(board members listed in bold)

Present:  Ron Wyzynski, Bob Price, Steve Donahue, Al Herbert, Brian Hemelgarn, Terry Miller, Emi Vishoot, Bill Zehler, Art Faura, Hank Trimble, Michelle Fox, Adam Evans, Michelle Hills Tom Kohl, Gary Hesse, Don Burroughs
Not present: Keith Burke, Nick Nystrom, Patty Salvatore
Guests: Steve Hines, Gretchen Niebling

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Administration & Governance

CEO's Report

  • We have a promotional contract with Marathon Oil. Others are being negotiatied.

Juniors' Volleyball

  • Gretchen Niebling, Juniors' Advisory Board chair:
    • They met on 1-9-10, attended by 12. The committee was focusing on participation on the board as a representation of the region.
    • 1st area of discussion for them is to review tryouts and procedures along with 10 day tryout period, will report to BOD in June.
    • Schedule another meeting prior to June BOD meeting.
  • Whether to allow tournaments to charge admission was discussed.
  • Al Herbert discussed juniors' tournament opportunities. There is strong interest in American or Regional teams playing for a bid.
  • Michelle Hill addressed the board regarding High Performance. She suggested that to try to increase boys' participation, hold HP tryouts during Championships, select players for summer camp with top players going to the HP Championships, and pairing college coaches with club coaches.
  • Stephen Donahue mentioned the USAV awards program. Encourage club directors to identify and nominate stellar coaches.
  • Don Burroughs, OVR Director of Coaching Education
    • The CAP course was cancelled due to the projection that would lose $300-500.
    • IMPACT: attendance numbers are down compared to previous years. Webinar cost: $50 (early registration).
  • Bill Zehler: Clinic/training for homeless kids in Columbus.
  • Ohio High School Boys' Volleyball has asked for a presentation to OHHSA.
  • We need a means to contact coaches rather than through the club director.

Adults' Volleyball

  • Need to show where the registration dollar goes.
  • Review the registration process to make it easier.
  • Eliminate scoresheet, wave membership fee for junior players for 1st year.
  • Teams don't want to be told what division they are to play.
  • Other factors: travel choices, men's and women's competition on the same day, coaching juniors, Totally Adult Volleyball Kim Bajko, Elevation Volleyball.
  • For 2011, A and BB only.
  • Allow any out-of-region team to play in our Regional Championships at any lever for 2010 (motion withdrew).
  • Relax uniform rule for adults, in that the USAV jersey rules only will apply. Approved 12-0.
  • Give the adults' tournament hosts the option to allow team to officiate themselves all day in a tournament with a $90 entry fee. Approved 12-0.
  • Allow any out-of-region team to play in our adult Regional Championships at any level 2011 and no OVR team will be closed out. Approved 7-4-1.
  • Adam, Hank, Terry, and Bob are to meet and come up with a proposal for adults' tournaments.

Officiating & Rules

  • So far we have 45 new officials.
  • A poll is needed to assess interest in allowing the Libero to serve.