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OVR Tournament Results for Boss CLE Athletic Company – BOSSCLE 15 GREY [G15BOSSC3OV]

Results for Boss CLE Athletic Company – BOSSCLE 15 GREY are highlighted in the following 5 tournament results.

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Tournament:2024 OVR Girls WinterFest
Tournament date:1/27-28/24
Location:Greater Columbus Convention Center (Columbus, OH)
Director:Alan Herbert
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Girls' 18 and Under   [ points: 6‑18 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG18GCBUS1OVGCVC 18 Silver [18N]
2.19.3642ndGoldG18FORCE1OVForceVBC 18-1 National [18N]
3.18.7273rdGoldG18GAMPL1OVGPA 18s Gold [18N]
4.18.0914thGoldG18MAQVB2OV18 National 2 [18N]
5.17.4555thGoldG18OVVBC1OVOVVC 18 Green [18R]
6.16.8186thGoldG18APLBK1OVLBK-Select-Dav/Wright [18R]
7.16.1821stSilverG18ALETA1OVALETA-18-Claxon [18N]
8.15.5452ndSilverG18CGLDS1OVCGSV 18 Huff [18R]
9.14.9093rdSilverG18MSSVC1OV18 Lightning [18R]
10.14.2734thSilverG18KIDVC1OVCrawford-Nickles-18 [18R]
11.13.6365thSilverG16AAVBC1OVA2 16 Green [16N]
12.13.0006thSilverG18APEXV1OVCochran [18R]
13. 1stBronzeG18UNIFI1LK []
14.11.7272ndCopperG18IMPCT1OV18E Yellow [18R]
15.11.0913rdBronzeG18NEWAV1OV18-Durr [18R]
16.10.4554thBronzeG18MORGN1OV18R - Paige [18R]
17.9.8185thSilverG18CEAST1OVCincy East 18.1 Black [18R]
18.9.1826thBronzeG18ACAVC3OVAVC 18R Madison [18R]
19.8.5451stCopperG18CXTRM2OVCEV Diamond 18R [18R]
20.7.9092ndCopperG18CGLDS2OVCGSV 18 White [18R]
21.7.2733rdCopperG18VANTA1OVVantage 18-Blue [18R]
22.6.6364thBronzeG18ROGVB1OV18U Rogue330 Flame [18R]
23.6.0005thCopperG18OXTRM1OVOhio Xtreme 17/18 [18R]

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Girls' 17 National   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG17TRIBE1OV17N Kidder [17N]
2.19.0002ndGoldG17CVBCO2OVCVC 17 Blue [17N]
3.18.0003rdGoldG17ACAVC3OVAVC 17 Blue [17N]
3.18.0003rdGoldG17BKEYE2OV17 Red National [17N]
5.16.0005thGoldG17ROGUE1OVRogue 17 GO [17N]
6.15.0005thGoldG17GCBUS1OVGCVC 17 Silver [17N]
7.14.0007thGoldG17GAMPL1OVGPA 17s Green [17N]
7.14.0007thGoldG17GATOR1OVGators VBC 17 Premier [17N]
9.12.0001stSilverG17DANDG1OV17E Gold - Maloof [17N]
10.11.0002ndSilverG17ACAVC4OVAVC 17 Gold [17N]
11.10.0003rdSilverG17ROGUE2OVRogue 17 National [17N]
12.9.0004thSilverG17EVBTC3OVEliteVBTC 17 National [17N]
13.8.0001stBronzeG17NEXTV1OV17xBlue [17N]
14.7.0002ndBronzeG17GCBUS2OVGCVC 17 Blue [17N]
15.6.0003rdBronzeG17CLIPP2OV17 Blue [17N]

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Girls' 17 American   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG17BKEYE4OV17 Silver Elite [17A]
2.19.3912ndGoldG17ESVBC1OV17 ELITE [17A]
3.18.7833rdGoldG17HOVAC1OVHOVA 17A Red [17A]
4.18.1744thGoldG17SPIKE3OVSpiketown - 17A Fry [17A]
5.17.5655thGoldG17CXTRM1OVCEV Sapphire 17A [17A]
6.16.9576thGoldG17APLBK1OVLBK-Elite-Les/T [17A]
7.16.3481stSilverG17WVGVC1OVGALAXY 17 RED [17A]
8.15.7392ndSilverG17FORCE2OVForceVBC 17-2 Elite [17A]
9.15.1303rdSilverG17ESVC11OVCattledge 17E [17A]
10.14.5224thSilverG17ACAVC5OVAVC 17A Grace [17A]
11.13.9135thSilverG17COLVP1OV17 Navy [17A]
12.13.3046thSilverG17BKEYE3OV17 Black Elite [17A]
13.12.6961stBronzeG17APLBK2OVLBK-Elite-Taylor [17A]
14.12.0872ndBronzeG17SMAQC1OV17 Blue [17A]
15.11.4783rdBronzeG17PUTVC1OVPutnam VBC Inferno [17A]
16.10.8704thBronzeG17MORGN1OV17A - Courtney [17A]
17.10.2615thBronzeG17PINVB1OV17A - Florence [17A]
18.9.6526thBronzeG17OXTRM1OVOhio Xtreme 17-1 [17A]
19.9.0431stCopperG17TRIBE3OV17A Estes [17A]
20.8.4352ndCopperG17HOVAC2OVHOVA 17A White [17A]
21.7.8263rdCopperG17BOSSC3OVBOSSCLE 17 GREY [17A]
22.7.2174thCopperG17LNSHT1OVLineshot 17 Purple [17A]
23.6.6095thCopperG17HOVAC3OVHOVA 17A Blue [17A]
24.6.0006thCopperG17CINVA4OVCVA 17-4 [17A]

