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OVR Tournament Results for Cincy Elite Volleyball – Cincy Elite 16-2 [B16CINEL2OV]

Results for Cincy Elite Volleyball – Cincy Elite 16-2 are highlighted in the following 3 tournament results.

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Tournament:Boys Holiday Tournament
Tournament date:12/9-10/23
Location:Greater Columbus Convention Center (Columbus, OH)
Director:Matthew Mihelic
Tournament Info Page
Boys' 16 and Under   [ points: 2‑14 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.14.0001stGoldB15PHOEN1OVPhoenix 15 Gold-Jennings [15U]
2. 2ndGoldB16STEEL1KE []
3.13.0003rdGoldB16PHOEN2OVPhoenix 16 Gold-Good [16U]
4.12.5001stSilverB16PHOEN1OVPhoenix 16 Gold-Legrair [16U]
5. 2ndSilverB16NKYVC1PR []
6.11.5003rdSilverB16PGHEL1KEPitt Elite 16 E [16U]
7.11.0001stBronzeB16PHOEN3OVPhoenix 16 Gold-Ramirez [16U]
8. 2ndBronzeB16TVBCO1HOTVC16 VELOCITY []
9.10.0003rdBronzeB16BKEYE1OV16 Boys Red [16U]
10.9.5001stCopperB16CXTRM1OVCEV Sapphire 16U Boys [16U]
11.9.0002ndCopperB15PGHEL1KEPitt Elite 15 E [15U]
12.8.5003rdCopperB15NORTH1KENorth U 15 Black [15U]
13.8.0001stNickelB16AAVBC3OVA2 16 Red [16U]
14.7.5002ndNickelB15PHOEN2OVPhoenix 15 Gold-Howells [15U]
15.7.0003rdNickelB16CGLDS1OVBoys CGSV 16 Gold [16U]
16.6.5001stPlatinumB16AAVBC4OVA2 16 Scarlet [16U]
17.6.0002ndPlatinumB16CINEL2OVCincy Elite 16-2 [16U]
18.5.5003rdPlatinumB16EXILE1OVExile 16 Red [16U]
19.5.0001stAluminumB16614VB1OV614 VBC 16U [16U]
20.4.5002ndAluminumB16PHOEN4OVPhoenix 16 Silver-Kanzig [16U]
21. 3rdAluminumB15STEEL1KE []
22.3.5001stPlutoniumB16MSPRT1OVClub M m.61 [16U]
23. 2ndPlutoniumB16NKYVC2PR []
24. 3rdPlutoniumB16WW4891LK []
25.2.0004thPlutoniumB16EXILE2OVExile 16 East [16U]

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Tournament:OVR Boys WinterFest Tournament
Tournament date:2/3-4/24
Location:Greater Columbus Convention Center (Columbus, OH)
Director:Matthew Mihelic
Tournament Info Page
Boys' 16 and Under   [ points: 6‑20 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.20.0001stGoldB16614VB1OV614 VBC 16U [16U]
2.18.2502ndGoldB16CXTRM1OVCEV Sapphire 16U Boys [16U]
3.16.5003rdGoldB16CINEL1OVCincy Elite 16-1 [16U]
4. 1stSilverB16NKYVC1PR []
5.13.0002ndSilverB16BKEYE1OV16 Boys Red [16U]
6.11.2503rdSilverB16PHOEN4OVPhoenix 16 Silver-Kanzig [16U]
7.9.5001stBronzeB16CINEL2OVCincy Elite 16-2 [16U]
8.7.7502ndBronzeB16MSPRT1OVClub M m.61 [16U]
9. 3rdBronzeB16NKYVC2PR []

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Tournament:OVR Boys Junior Championships
Tournament date:2/17-18/24
Location:Greater Columbus Convention Center (Columbus, OH)
Director:Matthew Mihelic
Tournament Info Page
Boys' 16 and Under   [ points: 2‑10 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1. 1stGoldB16PREDS1CA []
2.9.3332ndGoldB16614VB1OV614 VBC 16U [16U]
3.8.6673rdGoldB16CXTRM1OVCEV Sapphire 16U Boys [16U]
4.8.0004thGoldB16AAVBC3OVA2 16 Red [16U]
5.7.3335thGoldB16CINEL2OVCincy Elite 16-2 [16U]
6.6.6671stSilverB16PREMR1OVPremier 16 Boys [16U]
7. 2ndSilverB15PREDS2CA []
8.5.3333rdSilverB16TVBCO1HOTVC16 VELOCITY [16U]
9.4.6674thSilverB16MSPRT1OVClub M m.61 [16U]
10.4.0005thSilverB16AAVBC4OVA2 16 Scarlet [16U]
11.3.3331stBronzeB16PHOEN4OVPhoenix 16 Silver-Kanzig [16U]
12. 2ndBronzeB15EXILE1OV []
13.2.0003rdBronzeB16EXILE1OVExile 16 Red [16U]

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