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OVR Archives: 2022-2023 Season
Juniors' Clubs and Teams in the Ohio Valley Region

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614 VBC
Columbus, OHTodd Zickafoose, Director 
  614 VBC 14-1B 14sB14614VB1OVOV-B-87
  614 VBC 15-1B 15sB15614VB1OVOV-B-63
  614 VBC 17-1B 17sB17614VB1OVOV-B-64
  614 VBC 18-1B 18sB18614VB1OVOV-B-54
Advancement Academy Volleyball Club
Westerville, OHShaun Servick, Director 
Salomon Gicherman, Asst. Director 
  A2 13 RedB 13sB13AAVBC1OVOV-B-10
  A2 14 ScarletB 14sB14AAVBC1OVOV-B-12
  A2 14 RedB 14sB14AAVBC2OVOV-B-13
  A2 15 RedB 15sB15AAVBC1OVOV-B-14
  A2 16 CardinalB 16sB16AAVBC1OVOV-B-6
  A2 16 ScarletB 16sB16AAVBC2OVOV-B-15
  A2 16 RedB 16sB16AAVBC3OVOV-B-16
  A2 17 CardinalB 17sB17AAVBC1OVOV-B-7
  A2 17 GreyB 17sB17AAVBC2OVOV-B-9
  A2 17 ScarletB 17sB17AAVBC3OVOV-B-18
  A2 17 RedB 17sB17AAVBC4OVOV-B-19
  A2 18 RedB 18sB18AAVBC1OVOV-B-3
  A2 18 ScarletB 18sB18AAVBC2OVOV-B-4
  A2 18 GreyB 18sB18AAVBC3OVOV-B-8
Advancement Academy West
Dayton, OHSalomon Gicherman, Director 
  A2 West 14 NavyB 14s/8GB14AAVBW1OVOV-B-5
  A2 West 18 NavyB 18sB18AAVBW1OVOV-B-11
Beaver Valley Premier
Baden, PAGlenn Freed, Director 
  BVP 16B 16sB16BVPVA1OVOV-B-61
  BVP 18B 18sB18BVPVA1OVOV-B-37
Buckeye VBC
Columbus and Newark, OHLauren Kundla, Director 
  16 Red BoysB 16sB16BKEYE1OVOV-B-1
  18 Red BoysB 18sB18BKEYE1OVOV-B-2
Cincinnati Attack
Cincinnati, OHChris Morman, Director 
  Cincinnati Attack 11 BlackB 11s/5GB11CATTK1OVOV-B-40
  Cincinnati Attack 12 BlackB 12sB12CATTK1OVOV-B-41
  Cincinnati Attack 13 BlackB 13s/7GB13CATTK1OVOV-B-42
  Cincinnati Attack 13 RedB 13s/7GB13CATTK2OVOV-B-43
  Cincinnati Attack 14 BlackB 14s/8GB14CATTK1OVOV-B-44
  Cincinnati Attack 14 RedB 14s/8GB14CATTK2OVOV-B-45
  Cincinnati Attack 15 BlackB 15sB15CATTK1OVOV-B-46
  Cincinnati Attack 15 RedB 15sB15CATTK2OVOV-B-47
  Cincinnati Attack 15 GoldB 15sB15CATTK3OVOV-B-48
  Cincinnati Attack 16 BlackB 16sB16CATTK1OVOV-B-49
  Cincinnati Attack 16 RedB 16sB16CATTK2OVOV-B-50
  Cincinnati Attack 16 GoldB 16sB16CATTK3OVOV-B-51
  Cincinnati Attack 16 WhiteB 16sB16CATTK4OVOV-B-52
  Cincinnati Attack 17 BlackB 17sB17CATTK1OVOV-B-55
  Cincinnati Attack 17 RedB 17sB17CATTK2OVOV-B-56
  Cincinnati Attack 17 GoldB 17sB17CATTK3OVOV-B-57
  Cincinnati Attack 18 BlackB 18sB18CATTK1OVOV-B-58
  Cincinnati Attack 18 RedB 18sB18CATTK2OVOV-B-59
  Cincinnati Attack 18 GoldB 18sB18CATTK3OVOV-B-60
Cincinnati Volleyball Academy
Mason, OHHeather Claspill, Director 
Yoon Ha, Asst. Director 
Kenneth Littlejohn, Asst. Director 
