The OVR board of directors, officers, and staff convened at Westerville South HS from 9:00am-1:30pm October 23 to address outstanding issues for the 2005-2006 OVR volleyball season.

(board members listed in boldface)

Present:  Bob Price, Ron Wyzynski, Glenn Purdy, Steve Donahue, Art Faura, Bill Zehler, Tom Kohl, Barb Strome, Don Burroughs, Patty Salvatore, Al Herbert, Troy Dixon, Kirby King, Brian Hemelgarn, Terry Miller, Hank Trimble, Emi Vishoot, Michelle Fox
Not present: Keith Burke, Jimmy McKinzey, Nick Nystrom, Elaine Viney
Guests: Dana Johnson, Howard Garcia, Phil Anders, Steve Kaighin

Price opened meeting at 9:57am.

Donahue moved to accept minutes from previous meeting. Faura seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Wyzynski reported that he had used 11,700 membership numbers as of today. He also commented that when asked by members, he stresses to them that they must work through the existing system.

Price discussed the January event. Officials will be housed at the Airport Marriott. Staff will be at the Hampton. Entry fee for adult teams will be $100. There will be an Impact clinic on that Saturday night from 6-10pm. A Junior Officials' clinic will be presented on the Friday night before the event.

The guests expressed concerns that their tournaments are not filling because there are too many tournaments sanctioned. Steve provided a comparison between the past several years. They requested that the OVR encourage tournament directors to cancel nonfilled tournaments earlier so teams could help to fill other tournaments. They also requested that the OVR not allow any 5-team tournaments.

Other suggestions:

  1. Limit the number of tournaments a club could run next year.
  2. Clubs need to be responsible for tournaments and not facilities.
  3. Restrict each 11-digit code to only be allowed to enter one tournament per day. Some teams enter multiple tournaments and then drop from one later.
  4. Recommended that a committee be formed to help formulate policies for the next and future years.

Fox reported that adult players like having full-time refs for pool and playoffs. Also mentioned that there is a shortage of Women's A tournaments in NE Ohio.

Donahue asked that adult tournament directors push the teams to complete their registration processes before they are allowed to compete at tournaments.

Adults need to follow uniform code rules. Teams will not be allowed to play without correct uniforms.

Vishoot recommended that teams that have uniform infractions be posted on the region's web page.

The men's and women's tournament directors could send registered letters to teams with uniform violations.

Price discussed the Early Bird Tournament hosted by East Coast Volleyball. He provided them with a price for our assistance with the setup and tear down. He has not heard any response.

Price was also provided a quote to the Indy Qualifier for the weekend in Columbus. No response from them either.

The Arnold Classic will be used as the Boys' Regional Championships. The OVR is looking into running a NIRA event on Friday.

The Rotary Club will present a $1,000 scholarship for the MVP of the event. Strome, Donahue and Burroughs will serve on the selection committee.

Bid Tournament entry starts on February 1.

There will be a High Performance tryout on the Friday night before the Bid Tournament.

We have two days to set up for the Bid Tournament.

A Junior Officials' Clinic will be provided the Friday night also.

The Girls' Championships will use 60 courts in May.

Kohl will work to address allocations of tournament locations next year.

Burroughs reported that CAP certification expires after 4 years. Also asked to we could attract more players to tryout for High Performance. He commented that if a player is selected for a team then they should be given some playing time during the tournament.

Strome indicated that there were slight changes to the Junior Officials' Rating sheet. She will also stress the rules for when teams will need certified junior officials.

Hemelgarn will submit a written report later.

Next meeting will be the Board Retreat on August 11, 12, and 13, somewhere in Columbus.

All Board members are invited to the Junior Club Directors' meeting on July 30th.

Dixon moved to adjourn at 14:40 pm. Miller seconded. Motion passed unanimously.