clubteamdivteam repRS
B First Sports
Steven Brown
B First 15-115ASteven Brown00
B First 18-118NSteven Brown00
Cincy Ice
Rebecca Zang
Cincy Ice15RMeghan Beach00
Club Hollywood VBC
Richard Wyman Jr.
Kelsea Gebhardt
Jessica Schloemer
11 Grey11sPetra Fried00
12 Black12sKylee Howard00
12 Blue12sDavid Casper00
12 Grey12sCraig Murray00
12 White12sJessica Schloemer00
13 Black13NMadelyn Porter00
13 Blue13AKasey Bryant00
13 Grey13RJessica Schloemer00
13 White13RSydney Kroger00
14 Black14NJessica Schloemer00
14 Blue14AJessica Schloemer00
14 Grey14RJessica Schloemer00
14 White14RLauren Reinhardt00
15 Black15NTim Schloemer00
15 Blue15AOlivia Langefeld00
15 Grey15RCatherine Richard00
16 Black16NAlly McCarthy00
16 Blue16AT'keyah Grier00
17 Blue17AJessica Schloemer00
Eclipse VBC
Dennis Justice
Eclipse-Dawson12sMadeline Dawson00
Eclipse- Emick13RPaige Emick00
Eclipse Justice14RDennis Justice00
Eclipse-Crow16AMiranda Crow00
Mountain Monsters Volleyball Club
Kris Kern
MMVC 10-Black10sKris Kern00
MMVC 12-Black12sKris Kern00
MMVC-13-Black13RKris Kern00
MMVC-13-Lite13RKris Kern00
MMVC 15-Elite15RClint Baker00
MMVC-15-Lite15RKris Kern00
MMVC-15-Black15RClint Baker00


34 teams girls' teams have registered so far for the 2023 season.

Of the 1 registered female junior players, 0 are certified only as second officials, 0 are certified only as scorekeepers, 0 are certified as both, and 1 are uncertified.

The numbers and percentages of teams with R second referee certifications and S scorekeeper certifications are:

Team Certifications
R=034 (100.00%)0 (0.00%)
R≥10 (0.00%)0 (0.00%)


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