Present: Lee Beaumont, OVR
Bill Zehler, OVR
Dana Johnson, Glass City
Ron Sours, Sen San
John Buck, TVC
Art Faura, Borderline
Glynda Rice, Buckeye VC
Tom Kohl, Western Ohio VC
Jeff Johnson, Glass City
Gretchen Niebling, Lineshot VBC
Vince Speciale, Columbus Jrs.
Tim Caldwell, Dublin Youth VBC
Angela Koncz, Q-Sport VBC
Gaye Carafa, Worthington VBC
Bob Price, OVR
Ron Wyzynski, OVR
  1. OVR is the 2nd largest region in the country.
  2. Tournament entries shall be accepted in order of receipt with the appropriate fees. Teams withdrawing from an event prior to the entry deadline (two weeks before an event) will receive a refund ONLY if a replacement is found. Any expense incurred in finding a replacement team will be deducted from the refund. Teams withdrawing after the entry deadline are not entitled to a refund.
  3. All age waiver request must be sent to Ron Sours, 419-937-2302 or the Region Office, 888-873-9478.
  4. IMPACT Clinic dates:
    1. January 16th, University of Dayton
    2. January 31, St. Ursula HS.- Toledo
    3. February 20th, Wittenburg University
    4. February 26th, Westerville South HS
    * For IMPACT Information contact Tom Kohl
  5. CAP I coaching program is going to be offered on January 9-10 1999 at Worthington Kilbourne HS. For more information contact Glynda Rice
  6. Only open teams can play in the bid tournaments.
  7. Art Faura was named Junior Result Coordinator.
  8. Anyone interested in working on the seeding committee please contact Art Faura.
  9. Steve DiBacco, Junior Officials Development Coordinator, is establishing points of contact for club directors to set up officiating and scorekeeping clinics for their clubs. They are Tom Fallon in PA, northern WV, Randy Cummings in NE Ohio, Brian Hemelgarn in NW Ohio, Steve DiBacco in SW Ohio and TBA in Columbus, SE Ohio and Huntington and Charleston WV areas. Over 1,600 players, coaches and parents attended clinics as scorekeepers and second referees last season.
  10. All coaches must be IMPACT or CAP I certified to coach in the OVR. Coaches attending the National Junior Championships MUST be IMPACT certified.
  11. Recruitment and contact of players for the 2000 USAV Season.
    1. No tryouts are allowed until the second weekend of November. (The regulations for PA and WV may be different than OH)
    2. No personal contact is allowed by coaches or club directors to players that have not previously played in the said directors/coaches club until that individual player's high school season is over. Information concerning club tryouts may be distributed to high school coaches at any time before the end of the HS season. Personal contact includes: phone, e-mail, letters, fax, personal communication.
  12. All tournaments will be four team pools regardless of number of courts. All teams will make a playoff division(eg-gold,silver) and no more than eight teams will be allowed in any one playoff division. There will be no more than 4 courts of any division at a tournament on a given day. Tournament directors offering more than 4 courts in a "club" division must split the tournament into a Gold and Silver flight. (i.e. 16 Club Gold consisting of 3 courts and 16 Club silver consisting of 2 courts.)
  13. If you are interested in helping with the juniors handbook committee please contact Elaine Viney, or Bunny Brooks.
  14. Bid Tournaments will cost $275 for a two day event. A one day event will be $165. The deposit to enter the tournament will depend on what the entry fee is for the national tournament.
  15. The toss and drop rule is still allowed for ages 14 and under.
  16. The tournament deposit fee will stay at $100. Results must be turned back in and have them done correctly in order for the deposit to be returned.
  17. The next JAB meeting will be on January 16th, 1:00 P.M. at Kent State University in the annex room 292.
  18. Howard Garcia will be assisting with the planning and running of the bid tournaments.

[Obsolete contact information has been removed —Ed.]


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