Juniors' Team Seeding

The purpose of OVR juniors' standings is to seed OVR Championship tournaments. The OVR Championships are for all OVR juniors' teams, offering all levels of play. To view the results contributing to the standings of any team shown, click on its team code. The Juniors' Seeding System details how standings are calculated. Standings listed on this page reflect results reported by tournament directors. Direct all inquiries regarding juniors' standings to Tom Kohl.

Tournament Directors Seeding a Tournament: When you have team(s) playing in an older age/division, please follow these procedures:

  1. For a Regional team playing in the next Regional age level, multiply their current seeding average by .75 and then seed them by their new average.
  2. For an American team playing in the next American age level, multiply their current seeding average by .75 and then seed them by their new average.
  3. For a 17 American team playing in an 18 Regional age level (i.e. 17A playing 18R), multiply their current seeding average by .90 and then seed them by their new average.
  4. If the team has played in tournaments of the older age/division already, they keep full points for those tournament results.

Reporting discrepancies: For fastest correction of errors, please follow these procedures:

  1. Only club directors and coaches should report discrepancies. This will prevent the same issue being reported multiple times.
  2. Direct inquiries regarding errors in reported results first to the tournament host. He or she is in the best position to resolve the error.
  3. If your standings appear to be incorrect, check your results first to find the source of the problem. You can easily find your team's results by clicking your team code from the standings page.
Girls' 16 Regional
 OVR Champ. rank:
top 5 results
all results 
team codeteamTtotal
G16PUTVC1OVPutnam VBC – Inferno574.62914.9261574.62914.9261
G16TRAIL1OVTrailblazers VBC – Trailblazers 16R569.20013.8402681.20013.5333
G16NSVBC2OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore Albert568.90413.7813784.70412.10113
G16LATIT2OVLatitude 41 – 16 Regional Elite568.53213.7064789.10312.7295
G16SOVCR2OVSOVC (Southern Ohio VC) – 16 - Davis568.00013.6005568.00013.6002
G16KOKOR1OVKokoro Jrs – Kokoro16-Morgan566.65613.3316673.99012.3328
G16TRIBE1OVThe Tribe VBC – Tribe 16R Skufca566.40013.2807566.40013.2804
G16APLBK1OVA.C.E. Prospects Lady Blue Knights – LBK-Black-563.61912.7248673.61912.27010
G16ESVBC3OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 16 SELECT563.00012.6009780.73711.53416
G16ESVC14OVEastside Volleyball – Hildenbrand 16R562.91412.58310671.27811.88014
G16MATCH1OVMatchpoint – Matchpoint 16s562.82112.56411562.82112.5646
G16OVVBA1OVOhio Valley Volleyball Academy – OVVA 16 ELITE GREEN337.25012.41712337.25012.4177
G16GRLVC6OVGrandlake VBC – 16R Rammel561.60012.32013561.60012.3209
G16GRLVC2OVGrandlake VBC – 16R Dues561.14312.22914667.94311.32420
G16APPAL1OVAppalachian Volleyball Academy – AVA 16448.78012.19515448.78012.19511
G16APLBK2OVA.C.E. Prospects Lady Blue Knights – LBK-Miller6560.93312.18716560.93312.18712
