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OVR Clubs and Parents:

The OVR wants to keep our membership updated on related health news and updates related to the OVR and USAV.
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As more details become available, we will provide timely updates. Keep in mind that future local, state or national decisions may impact some of the answers below.

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The OVR Board of Directors voted to regretfully cancel the remainder of the season, as announced on March 23. The decision was not taken lightly. The season is suspended due to state orders banning "mass gatherings" and orders to "stay home". We based our decisions on what we know now, not what we "hope" will happen. State and federal healthcare experts do not indicate there will be significant, sustained relief from this pandemic during the next two months. In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended as of March 15 that the limitation on mass gatherings be in effect for eight weeks, which would put us in the middle of May. The health and welfare of our 23,000 members was at the heart of this decision. Despite a grim short-term outlook, we have left our options open if circumstances allow for volleyball activities to resume at any point in the future. The situation changes daily, still leaving many questions for all of us.

Current USAV memberships will remain active and intact for the duration of the 2019-2020 membership season. This ensures our members will be eligible to participate in any USAV-sanctioned activities if opportunities present themselves, including within the OVR, in other USAV regions, at National Qualifiers, or at the USAV National Championships.

Since all memberships are active and intact through the end of the USAV membership season, we will not be refunding membership fees, which ensures our members are eligible to participate if opportunities become available (see above). Membership fees provide sports accident insurance for everything from tryouts to practices/training/tournaments, and also includes access to online training and education modules, among other things. The Board will be mindful and diligent in evaluating options for next season considering the disruption this pandemic has caused all of us. NOTE: There were 84 registrations in early March, just days before USAV suspended all activities. Those are the only memberships fees that were refunded.

Possibly. It's contingent on what the states (OH, WV & PA) decide with their respective "mass gatherings" restrictions, among other mandates, recommendations, and executive orders that may be in effect at that time.

Both conditions must be satisfied to consider resuming volleyball activities. (Other mandates, recommendations, or executive orders may be in effect at that time, which must also be considered.) The OVR will make every effort to assist and promote a safe return to the courts when circumstances permit.

No, Valerie Gillespie (OVR hotel liaison, has taken care of all room cancelations with our preferred hotels (listed on the OVR website) in our room blocks. However, if you booked your own room(s) at another hotel outside the OVR block, you need to cancel that reservation(s) on your own. If you have any questions in this regard, you may contact Valerie directly.

The OVR will consider viable options, including opportunities in June or July. For large OVR convention center events, availability of the GCCC and Columbus-area hotels are important parts of that decision-making process. We will support local efforts to provide volleyball opportunities for our members, within the guidelines and recommendations provided by local, state, and national authorities.

Yes. Current USAV memberships will remain active for the duration of the 2019-2020 membership season to ensure our members will be eligible to participate in any USAV-sanctioned activities.

For bids in the 11s-17s age groups, a committee, including OVR Board members, has been formed to determine the best way to allocate OVR bids for the Girls JNC. They will seek input from a variety of sources.

We encourage everyone to be mindful that circumstances are different for each club. Each club is its own independent, private business, and the OVR has no legal authority to intervene in a club's business activities. We trust that each club will consider options in the best interest of everyone impacted, based on the resources they have available. It is important to be patient as each club maneuvers the changing landscape.

Yes, the OVR's decision to cancel all sanctioned activities for the remainder of the season applies to both indoor and Beach volleyball. As with the indoor season, if circumstances change and the opportunity to promote Beach volleyball activities exists, we will support and promote that effort.


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