Sanctioned: 2023-07-07

Tournament/Site Director

Francis Herrmann

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Team Entry Fee


Club Directors: Make entry fee check payable to:

5911 SHERROD HILL RD\\\\r\\\\nEDINBORO PA 16412

Spectator Admission Fee

$ 5.00/day (19 years of age or older)19 years of age
or older


March 23, 2024



Edinboro University of Pennsylvania: McComb Fieldhouse
Scot Rd. and Scotland Rd.
Edinboro, PA 16444

Online Check-In

This tournament is using Online Check-In (available 5 days prior to tournament).
Head Coaches must use the Online Check-In.
Use the OVR Login > Continue > My Account > My Team(s)
Go to Tournament Schedule at the bottom of the team page.
Select "Online Check-In"
Make sure your roster/certifications are complete, using link on that page.

If you need to add a player or coach temporarily for this tournament,
print out the Roster for Tournament Check-In and write the additions and
submit to Tournament Director / Site Director when you arrive at the tournament.

Specific tournament details may be distributed
at the tournament, if the Tournament Director feels that it is necessary.

Tournament Information

While the Dome is a heated the facility the space is very large and can feel cold.  We suggest you dress warm and bring extra layers of clothes and blankets to stay warm. The weather is forecasted to be in the 30s with no snow.
Price is $235.00 made to EPIC VB and mailed to

Frank Herrmann
5911 Sherrod Hill Rd.
Edinboro PA  16412

Entry fee is due BY JANUARY 15TH.  You can send  a check for each weekend you don't have to send one for each 
team.    If a team withdraws we will work hard to find a replacement and refund you entery fee

Please put your OVR number on your check

Doors Open at 7:15 am Coaches Meeting at 8:15am for 15's Playing at MCCOMB FIELDHOUSE AND 1 COURT AT THE UC PLAY BEGINS RIGHT AFTER THE MEETING Coaches meeting at 8:30 AM for the 12'S playing in the DOME next to McComb PLAY BEGINS RIGHT AFTER THE MEETING 15's ARE PLAYING IN MCCOMB FIELDHOUSE 12'S WILL BE PLAYING IN THE DOME

WINNERS AND 2ND PLACE TEAMS IN GOLD WILL RECEIVE TSHIRTS WINNERS OF SILVER AND BRONZE WILL RECEIVE T SHIRTS PARENTS WILL NEED CHAIRS AT MCCOMB AND UC. THERE IS ROOM FOR CHAIRS AT THE DOME HOTEL There is a Comfort Inn at the Edinboro exit 814-969-7000 Mention Edinboro Univ. Pool Play This will be a 4 court tournament. For pools of 4 teams, the best of 3 sets will win matches. Each non-deciding set will be won by the team that first scores 25 points with a minimum 2-point advantage (no scoring cap). If there is a deciding set, it will be won by the team that first scores 15 points with a minimum 2-point advantage (no scoring cap). Change sides when a team earns 8 points. Pool Play Format 1 vs. 3 (2 refs) 2 vs. 4 (1 refs) 1 vs. 4 (3 refs) 2 vs. 3 (1 refs) 3 vs. 4 (2 refs) 1 vs. 2 (4 refs) *Officiating teams will have to provide a down official (R2), a scorekeeper, a libero tracker, a flip-scorer, and 2 line judges. The R2 and Scorekeeper should report to the court official at the coin toss. If they are not present by the beginning of the first timed warm-up then one point will be given to their next opponent, and one point will continue to be given for every minute that they are late. The rest of the support crew (line judges, scoreboard operator and libero tracker) must report to the court official no later than the beginning of the second timed warm-up or a point will be given to their next opponent. An additional point will be given for every minute that the work crew is incomplete for their officiating duties. If no additional matches are to be played in that tournament, the tournament director shall file an incident report with the OVR commissioner and a $50 fine shall be imposed. Playoffs All teams advance. All teams must be ranked within their pools based on match percentage first. For any ties, use the tie-breaking procedure below. All first-place and second-place teams to the Gold playoffs. All third-place teams to the Silver playoffs. All fourth-place teams to the Bronze playoffs. Playoff positions on the tournament brackets will be based on pool finish to avoid teams from the same pool playing each other in the first round. First and second place in the Gold division will be given awards. There wil be a concession stand run by Edinbor Univ. food service. Subway and other fast food are within 1/2 mile of campus Tournament Cancellation Policy In the event of a Level 3 Emergency in Erie County , We will follow the OVR Tournament Cancellation Policy: a. Tournament directors should make a timely decision and notify club directors, coaches, and officials of any change to a tournament’s status. b. If a tournament site is in a location where the local authorities have issued a “no travel” order, the tournament director shall honor that request and cancel the tournament. c. A team which originates in a county of a “no travel” order and not in attendance at a tournament with no travel restrictions will be given a full refund of its entry fee.




Note: OVR rankings appearing in the following listings are intended only as a helpful tool for tournament directors. They are subject to frequent change, including after the pools are set, and other factors may also be considered when determining pools and order of play.

No points shall be awarded for OVR Championships or tournaments following the OVR Championships. [OVR Juniors' Seeding System]

Girls' 12 Regional: 4 pools
sod: 1.000
 Max. teams: 16, Registered: 12, Accepted: 11, Pending: 0, Waitlist: 0
team name
  171 Flash VBC – FLASH VBC (12R) accepted paid
  171 EPIC – EPIC GM 12'S (12R) accepted paid
  83 Precision Volleyball Academy – Precision Tigers 12s (12R) accepted paid
  n/a Cheetah West – Cheetah 12s (12U) accepted paid
  n/a Pittsburgh Elite – 12 Gold (12U) accepted paid
  96 Team ECV  – 12.2 R Fracci (12R) accepted paid
  171 Club O.N.E. (Ohio North East) – 12 White (12R) accepted paid
  171 Club O.N.E. (Ohio North East) – 12 Black (12R) accepted paid
  171 EPIC – EPIC Corry 12s (12R) accepted paid
  4 Eastside Volleyball – 12S Boswell (12R) accepted paid
  156 Erie Sports Center VBC – ESC12 - Tressa (12R) accepted paid
  171 Vollocity – Vollocity12 (12R) dropped unpaid
  171 Thunder Volleyball Club – THUNDER VBC 12-1 (12R) dropped unpaid
  114 DG Serve VBC – DG SERVE SILVER 12R (12R) ok_to_pay unpaid

Girls' 15 Regional: 4 pools
sod: 1.000

Officials [Hired officials: sign in for more information]

The officials' assignor for this event is Kenneth Nelson (, 814‑490‑2935 /m).

0 officials are still required for this event.

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