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*Glenn Purdy Meritorious Service Award
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Criteria for Glenn Purdy Meritorious Service Award
for OVR Referees and Scorekeepers

Technical Guidelines

  1. One Award is presented annually at the OVR BoD's meeting in August -- or the next closest meeting date to August. The award will be presented at the Friday or Saturday night dinner. (The Region may pay for the recipient's room if s/he chooses to stay the night.)

  2. The candidate will have actively participated in local tournaments and OVR Regional events, and will be a member in good standing in the Ohio Valley Region.

  3. Candidates will have served as a scorekeeper or referee for a minimum of 10 years in the OVR.

  4. An individual may receive this award on only one occasion during her/his career.

  5. Only the winner of the Award will be announced. Other nominees shall remain anonymous.

  6. A candidate shall be nominated by an OVR adult member.

Purpose and Criteria

This award recognizes and pays tribute in the area of officiating and/or scorekeeping in the sport of volleyball for outstanding and exemplary contributions and commitment by an individual, through but not limited to, the following:

  1. Excellence in officiating and/or scorekeeping by demonstrating breadth of knowledge in the areas of rules, techniques and practices; seeks challenges and achievement;

  2. Attitude - high standards of integrity and professionalism; courteous; devoted enthusiasm to the sport;

  3. Commitment to officiating and/or scorekeeping; recognizes the role of the scorekeeper or official in the sport of volleyball;

  4. Outstanding dedication and reliable service to the Region, fellow officials and scorekeepers, as well as participants; promotes the growth and success of future scorekeepers or referees;

  5. Cultivates and guides the development of referee and/or scorekeeper skills through mentoring, rating and evaluating, and the sharing of knowledge and experience.


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