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Girls' 17 Regional   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1. 1stGoldG17WYE841LK []
2. 2ndGoldG17OCTAN1WE []
3. 3rdGoldG17RVAMP1LK []
4. 1stSilverG17BLCSH1PR []
5.14.9092ndSilverG17CEAST2OVCincy East 17.2 Blue [17R]
6.13.6363rdSilverG17KOKOR1OVKokoro 17-Teal [17R]
7.12.3641stBronzeG17APLBK3OVLBK-Select-VanHorn [17R]
8.11.0912ndBronzeG17WVGVC2OVGALAXY 17 BLUE [17R]
9.9.8183rdBronzeG17ROWVC1OVRowe 17- Bonar [17R]
10.8.5451stCopperG17OXTRM2OVOhio Xtreme 17-2 [17R]
11.7.2732ndCopperG17GCINC2OV17-2 [17R]
12.6.0003rdCopperG17NEWAV1OV17-Jackson [17R]

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Girls' 16 National   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG16GATOR1OVGators VBC 16 Premier [16N]
2.19.3912ndGoldG16FORCE1OVForceVBC 16-1 National [16N]
3.18.7833rdGoldG16BKEYE1OV16 Red National [16N]
4.18.1744thGoldG16DANDG1OV16E Gold - Maloof [16N]
5.17.5655thGoldG16DANDG2OV16E Navy - Stokes [16N]
6.16.9576thGoldG16ROGUE1OVRogue 16 GO [16N]
7.16.3481stSilverG16NEXTV1OV16xBlue [16N]
8.15.7392ndSilverG16BOSSC1OVBOSSCLE 16 BLACK [16N]
9.15.1303rdSilverG16GCBUS1OVGCVC 16 Silver [16N]
10.14.5224thSilverG16MAQVB1OV16 National [16N]
11.13.9135thSilverG16EVBTC3OVEliteVBTC 16 National [16N]
12.13.3046thSilverG16CLIPP2OV16 Blue [16N]
13.12.6961stBronzeG16BOSSC2OVBOSSCLE 16 RED [16N]
14.12.0872ndBronzeG16IMPCT1OV16N White [16N]
15.11.4783rdBronzeG16IMPCT2OV16N Yellow [16N]
16.10.8704thBronzeG16GATOR2OVGators VBC 16 Elite [16N]
17.10.2615thBronzeG16GCINC2OV16-2 [16N]
18.9.6526thBronzeG16ROGUE3OVRogue 16 Club [16N]
19.9.0431stCopperG16ACAVC3OVAVC 16 Blue [16N]
20.8.4352ndCopperG16ROGUE2OVRogue 16 National [16N]
21.7.8263rdCopperG16NEXTV2OV16xWhite [16N]
22.7.2174thCopperG16CVBCO2OVCVC 16 Blue [16N]
23.6.6095thCopperG16ACAVC4OVAVC 16 Gold [16N]
24.6.0006thCopperG16GCBUS3OVGCVC 16 Red [16N]

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Girls' 16 American   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG16NSVBC1OVKipp [16A]
2.19.5482ndGoldG16DANDG4OV16W - White - Nixon [16A]
3.19.0973rdGoldG16NSVBC2OVRingler [16A]
3.19.0973rdGoldG16WVGVC1OVGALAXY 16U [16A]
5.18.1945thGoldG16ESVBC1OV16 ELITE [16A]
5.18.1945thGoldG16FORCE2OVForceVBC 16-2 Elite [16A]
7.17.2907thGoldG16HOVAC1OVHOVA 16A Red [16A]
7.17.2907thGoldG16MAQVB2OV16 American [16A]
9.16.3871stSilverG16ZEROG1OV16 Black [16A]
10.15.9352ndSilverG16CXTRM1OVCEV Sapphire 16A [16A]
11.15.4843rdSilverG16APLBK1OVLBK-Elite-Lifer [16A]
11.15.4843rdSilverG16DANDG3OV16W - Royal - Cupach [16A]
13.14.5815thSilverG16DANDG5OV16E White - Stokes [16A]
13.14.5815thSilverG16SPIKE1OVSpiketown - 16A Patterson [16A]
15.13.6777thSilverG16BFRST1OVBFIRST 16-1 [16A]
15.13.6777thSilverG16HSHOT1OV16 Black [16A]
17.12.7741stBronzeG16PINVB1OV16A - Newman [16A]
18.12.3232ndBronzeG16MORGN1OV16A - Paige [16A]
19.11.8713rdBronzeG16PUTVC1OVPutnam VBC Heat [16A]
19.11.8713rdBronzeG16ROCKC4OVRockCity 16-4 [16A]
21.10.9685thBronzeG16IGNIT1OVIGNITE 16 Black [16A]
21.10.9685thBronzeG16LNSHT1OVLineshot 16 Purple [16A]
23.10.0657thBronzeG16BKEYE2OV16 Red Elite [16A]
23.10.0657thBronzeG16GCINC3OV16-3 [16A]
25.9.1611stCopperG16KIDAM1OVKids America-Bickel [16A]
26.8.7102ndCopperG16CLIPP3OV16 Grey [16A]
27.8.2583rdCopperG16BFRST2OVBFIRST 16-2 [16A]
27.8.2583rdCopperG16HOVAC2OVHOVA 16A White [16A]
29.7.3555thCopperG16CCRSH2OV16 Black [16A]
29.7.3555thCopperG16CINVA3OVCVA 16-3 [16A]
31.6.4527thCopperG16ACAVC5OVAVC 16A Matt [16A]
31.6.4527thCopperG16OXTRM1OVOhio Xtreme 16-1 [16A]

