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Dayton Juniors


February 13, 2021

End Date

February 14, 2021



Duke Energy Convention Center
525 Elm Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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UPDATE: 2/4/2021

Hi everyone,

We’ve got exciting news based on evolving guidance from our facility and local health officials. We’ve been approved to expand those who are permitted into the facility for Presidents’ Day Cup in Cincinnati next weekend.

Teams remain permitted to send 2 Coaches (or Chaperones) and up to 12 rostered athletes.

We’re now able to offer 2 PARENTS PER TEAM the opportunity to attend the event each day. We ask that those in attendance help your coaches keep the athletes on your team safe by aiding in each of the following:

· Sanitation and cleanliness

· Adherence to Social Distancing recommendations

· Adherence to facial covering policies

· Player injury/health circumstances

· The timely exit of your team when competition has concluded for the day

It will be up to each club to determine how to allocate these extra positions. If a player has health complications that require close parental monitoring, perhaps this will help.  Here are the logistics for purchasing tickets:

By 10:00pm tonight (2/4), club directors will receive an email from me with unique Access Codes for Saturday and Sunday for each team from their club attending the event.  It is the responsibility of the club director (and their coaches) to allocate the codes to those on their team that will use them each day.  Each Access Code can only be used a maximum of two times. Admission is specific to the individual who purchases the ticket and cannot be “passed around” on a given day of the event (Parent A leaves and Parent B takes their spot).  Different parents may attend Sunday than Saturday.

Ticketing will open up at Midnight this Saturday morning and will remain open until Friday, 2/12 at 7:00pm.

Below is a link to the ticketing site. Day passes are available for $10.

Once purchased, you’ll receive a printable ticket (or barcode on the EventBrite app on your phone). This barcode will be scanned upon entry and replaced with a colored bracelet which permits entry ONLY DURING the team’s playing wave. Those attending the AM wave must leave the facility promptly as play has concluded so that the PM wave may enter safely.

I know this leaves some on the outside.  That frustrates us as well. BallerTv will be in attendance as our live-streaming solution available for subscription purchase if you wish to watch: Here's the link to Baller's website to sign up for our event.


Visit our tournament website: for up to date information about this tournament (including facility regulations).


All teams must check-in electronically by filling out this survey.  The deadline to complete the survey is Wednesday, 2/10 at 9:00pm

Click here


All players and coaches must complete a COVID Waiver survey prior to entry in the facility on Saturday and then again prior to entry on Sunday.  Athletes/coaches WILL BE DENIED entry into the building if the survey is not complete.

Below is a link.  Saturday survey will be open for completion on Thursday, 2/11 at 8:00AM

Click here



Play schedules and pools will be updated exclusively on AES (


Note: OVR rankings appearing in the following listings are intended only as a helpful tool for tournament directors. They are subject to frequent change, including after the pools are set, and other factors may also be considered when determining pools and order of play.

Girls' 13 and Under: 7 pools (filled)

No points shall be awarded for OVR Championships or tournaments following the OVR Championships. [OVR Juniors' Seeding System]

The following teams are registered (waiting list not displayed). Pools will be announced closer to the tournament date.

 team coderankteam
1. G13CCVBC2OV58 [13A]Cincy Classics – 13 Gray
2. G13DJVBC1OV50 [13A]Dayton Jrs. – 13 Blue
3. G13CINVA1OV45 [13A]Cincinnati Volleyball Academy – Cincinnati Volleyball Academy 13-1
4. G13MSPRT3OV31 [13A]Mintonette Sports – Mintonette Sports m.33
5. G13NKYVC3PRn/aNorthern KY VBC (NKYVC) – 13-3
6. G13TOLVC3OV40 [13A]Toledo Volleyball Club – TVC 13-Silver
7. G13BDLJV1OV8 [13A]Borderline Jr Volleyball – 13 Hawks
8. G13AAVBC3OV71 [13A]adidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club – 13 Emerald
9. G13CLIPP1OV5 [13A]CYVBC Surge – 13 Blue
10. G13SWVBC2OV30 [13A]Southwest VBC – 13E Kristen
11. G13BKEYE1OV38 [13A]Buckeye VBC – 13 Red American
12. G13ROGUE1OV67 [13A]Rogue Volleyball – Rogue 13 Purple
13. G13GCINC1OV23 [13A]Greater Cincinnati Volleyball Club – 13 Black
14. G13ACITY2OV34 [13A]AiR CiTY CHiCKS – 13-BLACK
15. G13OPREM3OV11 [13A]Ohio Premier Volleyball Club – 13 Carey
16. G13CEAST2OV18 [13A]Cincy East VBC – 13.2 DURHAM
17. G13AAVBE1OV74 [13A]adidas Advancement Academy East – 13 Blue
18. G12AAVBC1OV16adidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club – 12 Green
19. G13GCBUS2OV49 [13A]Greater Columbus Volleyball Club – GCVC 13 Blue
20. G13ESVC12OV70 [13A]Eastside Volleyball – Bright 13A
21. G13CCRSH2OV6 [13A]Cincy Crush Volleyball Club – 13 Black

