(board members listed in bold)

Present:  Ron Wyzynski, Bob Price, Terry Miller, Emi Vishoot, Loren Paulozzi (departed @ 3:30 pm), Don Burroughs, Hank Trimble, Keith Burke, Al Herbert, Michelle Hills (departed @ 2:00 pm), Patty Salvatore, Michelle Fox, Ken Leckler (departed @ 3:00 pm), Stephen Donahue (arrived @ 1:08 pm), Adam Evans
Not present: Art Faura, Bill Zehler, Brian Hemelgarn, Nick Nystrom, Tom Kohl, Gary Hesse
Guests: Gretchen Niebling (Lineshot VBC)

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Commissioner's Report – Bob Price, OVR Commissioner/President

CEO's Report – Ron Wyzynski, OVR CEO/Executive Director

  • Ron is sending boxes of the 2009 Domestic Competition Regulations to various board members as distributers, which helps to reduce postage expense.
  • Molten products: We charge members $14 shipping per box (our cost) of Molten volleyballs. Some boxes will be set aside for HP. Shirts and other items will be used for officials and coaches as appropriate.
  • The OVR currently owns 40 courts, which continue to be a solid investment.
  • The plan for Adult Regionals and Bids is to use 52 courts, which will include 12 from an external supplier.
  • Terry noted that equipment rented out but not returned on time will be invoiced for payment.

Juniors' Volleyball

Junior' Tournaments – Tom Kohl, OVR Juniors' Tournament Director (report)

Junior Officials' Development Program – Gary Hesse, Junior Officials' Development Director

High Performance Program – Don Burroughs, OVR Director of Coaching Education and High Performance

Recruiting Issues

OVR-Sanctioned Events – Al Herbert

Adults' Volleyball

Coed Adults' Volleyball Update – Adam Evans, Adults' Coed Program Director


Libero's jersey

Administration & Governance

OVR Awards Committee (Michelle H (chair), Don, Stephen)

OVR event housing

OVR Organizational Review Committee (ORC) (Adam, Gretchen)


Revision to OVR Bylaws (Article 5.08)

Volleyball Hall of Fame

Verification Update – Stephen Donahue, OVR Verification Officer

Other Administrative Issues

Future Board Meetings