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OVR Tournament Results for Morgantown Volleyball Club – 14 White [G14MORGN1OV]

Results for Morgantown Volleyball Club – 14 White are highlighted in the following 3 tournament results.

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Tournament:Regional and American teams only
Tournament date:1/21/23
Location:Kids America (Coshocton, OH)
Director:Cari Bahmer
Tournament Info Page
Girls' 14 and Under   [ points: 2‑14 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.14.0001stGoldG14ZEROG1OVZero Gravity Jrs. – 14 Black [14R]
2.13.2002ndGoldG14KIDAM1OVKid's America – Bickel [14A]
3.12.4003rdGoldG14MORGN1OVMorgantown Volleyball Club – 14 White [14A]
3.12.4003rdGoldG14MSSVC2OVMountain State Storm Volleyball Club – 14A Rain [14A]
5.10.8005thGoldG14ACAVC6OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC 14A Jeff [14A]
5.10.8005thGoldG14KIDAM2OVKid's America – Stahl-1 [14R]
5.10.8005thGoldG14MORGN2OVMorgantown Volleyball Club – 14 Blue [14A]
5.10.8005thGoldG14TRIBE1OVThe Tribe VBC – Tribe 14A Skufca [14A]
9.7.6001stSilverG14MORGN3OVMorgantown Volleyball Club – 14 Grey [14R]
10.6.8002ndSilverG14SPIRT7OVSpirit VBC – 14-7 Blue South [14A]
11.6.0003rdSilverG14FOCUS2OVClub Focus – Club Focus 14 Teal [14A]
11.6.0003rdSilverG14TRIBE2OVThe Tribe VBC – Tribe 14R Smith [14R]
13.4.4001stBronzeG14MSSVC1OVMountain State Storm Volleyball Club – 14R Thunder [14R]
14.3.6002ndBronzeG14FOCUS3OVClub Focus – Club Focus 14 White [14R]
15.2.8003rdBronzeG14KIDAM3OVKid's America – Stahl-2 [14R]
15.2.8003rdBronzeG14SPIRTAOVSpirit VBC – 14-A Grey South [14R]

Tournament:Valentine's Day Challenge
Tournament date:2/11-12/23
Location:Cedar Point Sports Center (Sandusky, OH)
Director:Tom Kohl
Tournament Info Page
Girls' 17 and Under   [ points: 4‑18 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.18.0001stGoldG17DEFIA1OVDefiance Volleyball Club – DVC 17 Elite [17A]
2.17.0672ndGoldG17KIDAM1OVKid's America – Jackson [17R]
3.16.1333rdGoldG17BOSSC1OVBoss CLE Athletic Company – 17 BLACK [17N]
4.15.2004thGoldG17ROWVC1OVRowe Volleyball Club – Rowe-17A Brady [17A]
5.14.2675thGoldG17HOLLY2OVClub Hollywood VBC – Bonner Select [17R]
6.13.3336thGoldG17NSVBC1OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore Rice [17N]
7.12.4001stSilverG17CAVS12OVClub Ashtabula Volleyball – 17 Getz [17R]
8.11.4672ndSilverG17DANDG1OVDavid and Goliath(DG) Warriors – 17-Jenny [17A]
9.10.5333rdSilverG17NSVBC2OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore Colvin [17A]
10.9.6004thSilverG17HOLLY1OVClub Hollywood VBC – Cochran Elite [17A]
11.8.6675thSilverG17ASHLD1OVAshland Volleyball Club – AVBC 17s [17R]
11.8.6675thSilverG17SPIRT3OVSpirit VBC – 17-3 Black South [17A]
