The numbers in brackets indicate the number of teams entered into the Ohio
Valley Region-Sports Imports Girls' Volleyball Championships vs. the number of
teams registered.
     All   [000/039]     
  10U  [00/001]  
11 National  [00/00]  11 Regional  [00/004]
12 National  [00/00]12 American  [00/00]12 Regional  [00/005]
13 National  [00/00]13 American  [00/001]13 Regional  [00/003]
14 National  [00/00]14 American  [00/001]14 Regional  [00/005]
15 National  [00/00]15 American  [00/004]15 Regional  [00/002]
16 National  [00/00]16 American  [00/003]16 Regional  [00/002]
17 National  [00/00]17 American  [00/001]17 Regional  [00/002]
18 National  [00/001]  18 Regional  [00/001]

Seeding: Seeding for the Ohio Valley Region-Sports Imports Girls' Volleyball Championships will be based on all tournament results reported and verified through the Tuesday preceeding each tournament. The region reserves the right to move a team up or down a division. Seeding will be based on the coefficient of the top 5 finishes for all Regional and American teams and the top 6 finishes for all National teams. Teams will not be placed in the Gold division of a Regional division of the OVR Championships with fewer than 3 results. Head-to-head competition will be the first criteria for breaking ties, with the number of tournaments played the second criteria. [from the OVR Juniors' Seeding System]


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