The OVR board of directors, officers, and staff convened at Westerville South HS from 9:00am-1:30pm October 23 to address outstanding issues for the 2005-2006 OVR volleyball season.

(board members listed in boldface)

Present:  Ron Wyzynski, Bob Price, Keith Burke, Don Burroughs, Troy Dixon, Steve Donahue, Art Faura, Michelle Fox, Al Herbert, Tom Kohl, Jimmy McKinzey, Nick Nystrom, Glenn Purdy, Barb Strome, Elaine Viney, Emi Vishoot
Not present: Brian Hemelgarn, Kirby King, Terry Miller, Patty Salvatore, Bill Zehler
Guests: Chip Reiley (CEO), Julie Rife (Event Director), Trish (Housing Director/Assistant Event Director): East Coast Volleyball

Libero Uniforms

Bob presented the circumstances returning the OVR Libero uniform policy to that stated in USAV rules.

Bid Tournament Entry Fee

Bob opened discussion of Bid Tournament entry fees.

Al: “The price of OVR tournaments shall be determined by the CEO and Commissioner.” Elaine seconded. Tom suggested that the program directors should be involved. For: 9. Opposed: 1. Abstained: 0.


In addition to the current lineup of volleyballs, the region will allow the use of the new Molten NCAA SuperTouch volleyball, which the OVR will sell at the same price ($35) as the red, white, and blue SuperTouch. The red, white, and blue ball will be used for OVR championships and bid tournaments.

OVR Events

Convention Center events at the end of January, in March, at the end of April, and in May will stress OVR and labor. Maintaining the standard of tournaments to which OVR members have grown accustomed requires significant effort.

The initial response from boys’ teams for the January 28-29 tournament at gccc is low due to the $450 entry fee; however, the fee compares favorably to, e.g., St. Louis, which charges $370 for tournaments in high schools. The lower cost ($450) in January relative to April ($550) is due to the need to establish and grow the January tournament, which will probably incur a loss this first year. Tentatively, there will be 12 courts each of boys’ and girls’ competition, arranged by Tom Kohl and Al Herbert, respectively.

Chip Reiley introduced the East Coast Volleyball staff, discussed the philosophy of the organization and its tournaments, and distributed two documents, Brief History of East Coast Volleyball, Inc. and East Coast Volleyball Mission Statement.

The Early Bird Extravaganza, to be held on Presidents’ Day weekend, will be sanctioned through the OVR. If courts are undersubscribed, the OVR can schedule 1-day adults’ or juniors’ tournaments.

Don Burroughs will arrange the IMPACT clinic to be held on the Friday preceding the Early Bird.

All officials working OVR juniors’ events must have passed background screening (continuing policy established for 2004-2005).

The MidEast Qualifer will be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center (57 courts) on March 24-26.

The OVR will participate in the Arnold Classic Sports Festival on March 3-5 in Columbus. The OVR Boys’ Regional Volleyball Championships will be held on 8 courts at the Veterans’ Memorial from 8AM-3PM on Saturday, March 4, and from 8AM-finish on Sunday, March 5. For Friday, March 3, Keith Burke is coordinating a NIRSA men’s college tournament. There will be a $10 admission for spectators, which provides access to all Arnold Classic events. 15 sports will participate, with shuttles between venues.

The Ohio Valley Region-Molten® 2006 National Bid Qualifier and the 2006 Ohio Valley Regional Volleyball Championships will be held on April 8-9 at gccc (44 courts). The 12s’ and 13s’ Bid tournaments will probably be held at Westerville South.

The Ohio Valley Region-Kaepa USA 2006 Girls’ Volleyball Championships will be held on April 29 (10s and 12s: Columbus schools), and May 6, 7, 13, and 14 (13s-18s: gccc, 60 courts on May 6-13, 44 courts on May 14).


Steve Donahue can now produce certificates of insurance immediately on request.

Officials can purchase for $6.85; Brian will follow up.

Insurance through USA Volleyball is now $5M aggregate (up from $2M)

Secondary sports insurance does not apply if primary coverage is available but not used.

USA Volleyball issued a revised memo on floor tape. Use of unapproved floor tape incurs a $5000 deductible.

Coaching Education

Don Burroughs will deploy new national IMPACT surveys over his personal website.

Don suggested creating laminated cards to mail to all IMPACT-certified coaches.

A site is still needed for the January 6-8 cap courses. The site cannot be east of Columbus to avoid conflict with another course.

Don recommended acquiring Hi8 video cameras for Coaching Education and High Performance.

High Performance

The High Performance Seminar in January includes planning for summer, approval of coaches, and an HP coaching clinic.

Don suggested sending OVR HP coaches, if chosen, to the coaching clinic.

Juniors’ Tournaments

Independent facilities are emerging and requesting large numbers of tournaments at high entry fees

Women’s Tournaments

Jerry Malicki will host tournaments every weekend, but will bow out if others want to run tournaments in the area.

Teams strongly support the new requirement for professional officials. One tournament director expressed apprehension regarding cost; however, entry fees are structured to prevent any loss to tournament directors.

Jr. Officials’ Development Program

Barb Strome revised the evaluation form, which is online now.

The OVR will continue to emphasize junior officials’ certifications


Jimmy McKinzey, OVR Awards Chair, will coordinate awards for the 2005-2006 season.

Art Faura, who is on the national awards commitee, will work with Jimmy to coordinate nominations.


A letter was submitted requesting setup of a scholarship fund. The board will consider the request.

Future Board Meetings


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