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OVR Tournament Results for Cincy Ice – Cincy Ice 11A - Teal [G11ICEVB1OV]

Results for Cincy Ice – Cincy Ice 11A - Teal are highlighted in the following 5 tournament results.

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Tournament date:1/20/24
Location:Elite Athletics Sports Complex (Batavia, OH)
Director:Kristin Leggett
Tournament Info Page
Girls' 11 and Under   [ points: 2‑14 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.14.0001stGoldG11ICEVB1OVCincy Ice 11A - Teal [11A]
2.13.0772ndGoldG11ARVBC1OVAVA-11U Schutte [11R]
3.12.1543rdGoldG11ARVBC2OVAVA-11U Schuler [11R]
3.12.1543rdGoldG11ELEVA3OVElevation 11 Ulland [11R]
5.10.3085thGoldG11ARVBC4OVAVA-11U Lee [11R]
5.10.3085thGoldG11CCRSH2OV11 Black [11R]
5.10.3085thGoldG11CEAST1OVCincy East 11.1 Black [11N]
5.10.3085thGoldG11PCHRG1OV11 Wenker [11R]
9.6.6151stSilverG11LAKOT1OVLAVA 11-1 [11R]
10.5.6922ndSilverG11ARVBC3OVAVA-11U Sickles [11R]
11.4.7693rdSilverG11CINVA2OVCVA 11-2 [11A]
11.4.7693rdSilverG11CINVA3OVCVA 11-3 [11R]
13.2.9235thSilverG11CCRSH3OV11 Gray [11R]
13.2.9235thSilverG11CEAST2OVCincy East 11.2 Blue [11R]

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Tournament date:2/24/24
Location:Queen City Sportsplex (Cincinnati, OH)
Director:Julie Lovell
Tournament Info Page
Girls' 12 and Under   [ points: 2‑12 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.12.0001stGoldG11ICEVB1OVCincy Ice 11A - Teal [11A]
2.10.7502ndGoldG12LNSHT1OVLineshot 12 Purple [12A]
3.9.5003rdGoldG12ARVBC2OVAVA-12U Burns [12R]
3.9.5003rdGoldG12CLIPP2OV12 Blue [12A]
5.7.0005thGoldG12APLBK1OVLBK-Burr [12A]
5.7.0005thGoldG12WBUCK1OVCoach Amy [12A]
7.4.5001stSilverG12GCBUS3OVGCVC 12 Red [12A]
8.3.2502ndSilverG12DARKE2OV12 Foreman [12R]
9.2.0003rdSilverG12CCVBC3OV12 Gray [12A]

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Tournament date:4/6/24
Location:Queen City Sportsplex (Cincinnati, OH)
Director:Julie Lovell
Tournament Info Page
Girls' 12 American   [ points: 2‑14 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.14.0001stGoldG12OEPVC1OVOEPVC - 12 Teal [12A]
2.13.0772ndGoldG12CCRSH1OV12 Orange [12A]
3.12.1543rdGoldG11ICEVB1OVCincy Ice 11A - Teal [11A]
3.12.1543rdGoldG12LNSHT1OVLineshot 12 Purple [12A]
5.10.3085thGoldG12CINVA3OVCVA 12-3 [12A]
5.10.3085thGoldG12CLIPP2OV12 Blue [12A]
5.10.3085thGoldG12ROGUE1OVRogue 12 GO [12A]
5.10.3085thGoldG12ROGUE2OVRogue 12 Travel [12A]
9.6.6151stSilverG12ADREN1OVAdrenaline - Mechlin 12A [12A]
10.5.6922ndSilverG12GCINC2OV12-2 [12A]
11.4.7693rdSilverG12BLCSH1PRCVC 12 Blue [12U]
11.4.7693rdSilverG12GCBUS3OVGCVC 12 Red [12A]
13.2.9235thSilverG12CCVBC3OV12 Gray [12A]
13.2.9235thSilverG12CEAST2OVCincy East 12.2 Blue [12A]

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Tournament:OVR 11s National Bid Tournament
Tournament date:4/13/24
Location:Game Time Sports Center (Urbana, OH)
Director:Alan Herbert
Tournament Info Page
Girls' 11 National   [ points: 4‑18 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.18.0001stGoldG11ELEVA1OVElevation 11 Dawn [11N]
2.16.7272ndGoldG11CVBCO2OVCVC 11 Blue [11N]
3.15.4553rdGoldG11ICEVB1OVCincy Ice 11A - Teal [11A]
4.14.1824thGoldG11MSPRT1OVMintonette Sports m.11 [11N]
5.12.9095thGoldG11BOSSC1OVBOSSCLE 11 BLACK [11N]
5.12.9095thGoldG11ELEVA2OVElevation 11 Sarah [11N]
7.10.3641stSilverG11TOLVC1OVTVC 11-Black [11N]
8.9.0912ndSilverG11CVBCO3OVCVC 11 Silver [11N]
9.7.8183rdSilverG11ACAVC1OVAVC 11 Red [11N]
9.7.8183rdSilverG11ACAVC2OVAVC 11 White [11N]
11.5.2735thSilverG11EVBTC1OVEliteVBTC 11 Black [11N]
11.5.2735thSilverG11EVBTC2OVEliteVBTC 11 Blue [11N]

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Tournament:OVR-Mizuno Girls Junior Championships
Tournament date:4/20/24
Location:Greater Columbus Convention Center (Columbus, OH)
Director:William Zehler
Tournament Info Page
Girls' 11 National: Gold/Silver   [ points: 2‑12 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1. 1stGoldG11CVBCO1OVCVC 11 Black [11N]
2. 2ndGoldG11ICEVB1OVCincy Ice 11A - Teal [11A]
3. 3rdGoldG11CVBCO2OVCVC 11 Blue [11N]
3. 3rdGoldG11CVBCO3OVCVC 11 Silver [11N]
5. 5thGoldG11EVBTC1OVEliteVBTC 11 Black [11N]
5. 5thGoldG11OPREM2OVOPVC 11 Gennett [11N]
7. 1stSilverG11CEAST1OVCincy East 11.1 Black [11N]
8. 2ndSilverG11MAVRK1OVMaverick 11 National [11N]
9. 3rdSilverG11EVBTC2OVEliteVBTC 11 Blue [11N]

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