A. Bill Zehler

... introduced himself and gave a brief overview of the history of the Junior Board and introduced attending board members. Meeting came to order at 12:00 noon.

B. Ron Wyzynski

... gave a brief re-cap of the Region's history from its initial; Incorporation (1200 members) to the present (10,000 + members)

  1. Only Region to host both Adult and Junior Championships in a convention center.

  2. No fee increase even though USAV has raised $1.00 a year for several years.

  3. Acquisition of Corporate sponsorships. a. Kaepa Sports wear. b. Molten Volleyballs

  1. Molten sponsors both adult and junior championships nationally

  2. Molten also sponsors 6 of the Junior National Qualifiers.

  3. Desire is to have uniform ball use at all events (best effort basis)

  4. Regional Junior Championships will be played on 32 courts this year. a. ENTRIES BEING ACCEPTED NOW!

  5. Website improvement suggestions can be sent online through the feedback button.

C. Bob Price

  1. Bob will handle the people oriented business for the region a. ie. Club Directors, coaches, players etc.

  2. Policies will be followed with the 8,000 junior players in mind.

  3. If policies are not followed at an event, please notify Bob immediately not weeks later. This includes injury notification (insurance issues might be involved)

D. Tom Kohl

  1. We need more tournament dates on the calendar.

  2. Courts being used by month: Jan. 4, Feb. 156, Mar. 635, Apr. 575, May 149, Jun. 14

  3. Bill Zehler made a suggestion that checks be received within two weeks of entry and that they not be cashed until two weeks before the event to insure that funds have been deposited in the team account.

E. John Buck

  1. Cost of the OVR Region Bid Tournaments will be $275.00. These funds cover actual tournament expenses, and some to defray costs of teams competing at JNC's

  2. John has tried to allow entry into the OVR Bid's to all clubs that are interested.

  3. To be seeded in the upper 1/3 of the tournament teams must have results from three tournaments filed with Art Faura.

  4. Even though the deadline for At Large Bids to Nationals is April 25,2001 DO NOT wait until then, complete the form and enter earlier than the deadline.

  5. 16 teams or less will be a one day event. 16 teams or more will be a two day event with the possibility of teams being eliminated on the first day or early on day two.

  6. John wants the region to consider the initiation of a Power League concept.

F. Al Herbert

(Bill Zehler spoke in Al's absence)

  1. Contact Al for help in securing referees to conduct clinics for junior players.

  2. Players must get officials to rate them at junior events to acquire certification as a junior official or scorer.

  3. Certification needs to be finalized by APRIL 1ST to referee and score matches.

  4. A database will be kept for all certified junior officials.

G. Art Faura

(Bill Zehler spoke in Al's absence)

  1. Send you team ID Code to Art ASAP. NO TEAM CODE...NO SEEDING POINTS.

  2. Art needs team codes for all opponents (especially out of region) wins or losses.

  3. Most points that a team can receive without winning a match is now 6.

  4. Problem was raised that some tournaments are posted as OPEN and then many of the participating team are club teams. One suggestion was to pro-rate the points awarded. Eample: 16-12 teams 100%, 12-8 teams 75%, 8 or less 50%.

  5. Also suggested that confiscation of the tournament sanction deposit be a penalty for misrepresenting a tournament.

H. Jeff Belmonte: High Performance Program

  1. Jeff proposed that there be a funded position created in the High Performance sector and that this position be targeted and coaches and players.

    1. Goals would be possible Corporate funding.

    2. Philosophy driven by what is best for the HP athlete.

    3. Procedure would be Tryouts (possibly at OVR bid tournaments), Training, High Level Competition.

    4. Create a format and schedule that allows for participation in this program in cooperation with OVR clubs.

I. Bill Zehler: Education

  1. Bill is proposing that the Impact and CAP programs be offered two years in a row in each geographical are of the state..ie. SW-NW-NE..etc.

  2. Cost of the CAP program is heavily underwritten by the OVR. Over 2/3 of the fees go back to the national office.

  3. ASEP Program goal was to have all Club Directors certified by 2002.

  4. Ron Sours suggested a mailing be sent restating this requirement.

  5. Bill will recommend a $500.00 fine for all Club Directors not certified by 2002.

J. Emi Vishoot: Boys Volleyball

  1. The Ohio High School Volleyball Coaches Association has divested itself of any association with boys volleyball.

  2. The OVR has offered to fund an information video to be distributed to promote boys volleyball to High School athletic directors.

K. Ron Sours: Age Group Waivers

  1. If you think that you have a case for an age group waiver e-mail or fax Ron.

  2. These waivers are only applicable to OVR events not USAV.

  3. If a waiver is obtained carry the supporting documentation at all times.

L. Bill Zehler: OVR Junior Program Director

  1. 2001 Junior Championshi ps2/5/01 12,13,15C5/6/01 10's(if warranted)
    5/11-12/01 170,17C,180,18C; 5/12 16C; 5/13 140,150,160

  2. Goal is to take all team who want to enter.

  3. NO REFUNDS FOR ACCEPTED TEAMS. Teams not accepted ..Full Refund

  4. Late entries will be admitted on a need basis.

  5. Seeding into the playoffs is now a possibility for both weekends

  6. Eight (8) teams for each playoff bracket.

  7. It is possible that this may become a two day event for all teams in the future.

  8. 2001 you can write one check for all teams entered.

  9. Looking to create an awards area and bigger results posting area for 2001.


M. Bill Zehler: Tryout Insurance

  1. If you are not registered with the USAV yet (as individuals) you will be covered.

  2. This covers mostly individuals that do not make teams.

  3. For tryouts next year clubs will have to supply proof of insurance.

  4. Tryout fees are limited to $10.00 with exceptions given to those who document additional expenses beyond the $10.00 level.

  5. Insurance does not include participation in clinics associated with tryouts.

N. Tryouts and Selected Team Process

There was a very long and passionate discussion involving the process of try outs and Select Teams. Many views were presented on both sides of the issue. One general theme shared by the OVR board members present was that the OVR will abide by the rules of the USAV, OVR, and the appropriate High School Associations with the best interests and latitude of the athlete in mind. The following is a number of proposals that will be presented to the OVR Board of Directors.

  1. Tryouts for the 14 and unders will not be before the last weekend in October.

  2. Older age groups can commence the 1St Sunday after the HS State Finals.

  3. Information distribution will not be allowed before August 15.

    1. Newspaper adds anytime.

    2. Flyers to HS coach at anytime.

    3. No phone calls, e-mails, or Iiitiated direct contact from Aug. 6th until the end of the high school season by Club Directors or coaches. However, parents may initiate contacts with clubs for the purpose of gathering information and selecting suitable situations for their children.

    4. Each player has 10 days in which to accept a clubs offer to participate. Fees can only be accepted on a voluntarv basis and are not required until the end of the 10 day period.

Violations of Junior policies will be handed within the following guidelines:

  1. Initial violations will be handled In-House by Bob Price and the appropriate staff.

  2. Consequences could include eligibility restrictions, fines or more.

  3. Use of a Mediatorto resolve issues not resolved by an In-House procedure.

  4. Issues not resolved by mediation will go to a OVR panel for resolution.

Meeting concluded at 7:00 pm.

Submitted by: Rich Zeciski