(board members listed in boldface)

Present:  Bob Price, Ron Wyzynski, Keith Burke, Don Burroughs, Art Faura, Brian Hemelgarn, Al Herbert, Tom Kohl, Troy Dixon, Ken Leckler, Jimmy McKinzey, Terry Miller, Nick Nystrom, Glenn Purdy, Barb Strome, Hank Trimble, Emi Vishoot, Bill Zehler
Not present: Steve Donahue, Michelle Fox, Patty Salvatore
Guests: Scott Ebright, Rob Ebright, Cory Feldman, Tom Trantow, Steve Alexander, Greg Ulland, Glynda Rice, Marcie ??

Election of New Directors and Officers

Bob Price welcomed Keith Burke and Ken Leckler, who were newly elected to the OVR Board of Directors in the April-May 2006.

Hank Trimble was elected to fill the board seat vacated by Kirby King.

Hank Trimble was elected as OVR Men's Tournament Director.

Terry Miller was elected as OVR Regional Scorekeeper's Chairperson.

Tom Kohl was elected as OVR Juniors' Tournament Director.


USA Volleyball 2004 Meritorious Service Awards were issued to Brian Hemelgarn, Don Burroughs, Al Herbert, Terry Miller, Emi Vishoot, and Tom Kohl

Boys' Volleyball

Doug Beal, CEO of USA Volleyball, visited the OVR in March to discuss boys' issues.

Scott Ebright discussed boys' volleyball in Ohio. Changes to Ohio HS coaches' policies: coaches can now coach 20 days during the 2-month summer period (up from 10 days), and club coaches can now coach 3 players from their HS teams. There are currently 65 boys' high school teams in Ohio; 150 teams are needed for it to become recognized by OHSAA.

Rob Ebright presented proposals for an Ohio High School Boys' Volleyball Grant Program and an Ohio High School Boys' Volleyball Grant Awards. Tom Trantow presented his rationale and 3 proposals for expanding boys' volleyball. The goal would be to add 20-25 new teams per year. See the Ohio High School Boys' Volleyball website for additional information.

Steve Alexander presented ideas on developing young boys' teams, drawing on his experience with Cincinnati Attack.

Cory Feldman requested use of courts at the convention center on May 4 for a large boys' tournament that may attract teams from a broad geographic area.

The board agreed to fund the Proposed Boys' Grant Program at a level of $250/school/team, maximum $5000/year, contingent on USA Volleyball's contribution.

The OVR boys' volleyball season was modified to extend from September 1 through August 31. Appropriate OVR/USAV memberships, which run from November 1 through October 31, are still required for all participants.

For OVR boys' volleyball, the waiting period for accepting offers was shortened to 3 days for tryouts held following the state championships to facilitate forming teams for Nationals.

The OVR Boy's Volleyball Championships will be held on March 3-4 (site TBA).

Possible participation of 12U or 14U boys' teams in girls' tournaments was discussed and tabled.

Juniors' Volleyball

Open and Club divisions will be labeled National and Regional, respectively, more accurately reflecting teams' aspirations.

Each club must have one director, who must be ASEP accredited. A new registration category will be added for assistant directors.

This year's ASEP course will be held on December 2 at Westerville South HS.

Bob Price will administer a new program to license clubs which meet the OVR's minimum guidelines for operation. The Club License Application is available on the OVR website. Licensed clubs will be indicated on the OVR website.

Applications for sanction of juniors' tournaments are to be accepted from the second Sunday in September through the second Sunday in November.

High Performance and Coaching Education

Over 100 participants attended the OVR-hosted CAP clinic, resulting in the only profitable clinic in the country.

Don Burroughs is now on the CAP cadre.

High Performance teams: despite college coaches leaving the program at a very late date, fill-in by Ron Lehman, BJ Trame, and Don resulted in a very positive experience.

The OVR Select Team finished 2nd in Gold division.

The OVR Youth Team finished 1st in Silver division (5th overall).

An IMPACT clinic will be held from 1-5pm on December 2 at Westerville South HS. Other IMPACT clinics will be announced later.

Junior Officials' Development Program

Barb Strome will put her presentations for junior officials and scorekeepers online for clubs' use. Experienced clubs can use the presentations directly; less experienced clubs can continue to use certified clinicians.

Adults' Volleyball

Hank Trimble proposed a 3-tier tournament system to broaden playing opportunities:
Tier 1: Open and A teams eligible
Tier 2: A and BB teams eligible
Tier 3: BB and B teams eligible

The OVR will continue to use professional officials at adults' tournaments for 2007.


All P1 and P2 officials will be folded into Provisional.

Only Regional and higher referees can work 16 Open, 17 Open, and 18 Open.

Brian Hemelgarn sat on the Rules Testing Commission for the 2006-2007 rulebook. There are no significant rule changes.

Brian Hemelgarn was on the rating team at the JOVC and is now in charge of the national training team.

There will be a $10 clinic fee for returning officials to cover facility costs.

Officials' clinics

Future OVR Board Meetings

10am, October 22, Westerville South HS