G16EOHVB1OVEastern Ohio Sports Complex VC – 16R-Miles560.38212.07617888.74611.09326
G16KIDAM4OVKid's America – Kids America- Slaughter560.36512.07318773.36510.48133
G16FOCUS1OVClub Focus – 16 Regional559.64011.92819777.54711.07827
G16PATVB1OVPatriot Volleyball Club – 16 Revolution559.46711.89320667.83011.30522
G16POINT2OVPittsburgh Point Volleyball Club – Navy 16446.80011.70021446.80011.70015
G16THNDR2OVThunder Volleyball Club – THUNDER VBC HAYDEN 16'S558.38011.67622668.38011.39718
G16ACESC3OVACES VBC – ACES 16R558.37811.676231095.0869.50949
G16SPIRT5OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT 16 White558.28211.65624769.8829.98339
G16KIDAM2OVKid's America – Kids America- Jackson558.15411.63125775.93610.84828
G16FOURN1OVFour1Nine Xtreme – 16-Kortokrax557.88611.57726667.88611.31421
G16DEFIA2OVDefiance Volleyball Club – 16 Purple445.76711.44227445.76711.44217
G16BULET1OVBullets – Bullets - K/D 16 Gray557.14311.42928664.69810.78329
G16BSVBC4OVBlack Swamp VBC – 164556.91011.38229875.1969.39951
G16GRLVC7OVGrandlake VBC – 16R Sperry445.37111.34330445.37111.34319
G16ESVC13OVEastside Volleyball – Ross 16R556.62911.32631879.8299.97940
G16CCRSH3OVCincy Crush Volleyball Club – 16 Gray445.20711.30232445.20711.30223
G16CLONE1OVClub O.N.E. (Ohio North East) – 16 Black555.62611.12533555.62611.12524
G16ALETA1OVALETA VBC – 16s555.60011.12034555.60011.12025
G16ACITY3OVAiR CiTY CHiCKS – 16-WHiTE555.54611.10935660.88010.14737
G16BKEYE4OVBuckeye VBC – 16 Red Elite555.53411.10736868.7348.59262
G16NOGVC1OVNorthern Ohio Girls Volleyball Club – NOH 16-1555.37111.07437769.3719.91041
G16ECPAG1OVEast Coast Power Allegheny – EC Power 16-Honor555.12611.02538658.4599.74345
G16GRLVC5OVGrandlake VBC – 16R Marbaugh553.60010.72039656.4009.40050
G16MOVBA4OVMid Ohio VB Academy – MOVA 16-A553.20010.64040553.20010.64030
G16EFORC1OVEast Ohio Force VBC – 16 Hupp552.91710.58441552.91710.58431
G16NCSVC1OVNorth Central Select VC – 16 R - Crane552.74310.54942761.8708.83958
G16OACZZ1OVOiler Attack Club – Oiler Attack - 16 Black552.41010.48243552.41010.48232
G16GRLVC3OVGrandlake VBC – 16R Evans552.34310.46944552.34310.46934
G16BDLJV2OVBorderline Jr Volleyball – 16 Attack551.42510.28545551.42510.28535
G16CXTRM2OVClub Extreme – CEV 16Diamond551.34610.26946658.1459.69146
G16KIDAM3OVKid's America – Kid America- Kellish551.27910.25647761.1658.73860
G16OFVBC1OVOld Fort Volleyball Club – 16-Sauber551.00010.20048551.00010.20036
G16MAHON2OVMahoning Valley Premier VBC – MVP 16s Green550.86710.17449764.4239.20354
G16ROUND1OVRoundtown Volleyball – Roundtown Andrew 16's550.71710.14350764.0509.15055
G16SOVCR1OVSOVC (Southern Ohio VC) – 16 - Fuchs440.28410.07151440.28410.07138
G16CEAST2OVCincy East VBC – 16.2 NUSS549.4859.89752549.4859.89742
G16CATZV1OVCATZ Volleyball Club – Cheetahs439.5649.89153439.5649.89143
G16XPLOS1OVXplosion Volleyball Club – 16R - Richardson548.9339.78754548.9339.78744
G16CLIPP2OVCYVBC Surge – 16 Grey328.6029.53455328.6029.53447
G16GRLVC4OVGrandlake VBC – 16R Klosterman547.6469.52956547.6469.52948
G16PCVBC1OVPlayers Choice VBC – Mosquitoes546.9149.38357650.9148.48666
G16CAVS12OVClub Ashtabula Volleyball – Jackson546.9109.38258651.2438.54064
