(The next Board meeting will be the Annual Retreat, August 10-12, 2001, at a site to be announced.)

Present: Jeff Belmonte*, John Buck*, Keith Burke*, Steve Donahue*, Tom Kohl, Rick Laskey*, Terry Miller*, Bob Price*, Glenn Purdy*, Patty Salvatore*, Hank Trimble*, Emi Vishoot*, Ron Wyzynski, Bill Zehler*
Absent: Bob Dickenson*, Troy Dixon*, Art Faura, Micki Fox, Al Herbert*, Nick Nystrom
*: board members

Meeting was called to order at 11:15 a.m. Briefly discussed the minutes from the Jan 15 meeting. Keith moved to approve the minutes as written, John seconded, minutes were approved 12-0.

Bob P. said the Westerville South HS graphics department can produce the "OVR The Block" newsletter at a cost of 35 cents per issue. He passed around a sample copy of the newsletter to determine if the quality is sufficient.

Election of Board Directors: Ron stated that voting by e-mail is not authorized but we can amend our by-laws to allow voting by mail. About two weeks ago, he sent each member a copy of the proposed amendment. Keith suggested we add some "catch-all" phrase to cover future voting methods (e.g., email, fax) that would be allowed under Ohio state law. We decided that we could vote on additional voting methods as needed. Hank moved to accept the proposed amendment as written, Rick seconded, amendment was approved 12-0. Bob P will send the amendment to Nick to post on the website. Currently, Bob D is the Chair of the Nomination and Election Committee. If Bob is not able to fulfill these duties due to his health, then Bob P will appoint someone else to fill this position temporarily.

On Jan 30, Bob D was sent to the hospital on his doctor's orders. Bob's kidneys were operating at about 20% and the right side of his heart wasn't functioning properly. Bob will have a heart catheter inserted on Feb 5. Please send Bob your encouraging thoughts and prayers.

Ron provided a list of bank deposits for the 2001 season. As of Feb 1, the deposits have totaled $342,468. The large amount is due to more teams registering earlier.

Hank mentioned that Bill's computer isn't functioning properly, so he will check it out. He'll coordinate with Ron on the appropriate fixes.

John gave an update on the Bid tournaments. He's finalizing the events, but he's still waiting for official word on the number of Region bids we will have.

Bob P mentioned that there continues to be a huge demand for junior tournaments, so encourage people to host events.

Tom gave an update on the junior tournaments.

Keith moved to adjourn, Hank seconded, approved 12-0.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:48 a.m.