Girls' 14 and Under: 12 pools (filled)

No points shall be awarded for OVR Championships or tournaments following the OVR Championships. [OVR Juniors' Seeding System]

The following teams are registered (waiting list not displayed). Pools will be announced closer to the tournament date.

 team coderankteam
1. G14CCVBC2OV82 [14A]Cincy Classics – 14 Gray
2. G14DJVBC1OV25 [14A]Dayton Jrs. – 14 Blue
3. G14CCVBC4OV92 [14A]Cincy Classics – 14 Titanium
4. G14CINVA2OV110 [14A]Cincinnati Volleyball Academy – Cincinnati Volleyball Academy 14-2
5. G14DJVBC2OV38 [14A]Dayton Jrs. – 14 Gold
6. G14NKYVC3PRn/aNorthern KY VBC (NKYVC) – 14-3
7. G14BKEYE2OV20 [14A]Buckeye VBC – 14 Scarlet American
8. G14MSPRT4OV87 [14A]Mintonette Sports – Mintonette Sports m.44
9. G14TOLVC3OV64 [14A]Toledo Volleyball Club – TVC 14-Silver
10. G14SWVBC2OV10 [14A]Southwest VBC – 14E Paul
11. G14AAVBC4OV85 [14A]adidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club – 14 Jade
12. G14AAVBC5OV95 [14A]adidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club – 14 Lime
13. G14CLIPP2OV13 [14R]CYVBC Surge – 14 Grey
14. G14ACITY2OV57 [14A]AiR CiTY CHiCKS – 14-BLACK
15. G14NEWAV1OV49 [14A]New Wave VBC – 14-Parkison
16. G14GCINC2OV75 [14A]Greater Cincinnati Volleyball Club – 14 American Black
17. G14OPREM3OV21 [14A]Ohio Premier Volleyball Club – 14 Proffitt
18. G14MSPRT5OV94 [14A]Mintonette Sports – Mintonette Sports m.45
19. G14NEWAV2OV47 [14A]New Wave VBC – 14-Hacker
20. G14NEOVC2OV14 [14A]Northeast Ohio Volleyball Club – NEOVC 14-2
21. G14GCBUS2OV97 [14A]Greater Columbus Volleyball Club – GCVC 14 Blue
22. G14CEAST2OV37 [14A]Cincy East VBC – 14.2 KETRON
23. G14MORGN1OV3 [14A]Morgantown Volleyball Club – 14 White
24. G14AAVBE1OV98 [14A]adidas Advancement Academy East – 14 Blue
25. G14ESVC11OV11 [14A]Eastside Volleyball – Kaylor 14A
26. G14WBUCK1OV34 [14A]Western Buckeye – 14A Pam
27. G14CLIPP1OV8 [14A]CYVBC Surge – 14 Blue
28. G14HSHOT1OV23 [14A]Hot Shots – 14A Black
29. G14EVOLU2OV103 [14A]Evolution Ohio Volleyball Club – 14A Black
30. G14EVOLU3OV81 [14A]Evolution Ohio Volleyball Club – 14A Orange
31. G14ESVC12OV40 [14A]Eastside Volleyball – Albrecht 14A
32. G14CCRSH2OV29 [14A]Cincy Crush Volleyball Club – 14 Black
33. G14TRIBE2OV36 [14A]The Tribe VBC – TRIBE 14A McGowan

Officials [Hired officials: sign in for more information]

The officials' assigner for this event is Brian Hemelgarn (, 419‑410‑2291 /m).

The officials' assigner has not yet named officials contracted for this event.


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