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Present:  Ron Wyzynski, Bob Price, Terry Miller, Emi Vishoot, Al Herbert, Patty Salvatore, Hank Trimble, Art Faura, Adam Evans, Steve Donahue, Keith Burke, Bill Zehler, Tom Kohl, Don Burroughs, Gary Hesse, Brian Valore, Matt Taylor, Brian Hemelgarn (9:45 arrival), Nick Nystrom (10:00 arrival)
Not present: Michelle Hills
Guests: Sandra Borer, Howard Garcia, Keith Ferguson

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Administration & Governance

CEO's Report

  • Ron Wyzynski reported that the OVR is financially sound.
  • Last year was a record registration again.
  • Ron is evaluating selling our used courts and replacing them with new courts.

Juniors' Volleyball

  • Bill Zehler moved that the Libero be allowed to serve in one position for non-qualifying events (following NCAA Women's guidelines). Passed (11-1-0).
  • Howard Garcia noted that Dayton Juniors gives appreciation and thanks to the OVR for their help with the Presidents' Cup Tournament. Profit has gone back to the kids. 163 college coaches attended the event last year. Dayton Juniors would like to allow Non-USAV teams to participate and presented three proposals: remain USAV/OVR only; allow joint USAV/OVR and Others; and Columbus site remains USAV/OVR and Dayton is non-USAV/OVR sanction.
    • Bob Price observed that USAV offers allowing teams to sign up for a single event for $15 per person (players, and coaches). Coaches would need to be background screened.
    • The OVR cannot allow non-members to play in an OVR-sanctioned event. Dayton Juniors will have to decide what is best for them.
  • Bill Zehler noted that the OVR has 12 new clubs registered so far.
  • Bill Zehler has not seen a decrease in sanctioned tryouts. Since tryouts begin next weekend, he will be sending out a tryout policy clarification memo. He has heard about a couple of possible violations and so will try to clarify items before a violation occurs.
  • Don Burroughs clarified that an assistant coach, who turns 18 during a season, must get a background screening immediately before they can coach again.
  • Don Burroughs noted that anyone interested becoming an IMPACT instructor needs to contact Don or Bob. He is trying to offer a CAP clinic in January at Mount St. Joseph. He would like to have a valid email account for all coaches.
  • Al Herbert observed that the OVR is losing one American Bid in 18s through 13s.
  • Art Faura noted that last year 15 boys' teams participated at the Boys' Nationals. Nine existing girls' clubs are looking at offering boys' teams. Art is looking at running a boys' league in various cities for 12s and 13s for 2011.
  • Gary Hesse is developing a junior player scorekeeper and R2 PowerPoint presentation for training. He will send out a requirement of hosting a junior officiating training clinic by each club.

Adults' Volleyball

  • Brian Valore and Matt Taylor reported that have been spending a lot of time talking with adult players and tournament directors. They are trying to get adult teams back into the OVR that have dropped in the past. New policies will be posted on the OVR web page as they are developed.

Officiating & Rules

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