 17545.0219.00454545.0219.00445
FJ7‑TRIBE4‑OVThe Tribe VBC – 17R Tyler543.8918.77855646.8007.80058
FJ7‑IMPCT2‑OVImpact Sports Academy – 17R Black543.4498.69056965.0347.22667
FJ7‑TUSCV1‑OVTVC - Tuscarawas Volleyball Club – Goodwin 17s-18s326.0008.66757326.0008.66748
FJ7‑TSJVC1‑OVToledo SJVC – 17 Thunder543.2598.65258543.2598.65249
FJ7‑DJVBC2‑OVDayton Jrs. – 17 Gold542.8608.57259542.8608.57250
FJ7‑FLATL1‑OVThe Flatlands Volleyball Club – 17-Black542.2678.45360646.5527.75959
FJ7‑TWOGV1‑OV2 Girls Volleyball – PURPLE18.3648.3646118.3648.36452
FJ7‑OFVBC1‑OVOld Fort Volleyball Club – Bowen540.6298.12662646.0577.67661
FJ7‑PRCSN1‑OVPrecision Volleyball Academy – Jaguars432.4428.11063432.4428.11055
FJ7‑FLASH4‑OVFlash VBC – 17's Titusville540.5148.10364540.5148.10356
FJ7‑LEGAC1‑OVLegacy Elite VBC – 17 Elite540.1338.02765957.2786.36480
FJ7‑KOKOR2‑OVKokoro Jrs – Kokoro 17-Blue323.7727.92466323.7727.92457
FJ7‑CLONE1‑OVClub O.N.E. (Ohio North East) – 17 Black538.9927.79867746.8106.68773
FJ7‑APPAL1‑OVAppalachian Volleyball Academy – AVA 1717.6007.6006817.6007.60063
FJ7‑SPIRT2‑OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT 17 BLUE322.0007.33369322.0007.33365
FJ7‑HOLLY2‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – HOLLYWOOD MONTGOMERY'S-17'S536.6407.32870639.5496.59175
FJ7‑APLBK1‑OVA.C.E. Prospects Lady Blue Knights – LBKRoyalTF536.6137.32371744.8316.40479
FJ7‑VANTA1‑OVVantage VBC – Vantage 17536.1677.23372536.1677.23366
FJ7‑GCINC2‑OVGreater Cincinnati Volleyball Club – 17-Green534.8296.96673742.0696.01085
FJ7‑PCHRG2‑OVPositively Charged Volleyball Club – 17 Winstel534.4006.88074636.4006.06784
FJ7‑GCVCO2‑OVGlass City Volleyball Company – Glass City 17 Black534.3846.87775534.3846.87769
FJ7‑FLASH1‑OVFlash VBC – 17's Meadville534.3436.86976534.3436.86970
FJ7‑NEWAV1‑OVNew Wave VBC – 17-Baker534.0436.80977534.0436.80971
FJ7‑CGLDS1‑OVClub Gold South – 17 Gold427.0916.77378427.0916.77372
FJ7‑NEWAV2‑OVNew Wave VBC – 17-Guckes533.8536.77179637.6716.27982
FJ7‑OSTRM1‑OVOhio Storm – 17 Orr533.2006.64080533.2006.64074
FJ7‑TWOGV2‑OV2 Girls Volleyball – GREY426.0076.50281426.0076.50276
FJ7‑EPICV1‑OVEPIC – WARREN 17's425.7146.42982425.7146.42977
FJ7‑EFORC3‑OVEast Ohio Force VBC – 17 White532.0736.41583532.0736.41578
FJ7‑NWOVB1‑OVNorthwest Ohio Volleyball Club – 17s - Fuller425.3276.33284425.3276.33281
FJ7‑TRIBE1‑OVThe Tribe VBC – 17R Bonar531.6366.32785634.4365.73987
FJ7‑TRIBE5‑OVThe Tribe VBC – 17R Ritchie531.3206.26486736.1205.16097
FJ7‑PGVBC2‑OVPandora-Gilboa Volleyball Club – 17-Hermiller531.1816.23687634.3245.72188
FJ7‑BKEYE4‑OVBuckeye VBC – Buckeye 17 Red Elite531.1086.22188940.8174.535101
FJ7‑MAGVB1‑OVMagic Volleyball Club – Magic 17530.8096.16289530.8096.16283
FJ7‑ADVNC1‑OVAdvance Volleyball Club – 17 Black530.7266.14590736.3835.19795