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Girls' 16 Regional   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG16VALLY1OVValley Volleyball Club [16R]
2.18.4442ndGoldG16MSSVC1OV16 Lightning [16R]
3.16.8893rdGoldG16KIDVC3OVBerry-16 [16R]
4.15.3334thGoldG16CEAST3OVCincy East 16.3 White [16R]
5.13.7785thGoldG16ASHLD1OVAVBC 16-1 [16R]
6.12.2226thGoldG16ASHLD2OVAVBC 16-2 [16R]
7.10.6671stSilverG16ROGVB1OV16U Rogue330 Fire [16R]
8.9.1112ndSilverG16GCINC4OV16-4 [16R]
9.7.5563rdBronzeG16COLVP1OV16 Navy [16R]
10.6.0004thSilverG16ESVC13OVRosenberg [16R]

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Girls' 15 National   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG15IGNIT1OVIGNITE 15 Blue [15N]
2.19.3912ndGoldG15DANDG1OV15E Gold - Howell - Singleton [15N]
3.18.7833rdGoldG15BOSSC2OVBOSSCLE 15 RED [15N]
4.18.1744thGoldG15BOSSC1OVBOSSCLE 15 BLACK [15N]
5.17.5655thGoldG15CVBCO3OVCVC 15 Silver [15N]
6.16.9576thGoldG15CEAST2OVCincy East 15.2 Blue [15N]
7.16.3481stSilverG15IMPCT1OV15N White [15N]
8.15.7392ndSilverG15ACAVC3OVAVC 15 Blue [15N]
9.15.1303rdSilverG15GCINC1OV15-1 [15N]
10.14.5224thSilverG15ESVC11OVHerron 15N [15N]
11.13.9135thSilverG15GATOR1OVGators VBC 15 Premier [15N]
12.13.3046thSilverG15ACAVC4OVAVC 15 Gold [15N]
13.12.6961stBronzeG15ALETA1OVALETA-15-Hart [15N]
14.12.0872ndBronzeG15CLIPP2OV15 Blue [15N]
15.11.4783rdBronzeG15CVBCO2OVCVC 15 Blue [15N]
16.10.8704thBronzeG15GCBUS1OVGCVC 15 Silver [15N]
17.10.2615thBronzeG15NEXTV1OV15xBlue [15N]
18.9.6526thBronzeG15GCINC2OV15-2 [15N]
19.9.0431stCopperG15FORCE1OVForceVBC 15-1 Local National [15N]
20.8.4352ndCopperG15GCBUS2OVGCVC 15 Blue [15N]
21.7.8263rdCopperG15MORGN1OV15N - Tori [15N]
22.7.2174thCopperG15CCVBC2OV15 Black [15N]
23.6.6095thCopperG15ROGUE1OVRogue 15 GO [15N]
24.6.0006thCopperG15ROGUE2OVRogue 15 National [15N]

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Girls' 15 American   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG15NSVBC1OVNorthShore Kalizewski [15A]
2.19.3912ndGoldG15ESVBC1OV15 ELITE [15A]
3.18.7833rdGoldG15HOVAC1OVHOVA 15A Red [15A]
4.18.1744thGoldG15IGNIT2OVIGNITE 15 Black [15A]
5.17.5655thGoldG15WVGVC1OVGALAXY 15 RED [15A]
6.16.9576thGoldG15NEWAV1OV15-Hill [15A]
7.16.3481stSilverG15PUTVC1OVPutnam VBC Fire [15A]
8.15.7392ndSilverG15CLIPP3OV15 Grey [15A]
9.15.1303rdSilverG15CXTRM1OVCEV Sapphire 15A [15A]
10.14.5224thSilverG15CEAST3OVCincy East 15.3 White [15A]
11.13.9135thSilverG15BOSSC3OVBOSSCLE 15 GREY [15A]
12.13.3046thSilverG15ACAVC5OVAVC 15A Sean [15A]
13.12.6961stBronzeG15IMPCT2OV15E Yellow [15A]
14.12.0872ndBronzeG15BKEYE1OV15 Red Elite [15A]
15.11.4783rdBronzeG15BKEYE2OV15 Black Eilte [15A]
16.10.8704thBronzeG15GCBUS3OVGCVC 15 Red [15A]
17.10.2615thBronzeG15SMAQC1OV15 Blue [15A]
18.9.6526thBronzeG15NEXTV2OV15xWhite [15A]
19.9.0431stCopperG15ROCKC4OVRockCity 15-4 [15A]
20.8.4352ndCopperG15HOVAC2OVHOVA 15A White [15A]
21.7.8263rdCopperG15BFRST1OVBFIRST 15-1 [15A]
22.7.2174thCopperG15GCINC3OV15-3 [15A]
23.6.6095thCopperG15LNSHT1OVLineshot 15 Purple [15A]
24.6.0006thCopperG15MORGN2OV15A - Trent [15A]

