Bill Zehler started meeting at 10:06 am.


Steve AlexanderCinn. Attack
Phil AndersDayton Jrs
Don BurroughsOVR Officer
Dave ChapmanCVA
Jaclyn (Cline/Schardt)Elite VB Training Center
Wick ColchagoffOAC
Doug CoplinNorthwest Ohio VBC
Meisa M. CoplinNorthwest Ohio VBC
Kelly CouglinCVC
Adam EvansRenaissance Cleveland
Fred FischerCCYA VBC
Glenn FreedBeaver Valley Premier
Stephanie HarmsPremier
Al HerbertBoD
Michelle HillsTVC & BoD
Dave HoltsberryCentral Ohio VBC
Steve KingClub Hawk
Tom KohlOVR Officer
Joe KolodkaMCVBC
Terry MillerBoD
Scott MonroeOAC
Gretchen NieblingKaepa Buckeye VBC
Loren PaulozziOVR Officer
Bob PriceBoD
Lori SandersPickerington Area VBC
Jodi SchrammPremier
Kevin SedenskyWestern Buckeye
Lori SmithDayton Jrs
Hank TrimbleBoD
Daryl WardKaepa Buckeye VBC
Larry WorthVanguard VBC
Rich ZeciskiTeam Z
Bill ZehlerBorderline & BoD
John ZellBean City

Each attendee introduced themselves.

Bob Price identified the intent of the meeting for the club directors to voice their opinions.

Loren Paulozzi added that there will be separate boys' meetings at 11:30.

Don Burroughs: ASEP will be offered Dec. 6th. It will also be available online. ASEP certification is required for all club directors in the OVR.

We may be able to offer a library of coaching materials via our web page. Don Burroughs is working with USA Volleyball on this.

Don Burroughs: coaching education. IMPACT is a minimum certification requirement for coaching a juniors team in USA volleyball. CAP is higher than IMPACT and fills this requirement. CAP certification does expire but would continue to cover the IMPACT requirement. Just attending the CAP clinic does not cover the requirement. Coaches must complete the CAP certification process. All adults on bench must be IMPACT certified. No delay! All teams must have an IMPACT certified coach at ALL tournaments.

Don Burroughs will work on a coaches' handbook.

IMPACT clinics will begin sometime in the fall and run through the entire season up to about April 2009. Do not expect an IMPACT clinic at any qualifier anymore. To host a clinic, contact Don Burroughs.

There is also an online IMPACT clinic. About 100 OVR coaches used this option last year.

Do out of region teams need to follow this? Don Burroughs: "Yes". Tom Kohl will add IMPACT certification to the out of region team tournament registration form.

Could the late registration fee for clinics be reduced due to late hires of coaches? Don Burroughs prefers the $20 fee instead of less because this encourages more people register in advance. He had one clinic where 33 people just showed up as walk-in. He did not have enough materials for that additional quantity. He uses some of this fee to cover mailing the manuals to walk-in attendees.

Wick Colchagoff (IMPACT Clinician): Registration takes longer because of walk-in. So leave fee in place.

Comment: limit to number of spots available at the clinics.

Don Burroughs needs each coach's e-mail address in order to mail their certification certificate. If any coach changes their name for any reason, they need to contact Don to get their coaching certification updated.

653 OVR coaches were IMPACT certified last season in 24 clinics.

CAP clinics may become single day instead of two day. On-court materials will be at the site. Other materials may be webinar. There may be separate boys CAP certification.

High Performance Program (teams) is funded by coaching clinic fees. This is a training program to help get excellent girls into the pipeline for possible USA Volleyball invites.

HP program lost money due to 300% increase in flight costs. Also cost of training camp location increased by 300%. Player fee may or may not increase. We charged $500 per player. Other regions charged as much as $3,000. Some costs may be capped for OVR support. Players may need to cover any additional costs.

Tryouts for HP. Why didn't the regional/local tryouts work? All but one initial tryout were cancelled due to lack of sign-ups. Fewer than half as many players signed up vs last year.

Bob Price: How important is the HP to club directors? Three club directors said "none at all". Goal was to identify top players in OVR. But those top players are not trying out any more. Wick Colchagoff does think the program is fantastic for those that are picked. The program may need to be advertised better to get the better players to tryout. Half of the club directors in attendance have had players picked in the past. Players loved the program. They really wanted to tryout.

Don Burroughs: Some club directors told him they would not pass out the info. Some high school coaches did not want their players to tryout. HP will not work if club directors do not encourage their players. Can OVR get the HP tournament locally? Don Burroughs : we have offered bids to host but haven't been accepted. High Performance coaches need to be identified sooner. Need to get higher profile coaches earlier. Don Burroughs: USA will probably require HP coaches to be CAP certified. This will reduce number of acceptable coaches.

Comment: Advise players that if they do not want to relax during the summer, they can tryout for HP. It kills their summer.

Items and concerns submitted to Bill Zehler for discussion

Seeding points should not be allocated for results from Junior Championships. Tom Kohl stressed that there aren't any team standings in the OVR. Web page is for helping to seed tournaments only. Should only tournament directors be able to see seeding point system? Several club directors thought this was a good idea. Also, should only Gold bracket at Junior Championships get results given points? Most club directors, no. Suggestion: Points system should say Seeding system not Ranking system. New web page should show finishes for all teams in the junior championships only. Suggestion: JR Championships is its own type of tournament. Show how each team finished within their division. Medals are more important than where they finished.

