(board members listed in boldface)

Present:  Ron Wyzynski, Bob Price, Keith Burke, Don Burroughs, Bob Dickenson, Troy Dixon, Steve Donahue, Art Faura, Michelle Fox, Brian Hemelgarn, Al Herbert, Tom Kohl, Terry Miller, Nick Nystrom, Glenn Purdy, Patty Salvatore Hank Trimble, Emi Vishoot, Bill Zehler.
Not present: John Buck
Guests: Howard Garcia (Dayton Jrs), Marci Treux (Treasurer, OHSVBA)

Appointment to vacated seat on the board of directors

7 individuals expressed interest: Keith Burke, Michelle Fox, Tom Kohl, Dana Johnson, Jimmy McKinzey, Michelle Phillips, Rich Wyman.

Jimmy McKinzey was appointed to the remainder of the open term, expiring May 31, 2004.

Junior recruiting policies (girls)

The commissioner requires first-hand information regarding violations: the individual or parent must report the violation, not the club director. Recruiting policies, enforcement, and means of reporting will be stressed on the OVR web site (www.ovr.org/juniors/recruiting.php).

Ron Wyzynski, CEO/Executive Director

Ron reported on contracts and opportunities for the OVR in coming years.

Ron will continue to accept paper registrations to ensure that we don't miss anyone. Electronic registration will be handled by Nick and Steve.

Bill and Ron will teach ASEP on 12/7.

The region will sell the new Molten® Soft Touch™ volleyball ($30/ball).

Brian Hemelgarn, Referees' Chairperson

Brian discussed current rates of pay for officials and proposed changes for fairly handling extra matches on multicourt tournaments.

Emi Vishoot, Boys' Jr. Volleyball Liaison

Bob, Emi, Keith, and Art attended a meeting on 9/22 regarding boys' issues.

A CYO league-like structure for Catholic boys' teams in Toledo was proposed.

Bob Price: implement fall boys' season for 2003.Keith: already has Nov. 1 venue for championships.

Information for boys' volleyball will be developed on ovr.org, including a checklist for teams entering nationals.

OVR-sponsored boys' tournaments will use 5-team pools (requested by teams participating in 2002), with an entry fee of $100.

Boys' registration reduced to $30 to foster growth.

Michelle Fox, Women's Tournament Director

... has been sanctioning tournaments and is awaiting initial entries.

Don Burroughs, HP Director

The Youth World Games will be held in Cleveland in 2004. For 2003, the games are in Austria (June) and Greece (August). Teams based in northeast Ohio are eligible: expenses paid excepting transportation.

IMPACT: Clinics must be 4 hours, no exceptions. With only 5 certified instructors in the OVR, Don will probably do most of these. The manual is greatly improved, including material previously distributed as IMPACT+. Approximately 12 clinics will be held.

HP: USAV will not sponsor a HP Junior team this summer (alternating years). Their HP camp and Youth team run every year. However, they will sanction regions who want to run Junior HP teams, and the OVR is looking into hosting an inter-regional HP tournament.

CAP clinics to be hosted by the YSU Athletic Department. Hotel: $69 including taxes.

Bob Price, Commissioner/President

The 2003 OVR Retreat will be on the second weekend of August at Mohican State Park.

NIRSA will be held at the Columbus Convention Center using 28-30 courts. Opportunities may exist to host our Bid tournaments there on April 12-13.

Subsidies for teams going to nationals

Terry and Hank: the committee contacted club directors, who don't plan on the subsidy and don't go based on it. The money would be better spent on a scholarship program. Involved discussion led to tabling the issue until January.

Al Herbert, Junior Officials' Development Director

Al will proceed with plans to implement a junior officials' patch and card system, with the goal of encouraging more juniors to be observed, certified, and improve as officials.

Next Meeting

January 20, 2003: Ramada Inn, Kent.