(board members listed in boldface)


Bob Price, Ron Wyzynski, Keith Burke, Don Burroughs, Steve Donahue, Art Faura, Michelle Fox, Brian Hemelgarn, Al Herbert, Tom Kohl, Troy Dixon, Ken Leckler, Terry Miller, Nick Nystrom, Glenn Purdy, Patty Salvatore Barb Strome, Hank Trimble, Bill Zehler

Not present:

Jimmy McKinzey, Emi Vishoot


Linda Logan (Columbus Sports Authority), Fred Fischer (Odyssey Volleyball Club and CCYA Volleyball Club)

Changes to Operating Code

The following changes to the Operating Code were approved:

Article I. Governance


4. Policies

c.  A director may be removed fro non-attendance at BoD meetings for two consecutive absences without advanced notification/approval from the Commissioner President, whether or not a new term of office is being assumed.

B. Officers

4. Responsibilities

b. Other officers

1. Junior Officials' Development Director

2. Juniors' Program Director – Boys

3. Juniors' Program Director – Girls

C. Corporate Staff

4. Responsibilities

b. Deleted

Article III. 

C. Compensation

3. Per diem of $35.00

D. National Championships. The corporation actively encourages teams to represent the OVR at all nationally sanctioned tournaments.

E. Referees — Any member that has been accepted to advance their certification may apply for compensation. Application must be submitted to the appropriate officer before the published deadline. Successful completion will result in application fee reimbursement.

Changes to Bylaws

The following changes to the Bylaws were approved:

Article I. Mission

C. Compensation. Conduct Region Championships and other competitions with the OVR.

Board of Directors

The Ethics committee distributed and motioned approving a draft of changes to the "Protocol for dismissing BOD". The text, to be a continuation of 5.06.A, was changed to: [precise motion text forthcoming]. 13 / 0 / 0 / motion passed.

Ken Leckler requested that the process for filling a vacant director position be amended to reflect discussions of the Structure and Function committee in August. The Structure and Function committee will bring a proposal for changes to the January meeting.

Bob Price distributed a document, Your Responsibilities as a Director, prepared by the OVR's counsel.

Bob Price will develop a Conflict of Interest statement applicable to the OVR board of directors.

Juniors' Ethics

The Ethics committee distributed and motioned approving draft guidelines defining allowed and disallowed policies for advertising juniors' clubs and recruiting junior players. The motion was tabled. The Ethics committee will rewrite the guidelines, to be considered again at the January meeting.

Linda Logan (Columbus Sports Authority)

Ms. Logan expressed the goal to coordinate the overall experience for players visiting Columbus and to raise the profile of Columbus. She visits Colorado Springs every year to meet with national governing bodies, including a visit with Mike Chandler on her most recent visit. Ms. Logan cited dramatically increasing sports-related revenue for the Greater Columbus Convention Center, which at 16% in 2006 is up 71% from its value in 2003, and she discussed challenges and opportunities for hosting prestigious future events in Columbus.

OVR-Hosted Tournaments

The OhioNets Sports Complex, which will be used for many OVR-hosted events, has a new website: www.ohio-nets.com. The OhioNets logo will be used on award T-shirts for OVR tournaments hosted there.

The OVR has purchased a 24-court package of floors, nets, poles, and antennas, obtaining a significant savings over buying the floors alone. Renting courts will generate additional revenue. In addition, trading courts with other organizers will save money for our larger events. The courts will pay for themselves within 4 years. Ron prepared a contract for rental, which is available to interested parties on request.

National Championships

Minneapolis will host the 2007 USA Junior Olympic Girls' Volleyball Championships.

Bob Price circulated dates and deadlines for 2007 championship events.

Information Systems

Registration is proceeding rapidly. There have been a tremendous number of calls from parents seeking clubs, and there are at least 15 new clubs.

At USA Volleyball's October meeting in Colorado Springs, USA Volleyball announced that all regions must uses USAV's online registration system for the 2007 season. This would require a dramatic reduction in the services the Ohio Valley Region could provide to its members. Mr. Price and commissioners from other regions are investigating ways that regions' existing, useful systems might be retained.

Don Burroughs reported that all coaching certications, i.e. IMPACT and CAP, will be maintained in a national database. This will help with coaches who obtain certifications in other regions; however, access modes and implications for regions are not yet clearly defined.

Fred Fischer outlined a proposal through which the OVR might allow credit card payments for a flat fee of 2.2%. Nick Nystrom noted that the Region has considered credit card processing several times, but in each case rejected the possibility because the processing charges would require increasing members' fees. Mr. Fischer will bring a detailed proposal to the January board meeting.

Club Licensure

Clubs are not required to apply for license this season, but those that do apply for and obtain a license can advertise that fact and will be recognized as licensed on the OVR website. Thus far, only Western Ohio VBC and Westerville VBC have been licensed.

Coaching Education

USA Volleyball will require IMPACT. The ROD sets the timeline for when this is required.

Every year a large number of coaches are not IMPACT certified. Insurance requirements drive enforcement of IMPACT certification and background screening. Bob Price and Don Burroughs will develop appropriate sanctions to attain compliance. USAV is developing an online option for geographically vast regions, but that option is unlikely to be permitted for use by the Ohio Valley Region.

Interactions with Neighboring Regions

Bob Price reiterated that Steve Covert (Commissioner, Keystone Region) will allow any organization to register in the Ohio Valley Region, but that the OVR cannot sanction events located in the Keystone Region. Links to neighboring regions will be provided on the OVR tournament schedules.

Future Meetings

The next OVR Board Meeting will be held on Monday, January 15, at a Columbus site to be announced. OVR Board meetings are open to all OVR members, excepting Executive Sessions.


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