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OVR Clubs and Parents:

The OVR needs to accurately account for the number of rooms nights utilized by your clubs and teams. This will enable us to sign contracts with the Greater Columbus Convention Center further into the future. Currently we can only sign a contract one year into the future. This has caused us to be bumped from some of our prefered weekends by other events. In particular the 2020 Girls Junior Championships will now need to be on 5 wekends.

OVR strongly urges competitors and their families to choose hotel accommodations from the list below. These hotels have agreed to partner with OVR by offering the lowest group rate. There is no rebate back to OVR or commission to a third party included in this rate. By booking at one of these hotels, you are helping OVR to secure future dates at the Greater Columbus Convention Center thus avoiding the necessity of implementing a "stay to play" policy in the future.

Helpful hints when booking your room(s):

Thank you for your help with this endeavor.


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