FJ7‑PATVB1‑OVPatriot Volleyball Club – 17 Rebellion530.2916.05891633.0915.51590
FJ7‑WSTPA2‑OVWestern Pa Volleyball Club – green 17529.3145.86392529.3145.86386
FJ7‑CAVS13‑OVClub Ashtabula Volleyball – 17 Scheidel/Mead529.0865.81793631.9955.33292
FJ7‑THNDR2‑OVThunder Volleyball Club – THUNDER MOLODY 17'S529.0345.80794631.9675.32893
FJ7‑TRIBE2‑OVThe Tribe VBC – 17R Gerber/Ritenour528.8735.77495631.6735.27994
FJ7‑ESVC11‑OVEastside Volleyball – 17 Hennosy528.1715.63496940.9684.552100
FJ7‑BKEYE5‑OVBuckeye VBC – Buckeye 17 Red Winter528.1705.63497528.1705.63489
FJ7‑ADREN2‑OVAdrenaline Volleyball Club – Adrenaline 17-R316.4005.46798316.4005.46791
FJ7‑TRIBE3‑OVThe Tribe VBC – 17R Williamstown525.8185.16499525.8185.16496
FJ7‑ECLVJ2‑OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 17 Orange525.7145.143100833.4234.178106
FJ7‑GCVCO4‑OVGlass City Volleyball Company – Glass City 17/16 Early Bird418.6344.659101418.6344.65998
FJ7‑RCVBC1‑OVRiverCreek – 17's522.9094.582102522.9094.58299
FJ7‑EPICV4‑OVEPIC – EPIC GM 17'S522.6324.526103624.6324.105107
FJ7‑WSTPA1‑OVWestern Pa Volleyball Club – CP RED 17417.6874.422104417.6874.422102
FJ7‑TIGER1‑OVTri-State Tigers – jordan17s417.5274.382105417.5274.382103
FJ7‑HOLLY1‑OVClub Hollywood VBC – HOLLYWOOD BLAKEMAN/ BARNHOUSE 17'S521.7984.360106727.6163.945111
FJ7‑CLIPP1‑OVCYVBC Surge – 17 Blue521.7714.354107623.7713.962110
FJ7‑C2KVB1‑OVC2K – Stechschulte521.4294.286108521.4294.286104
FJ7‑ALLIA1‑OVAlliance Volleyball Club – 17's312.5714.191109312.5714.191105
FJ7‑PCHRG1‑OVPositively Charged Volleyball Club – 17 Schmidbauer520.1404.028110520.1404.028108
FJ7‑SPIKE1‑OVSpiketown Volleyball Club – Strausbaugh519.9433.989111519.9433.989109
FJ7‑GRLVC3‑OVGrandlake VBC – 17R- Huelsman519.6853.937112519.6853.937112
FJ7‑SOUTH1‑OVSoutheast Volleyball Club – SEV Ohms 17415.7043.926113415.7043.926113
FJ7‑EPICV6‑OVEPIC – JETS 17'S27.4293.71411427.4293.714114
FJ7‑SPARK1‑OVSparks Volleyball – Sparks Black 17's27.4293.71411427.4293.714114
FJ7‑SVVBC2‑OVStillwater Valley VC – Davis 17414.4193.605116414.4193.605116
FJ7‑OVVBA1‑OVOhio Valley Volleyball Academy – 17 Thunder516.9223.384117516.9223.384117
FJ7‑SVVBC1‑OVStillwater Valley VC – Hitson 17413.4793.370118413.4793.370118
FJ7‑MORGN1‑OVMorgantown Volleyball Club – 17 White26.5093.25511926.5093.255119
FJ7‑ROGUE1‑OVRogue Volleyball – Rogue 17 Purple515.6283.126120617.6282.938120
FJ7‑TANDM2‑OVTandem Volleyball Club – Roupe515.0663.013121925.4662.829122
FJ7‑WSTPA3‑OVWestern Pa Volleyball Club – 17 Big Purple411.6522.913122411.6522.913121
FJ7‑FLASH3‑OVFlash VBC – 17's Franklin410.2002.550123410.2002.550123
FJ7‑CLATK1‑OVClub Attack – 17U00.0000.00012400.0000.000124
FJ7‑LONEL2‑OVLondon Elite – 17 Black00.0000.00012400.0000.000124


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