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The Ultimate Sport Center, with the approval of the OVR, will be hosting what are being titled "Grassroots" events beginning in the 2011 season. The events are sanctioned and listed at the OVR-Kaepa® USA Juniors' Tournament Schedule.

All participants must meet OVR/USAV membership requirements. Coaches must be IMPACT certified. Pool and tournament formats will follow OVR approved formats. Tournament results will not count for OVR seeding points.

For these events, there will be no hired officials. Coaches of each team will be required to assume officiating duties, (R1) as outlined in the tournament format for the work team. Entry fees cannot exceed $85. The cost saving in entry fees represents the cost of hiring officials.

The events, which are an alternative to regular-season events, are for still-maturing teams or members of clubs that need to develop their skills and tactical understanding of the game, thus the "Grassroots" label. The emphasis will be on the educational benefits of participation rather than the resulting team finish.

Please direct any questions to Tom Kohl (kohl@ovr.org), OVR Juniors' Tournament Director.


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