(Next Board meeting will be Monday, January 15th, at 9:00 a.m. at the Holiday Inn, Kent, Ohio)

In Attendance:   Emi Vishoot, Terry Miller, Bob Dickenson, Glenn Purdy, Rick Laskey, Jeff Belmonte, Al Herbert, Keith Burke, Steve Donahue, Ron Wyzynski, Bill Zehler, Nick Nystrom, John Buck, Tom Kohl, Michelle Fox, Patty Salvatore, Hank Trimble, and Troy Dixon
Guests:   Monte Moser and Charles Manzi-Nshuti
Absent were:   Bob Price

Meeting was called to order at 10:15 am. Al Herbert passed out an agenda and the previous meeting's minutes. John B. moved to approve the 8/12-13/00 meeting minutes. Bob D. seconded. Jeff Quinn and Rich Hambrock were identified as additional new National Scorekeepers. Motion passed unanimously.

Monte M. was given the floor to talk about the Ohio High School Coaches Association (OHSCA). There is a problem of leadership. Bill Cooperider feels that he is still in charge but the association feels that they have placed Monte in charge. The boys organization, if/when it agrees to allow competition between varsity teams and composite/multi-school teams, would be open to the OVR's assistance in getting these teams put together. Emi V. will continue to work as a liaison with the association. She and Hank T. will attend the December meeting.

The Columbus Convention Center is still pursuing hosting the Boys National event some time in the near future.

Ron Wyzynski: CEO Report

Commented that USA volleyball still hasn't paid the Region for items associated with the Adult Open. But also USA Volleyball has asked for regions to pay membership dues early to assist with a cash-flow problem.

Ron has agreed to move the Adult Regional Championships in 2002 to 4/13 & 14. This will allow the Convention Center to pursue the NIRSA Championships that year.

Leigh Washburne has offered to preside of the Board voting at the Adult and Junior Regionals.

John Buck: Bid Tournament Coordinator

Asked coaches for opinions about a power league for Open teams. Not enough interest for this year. So the Region will again use the Bid Tournament format for distributing our National Bids. 16 teams or fewer will play a one-day tournament. More than 16 teams will play a two-day tournament. These tournaments will play on the weekends of 4/7 & 8 and 4/21 &22. Facilities will be allowed to submit proposals to host the tournaments.

Bill Zehler: Junior Program Director Report

Discussed problems with setting a $10 limit on tryout fees. The Region recommends $10 but it is up to the Club to set their own price. The Region will publish the tryout fees on our web page. The Region offers accident insurance for tryouts at $1 per participant. The Board highly stresses the need for the Clubs to be covered either through their own insurance or through the Region's policy. Ron will check to see if this covers the Region's liability for these events.

Rick Laskey: Referee Chair

There will be three Professional Official Clinics offered. Westerville 12/2; Pittsburgh 12/3 and Toledo 12/9. There will also be Player Clinics offered at several major tournaments at the beginning of the season.

Terry Miller: Scorekeeper Chair

No major scorekeeping changes for the coming season.

Michelle Fox: Women's Tournament Director

Adult and Junior Team Membership packets were mailed.

The Region will be hosting 19 adult tournaments at the Kent State Annex. A new rule requires no food or drinks in the playing area. KSU will assign an area to keep the coolers. Participants will be able to eat in that area.

Keith Burke: Men's Tournament Director

Already busy sanctioning tournaments.

Has received a complaint about the Region running so many tournaments. This may cut down on clubs being able to run tournaments themselves. Michelle happily agreed to cancel any tournament at KSU that conflicted with a club's request for the same date and category in the area.

[Editor's note (30-Nov-2000): While the offer to cancel OVR-run tournaments was initially made to accommodate others wishing to host tournaments, those others have not stepped forward. Teams have already begun to register for several of the the OVR events, which therefore can no longer be replaced by other tournaments. If you want to host a tournament on one of those dates, contact your tournament director to see if it's still possible. But above all, have your tournaments sanctioned early for optimal scheduling and turnout!]

Keith expects fewer adult tournaments again this year despite the Region's sponsored events. Tournament Directors are running more Juniors Tournaments instead of adults. That is why the Region is running so many adult events. Just to provide adults with the opportunity to play.

Bill Zehler expects more Juniors teams and players again this year.

The Region will offer a Sports Club Directors' Coaching Clinic on 12/2 in Westerville. There is a $75 fee for the clinic. The Region will also offer a Cap I and Cap II clinic in January 6th and 7th in Columbus.

Tom Kohl: Juniors Tournament Director

Is working on a spreadsheet to help him assign locations for tournaments. This will reduce the chance of duplicate juniors tournaments in the same area.

Tom will strictly enforce the submission of tournament results. More tournament deposits will not be returned if the results are not submitted in a timely manner. This tournament information is critical in providing a good seeding system.

Al Herbert: Junior Official Development Director

Distributed a proposal for certification of juniors as scorekeepers and 2nd officials. During the weeks of Dec. 31st and Jan. 14, clinics will be presented throughout the Region to train coaches on these functions. The coaches can then train their own players. Or they can request a clinician come to the club to train the players. The club must pay the clinician in this case. Up to March 1st, all scorekeepers and 2nd officials will be informally rated by the professional officials at the tournament. During tournament in March, the scorekeepers and 2nd officials will be formally rated by the professional officials. As a player passed a function, they will be given a certification card to prove they passed. After April 1st, if a team does not have a certified 2nd official or scorekeeper, the coach must perform that duty. Players who passed last season, will receive their cards before January 1st. This will be good for the coming season.

Jeff Belmonte: High Performance Team

Commented that there are some changes within USA Volleyball. Several key people are leaving or moving to different positions within the organization.

USA Volleyball is planning on hosting some form of High Performance Team competition. Jeff will continue to monitor developments. OVR may enter a team if the tournament is a high enough level of competition.

Jeff is continuing to contact colleges for sites to host High Performance Team tryouts and clinics.

Nick Nystrom: Region Webmaster and Publications Editor

Recently moved the Region's web pages to a commercial site. This will offer more opportunities to display and receive information.

Is setting up rates for advertisers (both profit and non-profit).

Will set rate for selling the Region's address database to advertisers.

Emi Vishoot: Liaison to OHSCA

Will submit job description for her position to Board.

Keith moved to adjourn. Rick seconded. Vote: unanimous in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.

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