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Girls' 15 Regional   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG15WVGVC2OVGALAXY 15 BLUE [15R]
2.18.4442ndGoldG15KOKOR1OVKokoro15-Teal [15R]
3.16.8893rdGoldG15EVBTC5OVEliteVBTC 15 White [15R]
4.15.3334thGoldG15GCINC4OV15-4 [15R]
5.13.7785thGoldG15CEAST4OVCincy East 15.4 Silver [15R]
6.12.2226thGoldG15ASHLD2OVAVBC 15-2 [15R]
7.10.6671stSilverG15EVBTC6OVElite East 15-2 [15R]
8.9.1112ndSilverG15HOVAC3OVHOVA 15R Blue [15R]
9.7.5563rdSilverG15NEWAV3OV15-Mohler [15R]
10.6.0004thSilverG15CHAME1OVGold [15R]

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Girls' 14 National   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG14IMPCT1OV14N White [14N]
2.19.0002ndGoldG14GATOR1OVGators VBC 14 Premier [14N]
3.18.0003rdGoldG14ACAVC3OVAVC 14 Blue [14N]
3.18.0003rdGoldG14GCBUS1OVGCVC 14 Silver [14N]
5.16.0005thGoldG14BOSSC3OVBOSS CLE 14 GREY [14N]
5.16.0005thGoldG14CVBCO2OVCVC 14 Blue [14N]
7.14.0007thGoldG14ACAVC4OVAVC 14 Gold [14N]
7.14.0007thGoldG14OPREM3OVOPVC 14 Weller [14N]
9.12.0001stSilverG14FORCE2OVForceVBC 14-2 National [14N]
10.11.0002ndSilverG14ROGUE1OVRogue 14 GO [14N]
11.10.0003rdSilverG14CVBCO3OVCVC 14 Silver [14N]
12.9.0004thSilverG14CEAST2OVCincy East 14.2 Blue [14N]
13.8.0001stBronzeG14NEXTV1OV14xBlue [14N]
14.7.0002ndBronzeG14GCBUS2OVGCVC 14 Blue [14N]
15.6.0003rdBronzeG14ROGUE2OVRogue 14 National [14N]

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Girls' 14 American   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG14IMPCT2OV14E Yellow [14A]
2.19.5482ndGoldG14CXTRM1OVCEV Sapphire 14A [14A]
3.19.0973rdGoldG14IGNIT1OVIGNITE 14 Black [14A]
3.19.0973rdGoldG14TRIBE1OV14A McGowan [14A]
5.18.1945thGoldG14EVBTC3OVEliteVBTC 14 Pink [14A]
5.18.1945thGoldG14ROCKC3OVRockCity 14-3 [14A]
7.17.2907thGoldG14APLBK1OVLBK-Elite-Dav/Wright [14A]
7.17.2907thGoldG14DANDG1OV14E - Gold - Aiken [14A]
9.16.3871stSilverG14BKEYE1OV14 Red Elite [14A]
10.15.9352ndSilverG14TRIBE2OV14A Stanley [14A]
11.15.4843rdSilverG14BFIRE1OVDragonfire - Smerglia [14A]
11.15.4843rdSilverG14ESVC11OVHensley 14E [14A]
13.14.5815thSilverG14CLIPP2OV14 Blue [14A]
13.14.5815thSilverG14ROGUE3OVRogue 14 Travel [14A]
15.13.6777thSilverG14CEAST3OVCincy East 14.3 White [14A]
15.13.6777thSilverG14GCINC3OV14-3 [14A]
17.12.7741stBronzeG14CCVBC3OV14 Gray [14A]
18.12.3232ndBronzeG14OPREM4OVOPVC 14 Heasley [14A]
19.11.8713rdBronzeG14ACAVC5OVAVC 14A Dylan [14A]
19.11.8713rdBronzeG14LNSHT1OVLineshot 14 Purple [14A]
21.10.9685thBronzeG14MAVRK2OVMaverick 14 Tae [14A]
21.10.9685thBronzeG14MORGN1OV14A - Laasha [14A]
23.10.0657thBronzeG14COLVP1OV14 Navy [14A]
23.10.0657thBronzeG14NEWAV4OV14-Brock [14A]
25.9.1611stCopperG14NEWAV1OV14-Miller [14A]
26.8.7102ndCopperG14DANDG2OV14E White - Klepper [14A]
27.8.2583rdCopperG14CCVBC4OV14 Silver [14A]
27.8.2583rdCopperG14NOVAJ2OV14s Gold [14A]
29. 5thCopper30 []
29.7.3555thCopperG14GCBUS3OVGCVC 14 Red [14A]
31.6.4527thCopperG13GCBUS2OVGCVC 13 Blue [13A]
31.6.4527thCopperG14ROGUE4OVRogue 14 American [14A]

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Girls' 14 Regional   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG14CLIPP3OV14 Grey [14R]
2.18.4442ndGoldG14MSSVC1OV14 Lightning [14R]
3.16.8893rdGoldG14WVGVC1OVGALAXY 14U [14R]
4.15.3334thGoldG14MSSVC2OV14 Rain [14R]
5.13.7785thGoldG14NEXTV2OV14xWhite [14R]
6.12.2226thGoldG14KOKOR1OVKokoro14-Teal [14R]
7.10.6671stSilverG14CXTRM2OVCEV Diamond 14R [14R]
8.9.1112ndSilverG14CEAST4OVCincy East 14.4 Silver [14R]
9.7.5563rdSilverG14COLVP2OV14 White [14R]
10.6.0004thSilverG14KOKOR2OVKokoro14-White [14R]

