The board of directors met on October 21, 2001 at Westerville South High School. Minutes were recorded by Nick Nystrom, summarized for this issue. This summary is also online at

Present: Ron Wyzynski, Bob Price, Rick Laskey, Terry Miller, Emi Vishoot, Glenn Purdy, Steve Donahue, Keith Burke, Tom Kohl, Nick Nystrom, Bob Dickenson, Troy Dixon, Bill Zehler, Patty Salvatore.

Absent: John Buck, Michelle Fox, Brian Hemelgarn, Al Herbert.

10:05 AM: meeting was called to order.

Ron Wyzynski, CEO Report

Molten is contributing $500 credit to Westerville officials' clinic. Kaepa is contributing $500 for first ASEP clinic. 2002 Girls' National Championships will also be in Salt Lake City, Utah. 2002 OVR Junior Championships: May 4: 10's, 12's at distributed sites; May 11, 12 and May 17, 18, 19: all other divisions at the Convention Center. Courts will remain in place during the week, possibly to be used for other programs during the week: boys, community, etc.

Clubbing Policies

Starting this season, the division formerly known as AA will be renamed Open. Open teams are permitted unlimited lateral moves within registered clubs. Open players may never play down. Open seeding for the OVR Regional Championships will be determined at a seeding meeting with the tournament director. A team bumped from a lower division to Open will then have the option of joining a club already registered in Open. Any number of teams may club together in any division. A, BB, and B teams may include up to two players who have moved laterally or up and 1 who has moved down (not from Open, maximum of 2 club players).

Player Transfer Guidelines

The player requesting a transfer must meet all financial obligations to his/her original club or team. The original club or team must issue a release. The transferred player is ineligible for that season's OVR Championships. Transferred Junior players are permitted intra-region play only. Transferred adult players remain eligible for Nationals.

Steve Donahue – Verifications Officer and Interim IMPACT Coordinator

For registration tournaments at KSU we will use the Ramada. The January 21 board meeting will be at the Ramada. Steve sent the IMPACT letter sent to coaches. Our records, starting in 1997, indicate that 51% of our coaches were IMPACT certified as of last year. We are asking coaches to let us know of earlier certifications, many of which we know exist without knowing the particulars. Steve requires information on impact certification for verifying credentials for Nationals. We will enforce our requirement for IMPACT certification next year following this year's concerted effort to update the database.


Bill Z. reported that ASEP courses will be offered in Columbus on 12/1 and in Pittsburgh on 12/2, both by A.J. Joseph. Consequences of not being ASEP certified were discussed, with a vote being in favor of a $500 fine for the first year of noncompliance and disallowing registration afterward.

High Performance Director Selection

Don Burroughs was appointed Director of High Performance and Coaching Education. Don's duties will include running the region's High Performance program and coordinating IMPACT and CAP clinics.

Bill Zehler - Juniors' Program Director

Art Faura has resigned his position as Juniors' Results Coordinator, but he remains interested in working on a power league and summer tournaments. [Since the meeting, Yoon Ha has agreed to be the new Juniors' Results Coordinator.]

Bunny Brooks's league for younger age groups is approved as a pilot program on a one-year basis. That league will not affect ovr tournaments. The match fee for officiating will be $22.50, with Bob Dickenson to be the assigner.

We will host CAP clinics in Millett Hall of Miami University on January 4-6. The cadre will be Joan Powell, who has appeal as a high school coach, Sue Gozansky, known for her text on drills for volleyball coaching, and Sandy Troudt if a third instructor is necessary. They are all among the best cadre. Fees for OVR members will remain at $175 for CAP I and $200 for CAP II for early registration, or $50 higher otherwise.

Rick Laskey - Referees' Chairperson

Rick requests an increase in raters' fees to $50 due to increased workload, which now typically include 5-8 rating and briefings.

The juniors' tournament event report now includes space for listing officials who worked the event and their certification (USAV or not).

Rick will receive from Ron names of officials using the $5 one-event registration to ensure that no official does so more than once per season.

Terry Miller - Scorekeepers' Chair

A cost-effective site for the time-intensive August retreat will be determined at the January 21 board meeting.

Keith Burke - Men's Tournament Dir.

The GCCC will be available from Monday through Thursday during Junior Championships. Keith will coordinate who will be in the facility and when. Bob Price suggested that we could rent courts to juniors' teams for practice. There may also be opportunities for bringing in boys' groups.

Tom Kohl - Juniors' Tournament Dir.

Tom sanctioned 310 tournaments as of 10/21. 569 tournaments were sanctioned for all of 2000, and 603 for all of 2001.

Tom developed a new Juniors' Tournament Evaluation form, to be sent on receipt of complaints regarding how tournaments are conducted.

Bid Tournaments

Bill Zehler reported that sites for Bid tournaments will be announced after applications to host Bid tournaments arrive.

Nick Nystrom - Publications Editor and Webmaster

Sponsor interactions are proceeding favorably, with several great successes and more prospects. The Cincinnati Marriotts North and Northeast have signed on for FY2002. We will promote the Columbus Hyatt for the Junior Championships.

Document production will switch to Acrobat 5.0, retaining Acrobat Reader 3 and 4 compatibility where possible.

The juniors' registration packet was finished for its 10/1 mailing. The adults' packet is on schedule for 11/1 mailing. Handbook and November newsletter on track for 11/1 as well, pending prompt arrival of contributions.

Starting in 2002, the submission deadline for articles from teams who went to Nationals will be July 31.

The OVR web site served 1,046,874 pages from 9/1/00–8/31/01 compared to 104,472 for the 9/1/99–8/31/00. Our site’s capacity will increase to 300 MB and 10 GB/month.

Selected recent enhancements to our site include individual authentication, expanded officials' information, stronger privacy and encryption, database-integrated information on event sites, and online signups for ASEP and IMPACT clinics. Nick is working on electronic registration, expanded support for tournament hosts (entries, pools, results, standings), and self-update of contact information.

Nick will purchase a prosumer digital camera for use at region events. The region may offer team prints at Junior Championships.

Emi Vishoot - Boys' Junior Volleyball Program Liaison

There are now two boys' volleyball organizations, one with the support of athletic directors and one without. How that situation will evolve is unclear. The boys' volleyball video has gone out to about a dozen athletic directors.

The meeting adjourned at 2:01 PM.

The next meeting will be in Kent on January 21, 2002.