Club Directors

Thank you for your interest in running a new club. The starting point for a new club director is the Club Director Web Page
Herer you will find a variety of links to help you with forming and running your club and teams.

You can get to the page from the OVR Home Page
Position your cursor over but do not click on the menu option across the top: "Juniors"
In the drop down box, position your cursor over but do not click on: "Club Directors"
In the side menu, click on: "Registration Packet"

On the Packet page, please read the "Procedures and rules for Juniors' Club Directors: page

The other documents and forms on that page are going to be useful if not necessary for you to manage your club. You will also want to review the other menu options on the 'Club Directors' menu mentioned earlier.

When you have chosen a club name, please send it to Al Herbert at: herbert@ovr.org. Once the club director is registered in USA Volleyball Webpoint system, then we will create the club in that database. Later when the club director registers in the OVR system, they will create the club name themselves in that database.

We use the Webpoint system strictly for member registrations. We use the OVR system for running our clubs and tournaments.

Here are some brief notes:

All participants (Administrators, coaches, players, etc.) must be registered with USA Volleyball and the OVR: Registration Page

The Club Director has to be ASEP certified: ASEP

All coaches have to be IMPACT certified: IMPACT Information
concussion certified: Concussion Course
and SafeSport certified: SafeSport Course

When you have questions, please feel free to contact Bill Zehler, OVR Girls Program Director, at: zehler@ovr.org or Matt Mihelic, OVR Boys Program Director, at: mihelic@ovr.org.

Any registration questions can be sent to Al Herbert at: herbert@ovr.org.


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