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Girls' 13 National   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG13ACAVC3OVAVC 13 Blue [13N]
2.18.4442ndGoldG13BOSSC2OVBOSSCLE 13 RED [13N]
3.16.8893rdGoldG13ACAVC4OVAVC 13 Gold [13N]
4.15.3334thGoldG13CVBCO2OVCVC 13 Blue [13N]
5.13.7785thSilverG13GCBUS1OVGCVC 13 Silver [13N]
6.12.2226thSilverG13ROGUE1OVRogue 13 GO [13N]
7.10.6671stSilverG13OPREM3OVOPVC 13 Hall [13N]
8.9.1112ndSilverG13CEAST2OVCincy East 13.2 Blue [13N]
9.7.5563rdBronzeG13CVBCO3OVCVC 13 Silver [13N]
10.6.0004thBronzeG13NEXTV1OV13xBlue [13N]

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Girls' 13 American   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG13TROOT1OVG13TROOT1OV [13A]
2.19.3912ndGoldG13SWVBC2OV13 Elite - Marcy [13A]
3.18.7833rdGoldG13EVBTC3OVEliteVBTC 13 Pink [13A]
4.18.1744thGoldG13LNSHT1OVLineshot 13 Purple [13A]
5.17.5655thGoldG13NOVAJ1OV13s Navy [13A]
6.16.9576thGoldG13IGNIT1OVIGNITE 13 Black [13A]
7.16.3481stSilverG13ESVC11OVMash 13E [13A]
8.15.7391stSilverG13CLIPP2OV13 Blue [13A]
9.15.1303rdSilverG13ACAVC5OVAVC 13A Vicki [13A]
10.14.5224thSilverG13OPREM4OVOPVC 13 Rutherford [13A]
11.13.9135thSilverG13OEPVC1OVOEPVC - 13 Teal [13A]
12.13.3046thSilverG13TPSPN1OVTopspin Cincinnati 13-1 [13A]
13.12.6961stBronzeG13MAQVB1OV13 American [13A]
14.12.0872ndBronzeG13CEAST3OVCincy East 13.3 White [13A]
15.11.4783rdBronzeG13BKEYE1OV13 Red Elite [13A]
16.10.8704thBronzeG13ROGUE2OVRogue 13 Travel [13A]
17.10.2615thBronzeG13EVBTC4OVElite East 13-1 [13A]
18.9.6526thBronzeG13GCBUS3OVGCVC 13 Red [13A]
19.9.0431stCopperG13APLBK1OVLBK-Felesha [13A]
20.8.4352ndCopperG13CXTRM1OVCEV Sapphire 13A [13A]
21.7.8263rdCopperG13NEXTV2OV13xWhite [13A]
22.7.2174thCopperG13DANDG3OV13E Royal - Landrum [13A]
23.6.6095thCopperG13MORGN1OV13A - Anna [13A]
24.6.0006thCopperG13GCINC3OV13-3 [13A]

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Girls' 13 Regional   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG13WVGVC1OVGALAXY 13U [13R]
2.18.4442ndGoldG13MSSVC1OV13 Lightning [13R]
3.16.8893rdGoldG13KIDVC2OVBerry-13 [13R]
4.15.3334thGoldG13EVBTC8OVElite East 13-2 [13R]
5.13.7785thSilverG13CLIPP3OV13 Grey [13R]
6.12.2226thSilverG13GCINC4OV13-4 [13R]
7.10.6671stSilverG13KOKOR1OVKokoro13-Teal [13R]
8.9.1112ndSilverG13EVBTC9OVElite East 13-3 [13R]
9.7.5563rdBronzeG13KOKOR2OVKokoro13-White [13R]
10.6.0004thBronzeG13COLVP1OV13 Navy [13R]

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Girls' 12 National   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG12CVBCO2OVCVC 12 Blue [12N]
2.18.7272ndGoldG12SWVBC1OV12N - Alex [12N]
3.17.4553rdGoldG12ACAVC2OVAVC 12 White [12N]
4.16.1821stSilverG12BOSSC1OVBOSSCLE 12 BLACK [12N]
5.14.9092ndSilverG12FORCE1OVForceVBC 12-1 National [12N]
6.13.6363rdSilverG12GCBUS1OVGCVC 12 Silver [12N]
7.12.3641stBronzeG12CLIPP1OV12 Black [12N]
8.11.0912ndBronzeG12OPREM3OVOPVC 12 Dipnarine [12N]
9.9.8183rdBronzeG12CINVA2OVCVA 12-2 [12N]
10.8.5451stCopperG12ACAVC3OVAVC 12 Blue [12N]
11.7.2732ndCopperG12GCINC1OV12-1 [12N]
12.6.0003rdCopperG12TOLVC2OVTVC 12-Royal [12N]