13.6.8007thSilverG16GCBUS3OVGreater Columbus Volleyball Club – 16 Red [16A]
13.6.8007thSilverG17SPIRT2OVSpirit VBC – 17-2 Blue [17A]
15.4.9339thSilverG17DANDG3OVDavid and Goliath(DG) Warriors – 17-Underwood [17R]
16.4.00010thSilverG17HOLLY3OVClub Hollywood VBC – L Colabella Select [17R]
Girls' 16 and Under   [ points: 4‑18 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.18.0001stGoldG16HOVAC1OVHOVA – 16A Parkison [16A]
2.17.3912ndGoldG16APLBK1OVA.C.E. Prospects Lady Blue Knights – LBK-Dav [16A]
3.16.7833rdGoldG16NOVAJ3OVNOVA Juniors – 16s Maroon [16A]
4.16.1744thGoldG16SPIRT1OVSpirit VBC – 16-1 Black [16N]
5.15.5655thGoldG16BFIRE1OVBuckeyefire – Buckeyefire 16A Vasko [16A]
5.15.5655thGoldG16HOVAC2OVHOVA – 16A Fox [16A]
7.14.3487thGoldG16ACAVC6OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC 16A Naomi [16A]
7.14.3487thGoldG16NSVBC1OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore White [16A]
9.13.1301stSilverG16FORCE2OVForce Volleyball Club – G16FORCE2OV [16A]
10.12.5222ndSilverG16BKEYE5OVBuckeye VBC – 16 Red American [16A]
11.11.9133rdSilverG16ABBAV1OVABBA – Adams 16 [16A]
12.11.3044thSilverG16FORCE3OVForce Volleyball Club – G16FORCE3OV [16A]
13.10.6965thSilverG16DANDG1OVDavid and Goliath(DG) Warriors – 16-Ortiz [16A]
13.10.6965thSilverG16NOGVC1OVNorthern Ohio Girls Volleyball Club – NOH 16-1 [16A]
15.9.4787thSilverG16ESVC12OVEastside Volleyball – Hensley 16A [16A]
15.9.4787thSilverG16ROWVC1OVRowe Volleyball Club – Rowe-16A Emily [16A]
17.8.2611stBronzeG16SPIRT2OVSpirit VBC – 16-2 Blue [16A]
18.7.6522ndBronzeG16DANDG3OVDavid and Goliath(DG) Warriors – 16-Smith [16A]
19.7.0433rdBronzeG16HOVAC4OVHOVA – ACES 16A Wright [16A]
20.6.4354thBronzeG16KIDAM2OVKid's America – Webb [16R]
21.5.8265thBronzeG16CXTRM3OVClub Extreme – 16R Onyx [16R]
21.5.8265thBronzeG16DANDG2OVDavid and Goliath(DG) Warriors – 16-Severo [16A]
23.4.6097thPlatinumG16CVBCO5OVCleveland Volleyball Company – CVC 16 Grey [16A]
23.4.6097thPlatinumG16CVBCO6OVCleveland Volleyball Company – CVC 16 Red [16A]
Girls' 15 and Under   [ points: 4‑18 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.18.0001stGoldG15SPIRT1OVSpirit VBC – 15-1 Black [15N]
2.17.3912ndGoldG15NSVBC2OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore Ringler [15A]
3.16.7833rdGoldG15ACITY2OVAiR CiTY CHiCKS – 15-BLACK [15A]
4.16.1744thGoldG15ACAVC4OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC 15A Darek [15A]
5.15.5655thGoldG15DANDG3OVDavid and Goliath(DG) Warriors – 15-Cupach [15A]
5.15.5655thGoldG15SPIRT3OVSpirit VBC – 15-3 Black South [15A]
7.14.3487thGoldG15CXTRM2OVClub Extreme – 15A Diamond [15A]
7.14.3487thGoldG15ROCKC3OVRockCity Volleyball Club – 15-3 [15A]
9.13.1301stSilverG15DEFIA1OVDefiance Volleyball Club – DVC 15 Elite [15A]
10.12.5222ndSilverG15HOVAC1OVHOVA – 15A Culver [15A]
