10:15: Bill Zehler handed out meeting agenda, topics for discussion and a Kaepa product brochure. Copies will be posted online as soon as possible.

Everyone introduced themselves. Attendance is listed at the end of this document.

Bob Price (Commissioner): This meeting is important to the region and Board of Directors (BoD). We want to create the best playing experience for the kids and club directors. We are open to ideas, questions and suggestions.

USAV is not increasing membership fees for the 2009-2010 season. But expect it next season. If an additional $10 is required, this would cost the OVR: 17,000 Members x $10 = $170,000!

Loren Paulozzi (OVR Boys' Program Director): The OVR wants to grow boys' volleyball in the region.

ASEP class for club director certification will be first weekend in December. New club directors must attend a class or online course. All club directors must be ASEP certified.

High Performance Teams: Michelle Hills is now the director. The OVR sponsored three teams. One boys and two different girls age teams. They had tryouts to pick players. They practiced at the University of Toledo and then participated in Ft. Lauderdale.

USAV is coming out with a new code of ethics requirement. This may include a requirement to be 21 years old to be head coach. Regions may be able to make an exception to this rule. BOD will discuss this. One club in favor of 21 age min. But USAV may enforce the 21 age minimum at national events like Qualifiers. More information will follow as it becomes known.

Junior Advisory Board

There used to be a board but attendance diminished. What would the club directors like to be the function of a JAB?

Some member of the JAB should be a paid officer position on the BOD.

Include a junior player representative.

JAB should coordinate this Club Directors' Meeting but the BOD would be invited to attend also.

Could an online discussion or voting system be implemented for topics? There was a recommendation that a discussion list may need to be moderated.

Could there be district level meetings instead of just one in Columbus?

Last year it was discussed to make this meeting mandatory. Why wasn't that idea enacted? Many clubs are small and so it doesn't make sense to require attendance.

Are officials required to attend their meeting? Yes but they have district level meetings.

Majority would like to see JAB formed. A recommendation will be made submitted to the BOD at next weekend's meeting.

Bob Price: The start of the USAV season has changed to Sept. 1st instead of Nov. 1st. Steve Donahue: can players register as of Sept. 1st? Not sure. We are using our own registration system instead of USAV's Webpoint system. Clubs in the OVR cannot register a girl player until after tryouts.

Submitted Topics for Discussion

  1. Multiple day events should be sanctioned and published before single day events due to travel and hotel requirements.

    Why aren't all tournaments sanctioned and posted before the season?

    TDs need to get their request for sanction into to Tom Kohl earlier.

    Tom Kohl may not be able to sanction some regional events until after tryouts because he doesn't know how many teams are in any area.

    Some clubs don't get approval to use a facility for a tournament until December. These clubs also find it difficult to get officials.

    One club tries to limit travel to 1.5 hours from home so the parents do not need to pay for hotels.

    Tom Kohl mentioned that if teams pull out of tournaments, they may lose their entry fee.

    Suggestion, bigger tournaments should be sanctioned first because they are a larger financial concern for the host.

    Just a reminder, there are more single day events than multiple.

  2. Admission charge?

    If so, make it visible on tournament web page.

    Please don't nickel and dime the parents. Don't charge admission.

    Dedicated facilities cost more to run that renting a high school. They need additional income to survive. As more facilities are being built. The problem will increase.

    Allow sites the option to charge admission. Then the teams can decide where they want to go.

    Possible $3 max for admission?

    Straw vote: Almost unanimous against charging admission

  3. Go back to old division naming system of Open and Club?

    Everyone is OK with National, American and Regional naming.

  4. Restrict OVR Regional Challenge events to OVR teams only.

    The OVR should protect the RC tournaments to only OVR teams. Since tournament directors may not know the strength of an out of region team.

    Could non-OVR teams be left out of the results? Only OVR teams would get seeding points as if the non-OVR team hadn't participated.

    Straw vote: Majority agree to remain the same and allow out of region teams in RC tournaments.

  5. No Invitation Only teams be allowed to offer spots until after tryout are held.

    How could we enforce such a rule?

    Invited players do not need to respond until 10 days after the defined start of tryouts.

  6. If a site does not have a concession stand, then teams should be allowed to take coolers in.

    Recommend that facilities without concession find a local organization to run a concession stand.

    No cooler rule is because of alcohol found in coolers.

  7. No electronic devices to be used by support crews.

    Officials should manage this but the club directors/coaches should control this also.

    Insulin pumps are allowed.

    Should the OVR define a rule that any player caught with an electronic device is not allowed to play in their team’s next match?

    Majority prefer team penalty.

    If it were their last match, the team may be fined.

