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OVR Tournament Results for Spirit VBC – SPIRIT 18 ORANGE [FJ8-SPIRT1-OV]

Results for Spirit VBC – SPIRIT 18 ORANGE are highlighted in the following 2 tournament results.

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Tournament date:1/24/16
Location:Eastside Volleyball Club (Mentor, OH)
Director:Stephen Scherlacher
Girls' 18 Regional   [ points: 2‑14 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.14.0001stGoldFJ8‑VFORC2‑OVVertical Force Volleyball Club – 18 Regional Kelly [18R]
2.13.0772ndGoldFJ8‑BSVBC1‑OVBlackswamp VBC – 18-Miller [18R]
3.12.1543rdGoldFJ8‑GCVCO1‑OVGlass City Volleyball Company – 18-1 Toledo [18R]
3.12.1543rdGoldFJ8‑OSTRM1‑OVOhio Storm – Indorf [18R]
5.10.3085thGoldFJ7‑SWVBC2‑OVSouthwest VBC – 17 Elite - Kearns [17A]
5.10.3085thGoldFJ8‑BFIRE1‑OVBuckeyefire – Buckeyefire Crossfire 18 Smoleny [18R]
5.10.3085thGoldFJ8‑POINT1‑OVPittsburgh Point Volleyball Club – 18 Blue [18R]
5.10.3085thGoldFJ8‑SPIRT1‑OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT 18 ORANGE [18R]
9.6.6151stSilverFJ8‑SWVBC1‑OVSouthwest VBC – 18 Elite - Harker [18R]
10.5.6922ndSilverFJ8‑SPIRT2‑OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT 18 GREEN [18R]
11.4.7693rdSilverFJ8‑BFIRE2‑OVBuckeyefire – Buckeyefire Dragonfire 18 - Thomas [18R]
11.4.7693rdSilverFJ8‑CXTRM2‑OVClub Extreme – 18R SILVER [18R]
13.2.9235thSilverFJ8‑MCVBC1‑OVMCVBC – 18 Regional [18R]
13.2.9235thSilverFJ8‑ZEROG1‑OVZero Gravity Jrs. – 18 Black [18R]

Tournament date:2/07/16
Location:OhioNets Sports Complex (Parma, OH)
Director:Dana Artman
Girls' 18 Regional   [ points: 2‑10 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.10.0001stGoldFJ8‑ESVBC1‑OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 18 Elite [18R]
2.8.6672ndGoldFJ8‑SPIRT1‑OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT 18 ORANGE [18R]
3.7.3333rdGoldFJ8‑KIDVC1‑OVKidron Volleyball Club – 18 Crawford-Nussbaum [18R]
3.7.3333rdGoldFJ8‑SPIRT2‑OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT 18 GREEN [18R]
5.4.6671stSilverFJ8‑VFORC1‑OVVertical Force Volleyball Club – SHAYLA/ELLEN [18R]
6.3.3332ndSilverFJ8‑VOKEY1‑OV1890 – Mean Machine [18R]
7.2.0003rdSilverFJ8‑PRIDE1‑OVPRIDE Volleyball Club – Extreme Beasts [18R]
Girls' 16 Regional   [ points: 2‑14 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.14.0001stGoldFJ6‑BSVBC3‑OVBlackswamp VBC – 16-Cory [16R]
2.13.2002ndGoldFJ6‑NOVAJ3‑OVNOVA Juniors – 16s Maroon [16R]
3.12.4003rdGoldFJ6‑CLONE1‑OVClub O.N.E. (Ohio North East) – 16 Black [16R]
3.12.4003rdGoldFJ6‑KLARS1‑OVKlars VBC – Impact Black [16R]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ6‑ACAVC6‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC ROX CLE 16R WILLIAMS [16R]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ6‑ACEVB3‑OVMaverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 16 Regional [16R]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ6‑CRUSH1‑OVClub Crush – 16Aukerman [16R]
5.10.8005thGoldFJ6‑PCVBC2‑OVPlayers Choice VBC – Tammy [16R]
9.7.6001stSilverFJ6‑ECLVJ7‑OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 16 Black [16R]
10.6.8002ndSilverFJ6‑ZEROG2‑OVZero Gravity Jrs. – 16 Red [16R]
11.6.0003rdSilverFJ6‑CXTRM3‑OVClub Extreme – 16R SILVER [16R]
11.6.0003rdSilverFJ6‑TUSCV1‑OVTVC - Tuscarawas Volleyball Club – Goodwin, Cortney [16R]
13. 1stBronzeFJ6-WESTE1-KE
14.3.6002ndBronzeFJ6‑MCVBC1‑OVMCVBC – 16 Regional [16R]
15.2.8003rdBronzeFJ6‑CLONE2‑OVClub O.N.E. (Ohio North East) – 16 White [16R]
15.2.8003rdBronzeFJ6‑VOKEY1‑OV1890 – Tremors [16R]

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