1. Register online and mail your entry fee, postmarked by March 15, 2024. Online entry for the Ohio Valley Region-Mizuno 2024 Girls' Volleyball Championships is open. The entry deadline is March 15: teams must be entered by midnight, March 15, and entry fees must be postmarked by midnight, March 15.

  2. Refund Policy: Because the OVR strives to accept every team that enters the OVR Girls' Championships, we make plans to accommodate. This entails financial commitments. Consequently, there will be no refunds at any time for teams that withdraw from the OVR Girls' Championships.
    If number of players is the reason for not attending, you may be able to use the waiver.

  3. You must have with you a copy of a medical release waiver for each player at the tournament.

  4. To be eligible to play in the Girls Championships, American and Regional teams must play in at least three OVR Tournaments prior to Regionals. National team must play in at least two OVR Tournaments and at least one additional OVR or USAV (NQ) event prior to Regionals.

  5. The seeding for a given division will be based on all tournament results reported and verified through the Tuesday or Wednesday prior to that division competing in the OVR Girls' Championships.
    If a division must be split across multiple days, the date on which each team competes will be frozen in early April so that teams can plan travel, then seeding of teams for each date will continue to evolve independently.
    Seeding and dates are displayed on the Entries page.
    The region reserves the right to reclassify a team into the National, American or Regional divisions if deemed appropriate.
    Seeding will be based on the coefficient of the top five finishes for all American and Regional teams and the top six finishes for all National teams.
    The number of tournaments played is the only criteria.
    The formula used for seeding divisions of the OVR Girls' Championships that includes teams that received bids to the USA Volleyball Girls' Junior National Championships is as follows:
    Open Bid Recipient (Region Rank)
    National Bid Recipient (Region Rank)
    USA Bid Recipient (Region Rank)
    American Bid Recipient (Region Rank)
    Region Rank
    When two or more teams from the same club are seeded into the same pool, the lowest seeded team(s) from that club will be moved to another pool if possible.
    Regional or 10 and Under pools may be altered to include no more than 50% of the teams from the same geographic area.

  6. All entries must include the correct 11-digit team code. (This is provided automatically through the online entry.)

  7. The Championship Committee reserves the right to check the age of any player.

  8. Individuals are not eligible to compete in more than one age and/or level category unless a Waiver has been approved.

  9. All divisions begin play at 8:00 AM. NEW THIS SEASON!

  10. All teams must have current registration and uniform numbers.

  11. Vendors: Any individual or business wishing to make available any goods and/or services at or in connection with events hosted by the Ohio Valley Region, Inc. must contract those arrangements in advance with Ron Wyzynski, OVR CEO/Executive Director (wyzynski@ovr.org, or his designees. This policy, necessary to protect the interests and contracts of the Ohio Valley Region, applies to all events hosted by the Ohio Valley Region, Inc., including but not limited to the Ohio Valley Region, Inc.& Mizuno Girls' Volleyball Championships, the OVR Girls Junior Championships, the OVR Boys Junior Championships, the Ohio Valley Region, Inc.–Mizuno® Bid National Qualifier, and the OVR Challenge tournament series.

Greater Columbus Convention Center, Spooky Nook, and Cedar Point Sports Center Rules

The Columbus Convention Center, Spooky Nook, and the Cedar Point Sports Center sites that the OVR, Inc., is renting is not a gymnasium. It's a public facility and our space includes only the areas for which we are authorized. The Region wants this to be a positive and enjoyable volleyball event, and we want to return in the future. The individuals and teams participating at these venues must adhere to these rules.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in expulsion from the tournament.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Ronald J. Wyzynski
Chief Operating Officer
Brian Hoffman
Commissioner / President

Please make copies and distribute to every player and coach.