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Girls' 12 American   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG12ECJRV1OV12.1 A Stapleton [12A]
2.19.0672ndGoldG12SWVBC2OV12 Elite - Tanya [12A]
3.18.1333rdGoldG12CCRSH2OV12 Black [12A]
3.18.1333rdGoldG12TPSPN1OVTopspin Cincinnati 12-1 [12A]
5.16.2675thGoldG12CLIPP2OV12 Blue [12A]
5.16.2675thGoldG12ROGUE1OVRogue 12 GO [12A]
7.14.4007thGoldG12ACAVC4OVAVC 12A Darek [12A]
7.14.4007thGoldG12CINVA3OVCVA 12-3 [12A]
9.12.5331stSilverG12BOSSC2OVBOSSCLE 12 RED [12A]
10.11.6002ndSilverG12ROGUE2OVRogue 12 Travel [12A]
11.10.6673rdSilverG12CEAST2OVCincy East 12.2 Blue [12A]
12.9.7334thSilverG12BKEYE1OV12 Red American [12A]
13.8.8001stBronzeG12EVBTC3OVEliteVBTC 12 Pink [12A]
14.7.8672ndBronzeG12NEXTV1OV12xBlue [12A]
15.6.9333rdBronzeG12GCBUS2OVGCVC 12 Blue [12A]
16.6.0004thBronzeG12EVBTC4OVElite East 12-1 [12A]

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Girls' 12 Regional   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG12MBAYT1OVMBTV 12-1 [12R]
2.18.7272ndGoldG12ESVC11OV12S Boswell [12R]
3.17.4553rdGoldG12CLIPP3OV12 Grey [12R]
4.16.1821stSilverG12TROOT1OVG12TROOT1OV [12R]
5.14.9092ndSilverG12EVBTC5OVElite Juniors 12-1 [12R]
6.13.6363rdSilverG12APLBK2OVLBK-Kallaus [12R]
7.12.3641stBronzeG12CEAST3OVCincy East 12.3 White [12R]
8.11.0912ndBronzeG12WVGVC1OVGALAXY 12U [12R]
9.9.8183rdBronzeG12EVBTC6OVElite Juniors 12-2 [12R]
10.8.5451stCopperG12APLBK3OVLBK-Riley [12R]
11. 2ndCopperOCTANE []
12.6.0003rdCopperG12NEXTV2OV12xWhite [12R]

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Girls' 11 and Under   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldG11CCRSH1OV11 Orange [11A]
2.19.0672ndGoldG11CVBCO2OVCVC 11 Blue [11N]
3.18.1333rdGoldG11ACAVC1OVAVC 11 Red [11N]
3.18.1333rdGoldG11BOSSC1OVBOSSCLE 11 BLACK [11N]
5.16.2675thGoldG11ACAVC2OVAVC 11 White [11N]
5.16.2675thGoldG11MAVRK1OVMaverick 11 National [11N]
7.14.4007thGoldG11CINVA1OVCVA 11-1 [11A]
7.14.4007thGoldG11OPREM1OVOPVC 11 Hineline [11N]
9.12.5331stBronzeG11MORGN1OV11R - Cole [11R]
10.11.6002ndBronzeG11CVBCO3OVCVC 11 Silver [11N]
11.10.6673rdBronzeG11EVBTC1OVEliteVBTC 11 Black [11N]
11.10.6673rdBronzeG11GCBUS1OVGCVC 11 Silver [11A]
13.8.8001stCopperG11NEXTV1OV11xBlue [11A]
14.7.8672ndCopperG11GCBUS2OVGCVC 11 Blue [11A]
15.6.9333rdCopperG11EVBTC2OVEliteVBTC 11 Blue [11N]
15.6.9333rdCopperG11ROGUE1OVRogue 11 GO [11R]

Tournament date:2/11/24
Location:Force Sports Eastlake (Eastlake, OH)
Director:Dominik Severino
Tournament Info Page

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Girls' 15 American   [ points: 2‑14 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.14.0001stGoldG15BOSSC3OVBOSSCLE 15 GREY [15A]
2.13.1432ndGoldG15SPIRT3OVSpirit 15-3 South Black [15A]
3.12.2863rdGoldG15FORCE2OVForceVBC 15-2 American1 [15A]
3.12.2863rdGoldG15NOGVC1OVNOH 15-1 [15A]
5.10.5715thGoldG15EFORC1OVEast Ohio Force 15A [15A]
5.10.5715thGoldG15FORCE3OVForceVBC 15-3 American [15A]
5.10.5715thGoldG15MAVRK2OVMaverick 15 Amanda* [15A]
5.10.5715thGoldG15OEPVC2OVOEPVC - 15 Purple [15A]
9.7.1431stSilverG15CAVS12OVCAVB Palm [15A]
10.6.2862ndSilverG15NOVAJ2OV15s Gold [15A]
11.5.4293rdSilverG15APEXV1OVMunoz Pink [15A]
11.5.4293rdSilverG15SPIRT5OVSpirit 15-5 South Blue [15A]
13.3.7141stBronzeG15PHOEN2OVPhoenix G15A-Periard [15A]
15.2.0003rdBronzeG15ECJRV5OV15.5 A Mindzora/Ruth [15A]

Tournament date:3/17/24
Location:T3 Performance (Avon, OH)
Director:Jennifer Larrick
Tournament Info Page

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Girls' 15 American   [ points: 2‑12 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.12.0001stGoldG15CVBCO4OVCVC 15 Royal [15A]
2.11.0912ndGoldG15BOSSC3OVBOSSCLE 15 GREY [15A]
3.10.1823rdGoldG15MAVRK2OVMaverick 15 Amanda* [15A]
5.8.3645thGoldG15CVBCO5OVCVC 15 Grey [15A]
5.8.3645thGoldG15DANDG4OV15E Royal - Merk [15A]
5.8.3645thGoldG15NOGVC1OVNOH 15-1 [15A]
5.8.3645thGoldG15NOVAJ3OV15s Maroon [15A]
9.4.7271stSilverG15CVBCO6OVCVC 15 Red [15A]
10.3.8182ndSilverG15DANDG6OV15W White - Zapola [15A]
11.2.9093rdSilverG15MAVRK3OVMaverick 15 Emily [15A]
11.2.9093rdSilverG15OCTAN3WEG15OCTAN3WE [15U]