  8. No high school level player should play Junior Championships on Saturday because of school function conflicts.

    The OVR tries its best but there is a limit to the number of courts available on Sundays.

  9. Should entry into two day tournaments be restricted to only their aged teams until Dec. 1?

    Example: Some 18 Regional teams were closed out of an 18 Regional Challenge because some 17 Regional teams entered.

    Majority: No.

  10. Should there be a play-in tournament for American/Regional teams interested in participating in the OVR Bid Tournament?

    The top two teams would be invited to the OVR Bid tournament.

    Majority in favor.

    A proposal will be made to the OVR BoD at next weekend's meeting.

  11. The Dayton Juniors' Presidents' Cup Tournament on February 13-14 will be played in Dayton for National teams and Columbus for Regional teams.

  12. What can the OVR do to help improve your coaching staffs?

    DVDs? Books of practice drills, etc?

    Could the OVR recruit OVR, high school and college coaches to offer coaching clinics to clubs for a fee?

  13. Coaching Education:

    As noted earlier, USAV is creating a new code of ethics form to be signed by all individuals with juniors involvement. Also, USAV may require a 21 year minimum for National Events. All coaches' names must be their legal name. No nicknames. IMPACT certification can be via class or webinar. Webinar requires a 100 question test be completed. Classroom does not include the test.

  14. Should 16 team tournaments brackets be 4-4-4-4 instead of 8-4-4 for younger age divisions?

    This will be discussed at OVR BoD meeting.

  15. For the 2009-2010 season, the OVR will use our own registration system again.

    This means any team travelling outside the OVR to play in a tournament that utilizes the Advanced Events System (AES) must get a special AES ID and password through Al Herbert and USAV.

  16. What can the OVR do to improve the Junior officials certification process.

    The OVR needs to increase the list of clinicians.

    There is a $75 stipend to pay a clinician.

    You can contact hesse@ovr.org to request a clinician.

    It would be good to require a clinic and players get certified at the end of the clinic.

  17. New rules for 2009-2010 season

    Net violations are only those touches on the tape (top of the net). If a player touches any other part of the net and it does not interfere with the play, it is not a net violation.

    Also, the center line violation changes slightly. The foot still has to be above or on the center line but other body parts may touch across the center line as long as it does not interfere with the opponents.

    Be sure to review these changes when you get your rulebook.

  18. Make sure your team uniforms a legal when you order them. Numbers must be centered. The Libero uniform must be DISTINCT from the other team uniforms.


1.Phil AndersDayton Juniors
2.Don BurroughsOVR Coaching Education
3.John Paul CaseSports Express
4.Jaclyn ClineElite VBTC
5.Ron ColemanTrailblazers
6.Tina CollinsKMVJA
7.Adrienne DelphVolley Masters
8.John DempseyColumbus United VBC
9.Steve DonahueOVR BoD
10.Adam EvansOVR BoD & AVC – The Academy
11.Ernie GilbertDayton Juniors
12.Stephanie HarmsPremier
13.Alan HerbertOVR BoD
14.Brian HighfieldAVC – The Academy
15.Cheryl JonesLatitude 41
16.Tom KohlJuniors' Tournament Director
17.Joe KolodkaMCVBC
18.Denise KruppLatitude 41
19.Stephanie KubecGaREAT Vball Acad
20.Kathy LightfootClub Extreme
21.Rameir MartinClub Extreme
22.Terry MillerOVR BoD & Scorekeepers' Chair
23.Scott MonroeOiler Attack
24.Gretchen NieblingLineshot VBC
25.Erin PauleyLineshot VBC
26.Loren PaulozziSWVC VBC & OVR Boys' Program Director
27.Josh PickardPremier
28.Dan PollyTeam Xtreme
29.Bob PriceOVR BoD & Commissioner
30.Dave ReinhartBlackswamp
31.Patty SalvatoreOVR BoD
32.Lisa SchaadSports Express
33.Jodi SchrammPremier
34.Brian ScipioneAVC – The Academy
35.Kevin SedenskyWestern Buckeye
36.Sally SimpsonClub Pura Vida
37.Laurie ThewesElite Sports Ohio
38.Matt TringheseGaREAT Vball Acad
39.Daryl WardKaepa Buckeye
40.Katie WesselingNKYVC
41.David WilliamsWooster Elite
42.Sara WillisGreater Miami VBC
43.Don WoodDayton Juniors
44.Deb WordellAVC – The Academy
45.Jayne YatesKaepa Buckeye
46.Steve YatesKaepa Buckeye
47.Janet Yeager-SwainTap-Out VBC
48.Rich ZeciskiTeam Z
49.John ZellBean City


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