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The following list reflects registrations for the 2019-2020 season, which will continue to change through early 2020. A comprehensive list of clubs and teams registered last season, most of which will return, is available in the OVR Archives. For advice on finding a club, see our Frequently Asked Questions. The first column contains links to sanctioned tryouts. Grade-level teams are also indicated. For example, "G 14R/8G" indicates a girls' 14 Regional, 8th-grade team. Definitions for age-level and grade-level teams are available at
See also: [ Juniors' Registration Packet | Letter to club directors ]

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Elite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company
Uniontown, OHLaurie Thewes, Director 
Jeffrey McDivitt, Asst. Director 
Alyssa Thewes, Asst. Director 
Brandon Thewes, Asst. Director 
  12 NavyG 12R/6GFJ2-ESVBC1-OVOV-FJ-1074
  12 GreyG 12RFJ2-ESVBC2-OVOV-FJ-1075
  13 PremierG 13A/7GFJ3-ESVBC1-OVOV-FJ-1076
  13 SelectG 13R/7GFJ3-ESVBC2-OVOV-FJ-1078
  13 NavyG 13RFJ3-ESVBC3-OVOV-FJ-1084
  13 GreyG 13R/7GFJ3-ESVBC4-OVOV-FJ-1106
  14 EliteG 14A/8GFJ4-ESVBC1-OVOV-FJ-1079
  14 PremierG 14A/8GFJ4-ESVBC2-OVOV-FJ-1080
  14 SelectG 14R/8GFJ4-ESVBC3-OVOV-FJ-1081
  14 NavyG 14R/8GFJ4-ESVBC4-OVOV-FJ-1082
  14 GreyG 14RFJ4-ESVBC5-OVOV-FJ-1083
  15 EliteG 15AFJ5-ESVBC1-OVOV-FJ-1086
  15 PremierG 15A/9GFJ5-ESVBC2-OVOV-FJ-1089
  15 Select NavyG 15RFJ5-ESVBC3-OVOV-FJ-1091
  15 Select GreyG 15R/9GFJ5-ESVBC4-OVOV-FJ-1092
  16 EliteG 16A/10GFJ6-ESVBC1-OVOV-FJ-1207
  16 PremierG 16AFJ6-ESVBC2-OVOV-FJ-1208
  16 SelectG 16RFJ6-ESVBC3-OVOV-FJ-1209
  17 PremierG 17AFJ7-ESVBC1-OVOV-FJ-1215
  18 EliteG 18RFJ8-ESVBC1-OVOV-FJ-1198
1 clubs and 20 teams listed.


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