G16EPICV2OVEPIC – HOUPT546.7089.34159546.7089.34152
G16SOUTH1OVSoutheast Volleyball Club – SEV 16 R Regional546.7089.34160652.4008.73361
G16KIDAM1OVKid's America – Kids America- Dulgar546.7089.34161760.1368.59163
G16GRLVC1OVGrandlake VBC – 16R Collins546.5859.31762546.5859.31753
G16TANDM3OVTandem Volleyball Club – 16 Derrig545.3789.07663754.3917.77072
G16BSVBC3OVBlack Swamp VBC – 163545.1219.02464856.1507.01986
G16THNDR3OVThunder Volleyball Club – THUNDER VBC BARLEY 16'S544.9078.98165650.9078.48467
G16GCINC1OVGreater Cincinnati Volleyball Club – 16 Black Reg/AM lLite326.8008.93366326.8008.93356
G16ACAVC7OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC ROX 16R Matthew435.5928.89867435.5928.89857
G16KOKOR2OVKokoro Jrs – Kokoro16-Joe544.1848.83768544.1848.83759
G16KIDVC1OVKidron Volleyball Club – Boyd-16544.0538.81069753.7767.68274
G16ADREN1OVAdrenaline Volleyball Club – Joe - 16 Regional543.7718.75470751.4087.34482
G16NOGVC2OVNorthern Ohio Girls Volleyball Club – NOH 16-2543.6578.73171754.9717.85370
G16XPLOS2OVXplosion Volleyball Club – 16R - Chadrick433.9978.49972433.9978.49965
G16NEWAV1OVNew Wave VBC – 16-Corathers542.4578.49173647.2267.87169
G16EXILE1OVExile VBC – Exile 16 Red541.9078.38174645.2407.54078
G16MAHON1OVMahoning Valley Premier VBC – MVP 16s Yellow540.7848.15775644.6027.43480
G16MAGVB1OVMagic Volleyball Club – Magic 16R324.0408.01376324.0408.01368
G16ROUND2OVRoundtown Volleyball – Roundtown 16's Debbie539.3927.87877747.6146.80291
G16INFTY3OVInfinity Volleyball Club – 16 Silver538.8787.77678538.8787.77671
G16SPIRT4OVSpirit VBC – Spirit 16 Red538.5367.70779538.5367.70773
G16OXTRM4OVOhio Xtreme Volleyball – Ohio Xtreme 16 ROX Alex430.7277.68280430.7277.68275
G16HOLLY3OVClub Hollywood VBC – HOLLYWOOD WARD 16's537.7547.55181537.7547.55176
G16OVVBA2OVOhio Valley Volleyball Academy – OVVA 16 ELITE BLUE430.1927.54882430.1927.54877
G16EPICV1OVEPIC – HENDRICK537.1697.43483537.1697.43479
G16CGLDS1OVClub Gold South – 16 Gold429.6977.42484429.6977.42481
G16EOHVB2OVEastern Ohio Sports Complex VC – 16Blue-Schlabach321.5717.19185321.5717.19183
G16PCVBC2OVPlayers Choice VBC – Flamingos535.9437.18986638.7436.45794
G16PENNO2OVPenn-Ohio Volleyball Club – Penn Ohio Scarlet -16214.2867.14387214.2867.14384
G16BULET3OVBullets – Bullets - MV 16 White535.5717.11488535.5717.11485
G16EPICV5OVEPIC – Spearhead 16s214.0007.00089214.0007.00087
G16PCHRG1OVPositively Charged Volleyball Club – 16 Blue534.9506.99090534.9506.99088
G16MIAMI2OVMiami Valley Phoenix – 16 BLAZE534.7686.95491534.7686.95489
G16PENNO1OVPenn-Ohio Volleyball Club – Penn Ohio Gray - 16427.4496.86292427.4496.86290
G16DARKE1OVDarke County Volleyball Club – 16R FOREMAN427.1276.78293427.1276.78292
G16SPIKE2OVSpiketown Volleyball Club – Adams427.0186.75594427.0186.75593
G16TAVBC1OVTeam Atlantis VBC – 16 Habel532.1716.43495532.1716.43495
G16AAVBE3OVadidas Advancement Academy East – 16 Sapphire532.1166.42396532.1166.42396
G16EPICV4OVEPIC – Corry 16s212.8006.40097212.8006.40097
G16ERIEP1OVErie Elite Performance VBC – Erie Elite Performance VBC 16319.0756.35898319.0756.35898