Weather cancellation policy: Tom Kohl suggested verbiage in Tournament Packet. If tournament is in a No Travel county, tournament is cancelled. Teams coming from a No Travel county, they get their entry fee refunded. Suggestion: also if the team had to travel through a No Travel county. Tournaments should be able to continue if their county was not in a No Travel county. Refunds should be up to the TD not the OVR. Other teams travelled night before and then had tournament cancelled. OVR should provide some options for cancellation policies. Each tournament should post their specific policy on their web page.

Concessions: lack of good choices or quality. Suggestion: at tournaments that do not offer a concession, teams should be able to bring in coolers. Bob Price: some players still brought alcohol in with their gym bags. Our attorneys have recommended our current policy.

Recruiting: Michelle Hills distributed tentative policy statement as a starting point for discussion. See additional attachment. Email suggestions to: before Thursday (8/7/08). This will be discussed at BoD meetings this weekend. One suggestion is the OVR should only concern itself with recruiting that could affect the players High School or NCAA eligibility.

Online voting: Bob Price will check with the attorney to see if we can do this.

Official's compensation for 3/5: Brian Hemelgarn has a proposal for the BoD next weekend.

Faster distribution of BoD info: All details from meetings need to be published more quickly.

12 Team tournament format: Mixed opinions on 8-4 (Gold/Silver Brackets) vs 4-4-4 (Gold/Silver/Bronze) formats. Comment -most of his three court tournaments played to 7:30 or later. Straw poll: 4-4-4 format = 11. 8-4 format = 8. Indifferent = 3.

Officials & scorekeeping issues: of mouth heard that Brian Hemelgarn feels clubs should be required to attend a JODD organized clinic. Comment: Tournament director feels officials do not pay enough attention to scoresheets. Sometimes sheets are signed but the wrong team has won the match. Question about responsibilities for Head Referee. Feel they should be earlier and paid an additional match pay. Recommends a job description be prepared. Head Official should be protest official. Word of mouth thought that the BoD might be asked to increase the officials pay rate. Opposed to idea = 20.

Website functions: Suggestion: mass registration option does not seem to be available quickly enough. Suggestion: could a club's previous year's data be used as a beginning point for the following year? Don Burroughs: make sure you enter your coaches names identically with their coaching certification. Be careful with nicknames.

Club Directors' Letter: a club director feels the Board of Directors did not communicate enough about the uniform change with the centering of number in the front. Attending club directors feels the BoD is doing a good job with communicating issues. Suggestion: can changes for each year be highlighted? Suggestion: recommended an End User Agreement for club directors to mark noting they are aware of any changes for that year.

National teams playing in Regional Division at Junior Championships: To make the tournament fit into the number of courts available at the GCCC, two 18 Nat. were moved to Regional Division to maximize the courts available. So instead of 16 teams to Gold/Silver, we accepted 32 teams to Gold/Silver/Bronze/Copper. One finished 3rd in Gold and one in the Bronze. 18s will play on the second weekend in May next year.

Add third level: allow teams to play up one level. National level teams do not want Regional teams to play in their division. It would be tough to identify in which division you should play when you register at the beginning of the season. Suggestion: could we try a limited number of Select/Local level division tournaments next year? Straw vote: Add a third division 10 yes 4 no.

Medal Round Seeding for Regular Tournaments: Rank all teams on pool records into brackets instead of predetermining where each team advances based on their pool placement (ie.e. 1st Pool A, 2nd Pool A, etc.). Comment: teams doesn't want to play same team again early in bracket. Straw vote: Keep current system yes all, no 0. For the first round of pools should tournament directors separate teams from same club in initial pools if possible: 14 yes, 3 no.

First date for tryouts other than Ohio: players coming from other states must comply with that state's HS rules.

OVR should require attendance to a club directors meeting each year? This August meeting is intended for club directors to voice their opinions, comments, suggestions for the BoD to review at their August meetings. Maybe there should be a club directors' meeting in December that is mandatory.

Bid seeding: If coach does not send in their vote, remove their vote. Straw vote 4 yes. 0 no.

Additional Bids: What does the OVR need to do to get more bids for the Girls JOVC National Tournament? There are two types of bids offered directly to the regions: National and American.

Each region with more than 200 registered players is allocated 1 National bid. Any National bid not used by a region is returned to USAV for re-allocation. These bids are then offered to the largest regions in descending order by size. In 2007, the OVR was the second largest region in the 18s: 14s age divisions and so was offered the second returned National bid in each age division. So at most we could get 2 National Bids.

Regions are allocated American bids depending upon their number of registered players. The OVR had 12646 registered players in the 18-14 age divisions. USAV defines ranges of registered players and allocates a specific number of American Bids to each region depending upon which range they fall into. The OVR fell into the 11,000-14,000 range and was allocated 4 American Bids. American bids not used by a region are also returned to USAV for reallocation. These bids are reallocated to regions that are closest to their next level. The OVR was 1,354 players from the next level (14,000). We were ranked 21st in the reallocation process. Great Plains had 4,694 players and was initially allocated 2 American bids. But their next level was at 4,700 players. Since they were within 7 players of that next level, they were #1 for the reallocation of American bids.

The National and American bid allocation and reallocation process can be viewed at

Meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm.


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