11.11.9133rdSilverG15ABBAV1OVABBA – Adams 15 [15A]
12.11.3044thSilverG15DANDG2OVDavid and Goliath(DG) Warriors – 15-Montenegro [15A]
13.10.6965thSilverG15APLBK2OVA.C.E. Prospects Lady Blue Knights – LBK-Sanfords [15A]
13.10.6965thSilverG15HOVAC2OVHOVA – 15A Moore [15A]
15.9.4787thSilverG15FORCE4OVForce Volleyball Club – G15FORCE4OV [15A]
15.9.4787thSilverG15ROCKC4OVRockCity Volleyball Club – 15-4 [15A]
17.8.2611stBronzeG15KIDVC3OVKidron Volleyball Club – Finn-15 [15R]
18.7.6522ndBronzeG15CVBCO4OVCleveland Volleyball Company – CVC 15 Grey [15A]
19.7.0433rdBronzeG15FORCE2OVForce Volleyball Club – G15FORCE2OV [15A]
20.6.4354thBronzeG15DANDG4OVDavid and Goliath(DG) Warriors – 15-Nixon [15A]
21.5.8265thBronzeG15NSVBC4OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore Bartlett [15R]
21.5.8265thBronzeG15SPIRT5OVSpirit VBC – 15-5 Blue South [15A]
23.4.6097thBronzeG15CVBCO5OVCleveland Volleyball Company – CVC 15 Red [15A]
23.4.6097thBronzeG15MORGN2OVMorgantown Volleyball Club – 15 Blue [15A]
Girls' 14 and Under   [ points: 4‑18 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.18.0001stGoldG14ACAVC4OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC 14A Matt [14A]
2.17.3912ndGoldG14CVBCO3OVCleveland Volleyball Company – CVC 14 National [14N]
3.16.7833rdGoldG14IGNIT2OVIGNITE – 14 Red American [14A]
4.16.1744thGoldG14BOSSC2OVBoss CLE Athletic Company – 14 RED [14A]
5.15.5655thGoldG14KIDAM1OVKid's America – Bickel [14A]
5.15.5655thGoldG14SPIRT2OVSpirit VBC – 14-2 Blue [14A]
7.14.3487thGoldG14ACAVC6OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC 14A Jeff [14A]
7.14.3487thGoldG14MORGN1OVMorgantown Volleyball Club – 14 White [14A]
9.13.1301stSilverG14ESVC11OVEastside Volleyball – Herron 14N [14N]
10.12.5222ndSilverG14ACAVC5OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC 14A Sean [14A]
11.11.9133rdSilverG14GRIFF1OVGriffin Volleyball Club – Griffin 14 Black [14R]
12.11.3044thSilverG14NOGVC1OVNorthern Ohio Girls Volleyball Club – NOH 14-1 [14A]
13.10.6965thSilverG14MORGN2OVMorgantown Volleyball Club – 14 Blue [14A]
13.10.6965thSilverG14NOVAJ2OVNOVA Juniors – 14s Gold [14A]
15.9.4787thSilverG14CCRSH3OVCincy Crush Volleyball Club – 14 Gray [14A]
15.9.4787thSilverG14SPIRT3OVSpirit VBC – 14-3 Black South [14A]
17.8.2611stBronzeG14NSVBC3OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore Mahilo [14R]
18.7.6522ndBronzeG14DANDG2OVDavid and Goliath(DG) Warriors – 14-McFarland [14A]
19.7.0433rdBronzeG14FORCE1OVForce Volleyball Club – G14FORCE1OV [14A]
20.6.4354thBronzeG14NSVBC2OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore KR [14R]
21.5.8265thBronzeG14CVBCO5OVCleveland Volleyball Company – CVC 14 Grey [14A]
21.5.8265thBronzeG14CVBCO6OVCleveland Volleyball Company – CVC 14 Red [14A]