Tournament date:4/6/24
Location:Elite Sports Ohio (Uniontown, OH)
Director:Laurie Thewes
Tournament Info Page

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Girls' 15 American   [ points: 2‑12 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.12.0001stGoldG15ESVBC2OV15 PRIME [15A]
2.11.0912ndGoldG15BOSSC3OVBOSSCLE 15 GREY [15A]
3.10.1823rdGoldG15ESVBC1OV15 ELITE [15A]
3.10.1823rdGoldG15INFTY1OV15 Green [15A]
5.8.3645thGoldG15ESVBC3OV15 PREMIER [15A]
5.8.3645thGoldG15NOGVC1OVNOH 15-1 [15A]
5.8.3645thGoldG15PHOEN1OVPhoenix G15A-Good [15A]
5.8.3645thGoldG15RISEA2OVRise 15.2 American [15A]
9.4.7271stSilverG15MAVRK3OVMaverick 15 Emily [15A]
10.3.8182ndSilverG15DANDG5OV15E Gray - Aiken [15A]
11.2.9093rdSilverG15NOVAJ3OV15s Maroon [15A]
11.2.9093rdSilverG15PHOEN2OVPhoenix G15A-Periard [15A]

Tournament:OVR-Mizuno Girls Junior Championships
Tournament date:5/19/24
Location:Greater Columbus Convention Center (Columbus, OH)
Director:William Zehler
Tournament Info Page

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Girls' 15 American: Gold/Silver/Bronze/Copper   [ points: 2‑14 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1. 1stGoldG15PINVB1OV15A - McClead [15A]
2. 2ndGoldG15WVGVC1OVGALAXY 15 RED [15A]
3. 3rdGoldG15NEWAV1OV15-Hill [15A]
3. 3rdGoldG15NSVBC1OVNorthShore Kalizewski [15A]
5. 5thGoldG15CLIPP3OV15 Grey [15A]
5. 5thGoldG15INFTY1OV15 Green [15A]
5. 5thGoldG15OVVBC1OVOVVC 15 Green [15A]
5. 5thGoldG15PUTVC1OVPutnam VBC Fire [15A]
9. 1stSilverG15CAVS11OVCAVB/Spire Vencill [15A]
10. 2ndSilverG15HSHOT1OV15 Black [15A]
11. 3rdSilverG15DJVBC1OV15 Blue [15A]
11. 3rdSilverG15EVBTC3OVEliteVBTC 15 Pink [15A]
13. 5thSilverG15APLBK1OVLBK-Elite-Les [15A]
13. 5thSilverG15APLBK2OVLBK-Knull [15A]
13. 5thSilverG15BKEYE3OV15 Silver American [15A]
13. 5thSilverG15SMAQC1OV15 Blue [15A]
17. 1stBronzeG15HOVAC1OVHOVA 15A Red [15A]
18. 2ndBronzeG15TRAIN1OVTrain4F- Hughes [15A]
19. 3rdBronzeG15BKEYE1OV15 Red Elite [15A]
19. 3rdBronzeG15CAVS12OVCAVB Palm [15A]
21. 5thBronzeG15ACAVC5OVAVC 15A Sean [15A]
21. 5thBronzeG15DEFIA3OVDVC 15 Elite [15A]
21. 5thBronzeG15IGNIT2OVIGNITE 15 Black [15A]
21. 5thBronzeG15WBUCK1OVCoach Brett [15A]
25. 1stCopperG15CEAST3OVCincy East 15.3 White [15A]
26. 2ndCopperG15CVBCO4OVCVC 15 Royal [15A]
27. 3rdCopperG15BFIRE1OVWildfire - Vertock [15A]
27. 3rdCopperG15LONEL1OVLondon Elite 15 American Elite [15A]
29. 5thCopperG15ESVBC3OV15 PREMIER [15A]
29. 5thCopperG15ESVC13OVO'Dowd 15A [15A]
29. 5thCopperG15RISEA2OVRise 15.2 American [15A]
29. 5thCopperG15SPIRT1OVSpirit 15-1 Black [15A]

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Girls' 15 American: Nickel/Platinum/Aluminum/Chromium   [ points: 2‑14 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1. 1stNickelG15EVBTC4OVElite East 15-1 [15A]
2. 2ndNickelG15PHOEN1OVPhoenix G15A-Good [15A]
3. 3rdNickelG15CXTRM1OVCEV Sapphire 15A [15A]
3. 3rdNickelG15INFTY2OV15 White [15A]
5. 1stPlatinumG15IMPCT2OV15E Yellow [15A]
6. 2ndPlatinumG15MOJOV1OVMojo 15A [15A]
7. 3rdPlatinumG15BKEYE5OV15 Scarlet American [15A]
7. 3rdPlatinumG15FOCUS1OVFOCUS MARINO [15A]
9. 1stAluminumG15BOSSC3OVBOSSCLE 15 GREY [15A]
10. 2ndAluminumG15SPIRT4OVSpirit 15-4 Grey [15A]
11. 3rdAluminumG15FORCE2OVForceVBC 15-2 American1 [15A]
11. 3rdAluminumG15THNDR2OVTHUNDER VBC BARLEY 15'S [15A]
13. 1stChromiumG15BKEYE2OV15 Black Eilte [15A]
14. 2ndChromiumG15PCVBC1OV15 Pink [15A]
15. 3rdChromiumG15SMAQC2OV15 Silver [15A]