G16GREEN1OVGreene County Volleyball Club – GCVC Shore318.9736.32499318.9736.32499
G16TPSVC1OVTop Spin Volleyball Club – TopSpin16530.9146.183100738.0465.435108
G16JACKS1OVJackson Volleyball Club – Jackson Elite530.8006.160101633.9435.657105
G16BKEYE5OVBuckeye VBC – 16 Red530.4776.095102838.0774.760112
G16EPICV3OVEPIC – WARREN 16'S424.2866.071103424.2866.071100
G16OACZZ2OVOiler Attack Club – Oiler Attack - 16 Orange530.0956.019104530.0956.019101
G16OVVBA3OVOhio Valley Volleyball Academy – OVVA 16 BLACK423.6745.918105423.6745.918102
G16DJVBC3OVDayton Jrs. – 16 White529.4735.894106631.4735.245110
G16BKEYE8OVBuckeye VBC – 16 Scarlet Winter317.4295.809107317.4295.809103
G16SOUTH2OVSoutheast Volleyball Club – sev 16 R Mike528.5925.718108528.5925.718104
G16ZEROT1OVZero Tolerance VBC – ZT CHAOS528.0215.604109528.0215.604106
G16HAWKV1OVHawks VBC – 16R Hummel528.0005.600110528.0005.600107
G16LEGAC1OVLegacy Elite VBC – 16 Legacy315.8775.292111315.8775.292109
G16BKEYE6OVBuckeye VBC – 16 Scarlet525.8845.177112834.4074.301118
G16CHAMP3OVChampaign County VBC – 16White524.8734.974113524.8734.974111
G16DEFIA3OVDefiance Volleyball Club – 16 Gray418.8334.708114418.8334.708113
G16LONEL1OVLondon Elite – 16 Blue523.2854.657115523.2854.657114
G16LNSHT2OVLineshot Volleyball Club – 16 pink Regional522.6784.536116522.6784.536115
G16ADREN2OVAdrenaline Volleyball Club – THillis - 16 Regional522.4154.483117728.1244.018122
G16BKEYE7OVBuckeye VBC – 16 Red Winter313.4294.476118313.4294.476116
G16EFORC2OVEast Ohio Force VBC – 16 Reitter522.2734.455119522.2734.455117
G16CGLDW1OVClub Gold West – 16 Gold521.7934.359120624.5934.099119
G16MORGN2OVMorgantown Volleyball Club – 16 Blue520.9404.188121622.9403.823126
G16POINT1OVPittsburgh Point Volleyball Club – 16 Grey520.4834.096122520.4834.096120
G16PRCSN1OVPrecision Volleyball Academy – Precision Raptors 16s520.4004.080123520.4004.080121
G16HOLLY2OVClub Hollywood VBC – HOLLYWOOD PITTS 16's520.0404.008124520.0404.008123
G16VIPER1OVVipers Volleyball – Vipers 16U519.6513.930125723.6513.379130
G16TAVBC2OVTeam Atlantis VBC – 16 Gibson519.3523.870126519.3523.870124
G16SPIKE1OVSpiketown Volleyball Club – Alsop311.5273.842127311.5273.842125
G16THNDR5OVThunder Volleyball Club – THUNDER VBC SEGER 16'S518.6803.736128723.4803.354131
G16ACAVC8OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC ROX 16R Cassie518.3873.677129518.3873.677127
G16ROGUE4OVRogue Volleyball – Rogue 16 White517.3093.462130517.3093.462128
G16THNDR4OVThunder Volleyball Club – THUNDER VBC LIVOSKY 16'S517.1953.439131619.9953.333132
G16FLATL1OVThe Flatlands Volleyball Club – 16-Gray413.7143.429132413.7143.429129
G16C2KVB1OVC2K – 16's Cales412.0003.000133412.0003.000133
G16EVOLU2OVEvolution Ohio Volleyball Club – 16R Orange514.9332.987134718.9332.705134
G16PJVBA1OVPittsburgh Juniors Volleyball Academy – Juniors 16-1 Together00.0000.00013500.0000.000135
G16PVClb1OVPrinceton Volleyball Club – Princeton Volleyball Club00.0000.00013500.0000.000135
G16SPARK1OVSparks Volleyball – SEV 16 R Walker00.0000.00013500.0000.000135
G16VANTA1OVVantage VBC – Vantage 16-1 Smack00.0000.00013500.0000.000135


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