23.4.6097thBronzeG14CXTRM3OVClub Extreme – 14R Onyx [14R]
23.4.6097thBronzeG14FORCE2OVForce Volleyball Club – G14FORCE2OV [14A]
Girls' 13 and Under   [ points: 4‑18 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.18.0001stGoldG13SPIRT1OVSpirit VBC – 13-1 Black [13N]
2.17.1252ndGoldG13APLBK1OVA.C.E. Prospects Lady Blue Knights – LBK-Dav/Wright [13A]
3.16.2503rdGoldG13NOVAJ1OVNOVA Juniors – 13s Navy [13A]
4.15.3754thGoldG13ESVC11OVEastside Volleyball – Hensley 13A [13A]
5.14.5005thGoldG13TRIBE2OVThe Tribe VBC – Tribe 13A McGowan [13A]
6.13.6256thGoldG13IGNIT1OVIGNITE – 13 Black Elite [13A]
7.12.7501stSilverG13FORCE2OVForce Volleyball Club – G13FORCE2OV [13A]
8.11.8752ndSilverG13SPIRT4OVSpirit VBC – 13-4 Grey [13A]
9.11.0003rdSilverG13NSVBC1OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore Bond [13A]
10.10.1254thSilverG13SPIRT6OVSpirit VBC – 13-6 Pink [13A]
11.9.2505thSilverG13CVBCO4OVCleveland Volleyball Company – CVC 13 Royal [13A]
12.8.3756thSilverG13CXTRM2OVClub Extreme – 13R Diamond [13R]
13.7.5001stBronzeG13IGNIT2OVIGNITE – 13 Red American [13A]
14.6.6252ndBronzeG13NSVBC3OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore Schafer [13R]
15.5.7503rdBronzeG13NSVBC2OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore Hohler [13R]
16.4.8754thBronzeG13HOVAC2OVHOVA – 13A Black [13A]
17.4.0005thBronzeG13ESVC12OVEastside Volleyball – O'Dowd 13A [13A]

Tournament date:2/25-26/23
Location:Salem Community CenterPlex (Salem, OH)
Director:Brittany Smith
Tournament Info Page
Girls' 14 American   [ points: 2‑16 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.16.0001stGoldG14IGNIT1OVIGNITE – 14 Black Elite [14A]
2.15.0672ndGoldG14INFTY1OVInfinity Volleyball Club – 14 Green [14A]
3.14.1333rdGoldG14APLBK1OVA.C.E. Prospects Lady Blue Knights – LBK-Thornsley [14A]
3.14.1333rdGoldG14MORGN1OVMorgantown Volleyball Club – 14 White [14A]
5.12.2671stSilverG14NOVAJ2OVNOVA Juniors – 14s Gold [14A]
6.11.3332ndSilverG14BFIRE1OVBuckeyefire – Buckeyefire 14A Covelli [14A]
7.10.4003rdSilverG14MORGN2OVMorgantown Volleyball Club – 14 Blue [14A]
7.10.4003rdSilverG14NOVAJ3OVNOVA Juniors – 14s Maroon [14A]
9.8.5331stBronzeG14INFTY2OVInfinity Volleyball Club – 14 White [14A]
10.7.6002ndBronzeG14IMPCT4OVImpact Sports Academy – 14 American Yellow [14A]
11.6.6673rdBronzeG14BFIRE3OVBuckeyefire – Buckeyefire 14A DiSalvatore [14A]
11.6.6673rdBronzeG14CXTRM1OVClub Extreme – 14A Sapphire [14A]
13.4.8001stCopperG14IMPCT2OVImpact Sports Academy – 14 American Camo [14A]
14.3.8672ndCopperG14IMPCT3OVImpact Sports Academy – 14 American Black [14A]
15.2.9333rdCopperG14MAHON1OVMahoning Valley Premier VBC – Mahoning Valley Premier 14 Gold [14A]
15.2.9333rdCopperG14NOVAJ4OVNOVA Juniors – 14s White [14A]

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