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Girls' 15 American: Plutonium/Titanium/Mercury/Kryptonite   [ points: 2‑14 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1. 1stPlutoniumG15CCRSH2OV15 Black [15A]
2. 2ndPlutoniumG15EFORC1OVEast Ohio Force 15A [15A]
3. 3rdPlutoniumG15DJVBC2OV15 Gold [15A]
3. 3rdPlutoniumG15NEXTV2OV15xWhite [15A]
5. 1stTitaniumG15BFIRE2OVSurefire - Ramsey [15A]
6. 2ndTitaniumG15BFRST1OVBFIRST 15-1 [15A]
7. 3rdTitaniumG15MAHON1OV15 Gold - American [15A]
7. 3rdTitaniumG15SPIRT3OVSpirit 15-3 South Black [15A]
9. 1stMercuryG15CCRSH3OV15 Gray [15A]
10. 2ndMercuryG15NOGVC1OVNOH 15-1 [15A]
11. 3rdMercuryG15ECJRV3OV15.3 A Korosec [15A]
11. 3rdMercuryG15NOVAJ3OV15s Maroon [15A]
14. 2ndKryptoniteG15HOVAC2OVHOVA 15A White [15A]
15. 3rdKryptoniteG15ACAVC6OVAVC 15A Sabrina [15A]
15. 3rdKryptoniteG15PRIME2OVClevPRIME 15.2 [15A]

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Girls' 15 American: Lead/Zinc/Tin/Tungsten   [ points: 2‑14 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1. 1stLeadG15SOVCR1OVSOVC - 15A - Weaver [15A]
2. 2ndLeadG15ALETA2OVALETA-15-DeWees [15A]
3. 3rdLeadG15ADREN1OVAdrenaline - Black 15A - Bradford [15A]
3. 3rdLeadG15GRIFF1OVGriffin 15 Black [15A]
5. 1stZincG15MAVRK2OVMaverick 15 Amanda* [15A]
6. 2ndZincG15XPLOS1OV15A - Allen [15A]
7. 3rdZincG15ECJRV4OV15.4 A Johnson/Rodriguez [15A]
7. 3rdZincG15OEPVC1OVOEPVC - 15 Teal [15A]
9. 1stTinG15BDLJV1OVBorderline 15 Hawks [15A]
10. 2ndTinG15NOVAJ2OV15s Gold [15A]
11. 3rdTinG15DANDG5OV15E Gray - Aiken [15A]
11. 3rdTinG15RISEA3OVRise 15.3 American [15A]
13. 1stTungstenG15APEXV1OVMunoz Pink [15A]
14. 2ndTungstenG15SPIRT2OVSpirit 15-2 Blue [15A]
15. 3rdTungstenG15CVBCO5OVCVC 15 Grey [15A]
15. 3rdTungstenG15IGNIT3OVIGNITE 15 Red [15A]

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Girls' 15 American: Magnesium/Calcium/Iron/Cobalt   [ points: 2‑14 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1. 1stMagnesiumG15FOCUS2OVFOCUS CSONKA [15A]
2. 2ndMagnesiumG15OEPVC2OVOEPVC - 15 Purple [15A]
3. 3rdMagnesiumG15LNSHT1OVLineshot 15 Purple [15A]
3. 3rdMagnesiumG15XPLOS2OV15A - Chadrick [15A]
5. 1stCalciumG15ESVC12OVThompson 15A [15A]
6. 2ndCalciumG15MAVRK3OVMaverick 15 Emily [15A]
7. 3rdCalciumG15BKEYE4OV15 White American [15A]
7. 3rdCalciumG15GCINC3OV15-3 [15A]
9. 1stIronG15GCBUS3OVGCVC 15 Red [15A]
10. 2ndIronG15CVBCO6OVCVC 15 Red [15A]
11. 3rdIronG15DANDG4OV15E Royal - Merk [15A]
11. 3rdIronG15IMPCT3OV15A Camo [15A]
13. 1stCobaltG15FORCE3OVForceVBC 15-3 American [15A]
14. 2ndCobaltG15PCHRG2OV15 Kingsland [15A]
15. 3rdCobaltG15SMAQC3OV15 Black [15A]
15. 3rdCobaltG15SPIRT6OVSpirit 15-6 Pink [15A]

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Girls' 15 American: Radium/Radon/Lithium   [ points: 2‑12 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1. 1stRadiumG15CINVA3OVCVA 15-3 [15A]
2. 2ndRadiumG15PHOEN2OVPhoenix G15A-Periard [15A]
3. 3rdRadiumG15CINVA4OVCVA 15-4 [15A]
4. 1stBariumG15DANDG6OV15W White - Zapola [15A]
6. 3rdBariumG15ECJRV5OV15.5 A Mindzora/Ruth [15A]
7. 1stCarbonG15DANDG3OV15E White - Williams [15A]
8. 2ndCarbonG15SPIRT5OVSpirit 15-5 South Blue [15A]
9. 3rdCarbonG15MORGN2OV15A - Trent [15A]

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