  18-BannisterB 18sB18CINVA1OVOV-B-96
  18-CashB 18sB18CINVA2OVOV-B-97
Cincy East VBC
Cincinnati, OHKristin Leggett, Director 
  14-1 BoysB 14sB14CEAST1OVOV-B-91
North Ridgeville, OHBojan Miocinovic, Director 
Kelly Fieseler, Asst. Director 
Sheree Harvey, Asst. Director 
  B17.1B 17sB17PRIME1OVOV-B-89
Club Extreme
Massillon, OHKathleen Lightfoot, Director 
Anthony Austin, Asst. Director 
William Gill, Asst. Director 
Robert Mohr, Asst. Director 
  16U Sapphire BoysB 16sB16CXTRM1OVOV-B-39
Club Gold South
St. Clairsville, OHLindsay Huff, Director 
Lisa Mick, Asst. Director 
Joyce Piccolini, Asst. Director 
  15 GoldB 15s/9GB15CGLDS1OVOV-B-32
Exile VBC
Finleyville, PAJohn Lawrence, Director 
Angela Wyman, Asst. Director 
  Exile 15 Big RedB 15s/9GB15EXILE1OVOV-B-68
  Exile 16 RedB 16sB16EXILE1OVOV-B-66
  Exile 16 BlueB 16s/10GB16EXILE2OVOV-B-67
  Exile 17 RedB 17sB17EXILE1OVOV-B-36
  Exile 18 RedB 18sB18EXILE1OVOV-B-35
Greater Cincinnati Volleyball Club
Cincinnati, OHJulie Williamson, Director 
Erica Thomas, Asst. Director 
Stephanie Werner, Asst. Director 
  GCVC 16-1B 16sB16GCINC1OVOV-B-85
Kokoro Jrs
Mc Murray, PATed Nagao, Director 
Yoko Nagao, Asst. Director 
  Kokoro 18 BoomerB 18sB18KOKOR1OVOV-B-38
Ohio Premier Volleyball Club
Cincinnati, OHGinger Hineline, Director 
Michael Berkemeier, Asst. Director 
  OPVC 12 PurpleB 12sB12OPREM1OVOV-B-17
  OPVC 12 BlackB 12s/6GB12OPREM2OVOV-B-20
  OPVC 13 PurpleB 13sB13OPREM1OVOV-B-21
  OPVC 13 BlackB 13s/7GB13OPREM2OVOV-B-22
  OPVC 14 PurpleB 14s/8GB14OPREM1OVOV-B-23
  OPVC 14 BlackB 14s/8GB14OPREM2OVOV-B-24
  OPVC 15 PurpleB 15sB15OPREM1OVOV-B-25
  OPVC 15 BlackB 15s/9GB15OPREM2OVOV-B-26
  OPVC 16 PurpleB 16sB16OPREM1OVOV-B-27
  OPVC 16 BlackB 16sB16OPREM2OVOV-B-28
  OPVC 17 PurpleB 17sB17OPREM1OVOV-B-29
  OPVC 18 PurpleB 18sB18OPREM1OVOV-B-30
  OPVC 18 BlackB 18sB18OPREM2OVOV-B-31
Phoenix Volleyball Club
Medina, OHWilliam Hoshaw, Director 
  Phoenix 12 Silver-CorcodelB 12s/6GB12PHOEN1OVOV-B-84
  Phoenix 13 Silver-MarflakB 13sB13PHOEN1OVOV-B-82
  Phoenix 13 Silver-MeehanB 13sB13PHOEN2OVOV-B-83
  Phoenix 14 Gold-KentB 14sB14PHOEN1OVOV-B-80
  Phoenix 14 Gold-HowellsB 14sB14PHOEN2OVOV-B-81
  Phoenix 15 Gold-JenningsB 15sB15PHOEN1OVOV-B-78
  Phoenix 15 Gold-GoodB 15sB15PHOEN2OVOV-B-79
  Phoenix 15 Silver-BrussB 15sB15PHOEN3OVOV-B-88
  Phoenix 16 Gold-AdornatoB 16sB16PHOEN1OVOV-B-76
  Phoenix 16 Gold-MeehanB 16sB16PHOEN2OVOV-B-77
  Phoenix 17 Gold-TsilimosB 17sB17PHOEN1OVOV-B-72
  Phoenix 17 Gold-AlnemerB 17sB17PHOEN2OVOV-B-73
  Phoenix 17 Gold-KennedyB 17sB17PHOEN3OVOV-B-74
  Phoenix 17 Silver-DougallB 17sB17PHOEN4OVOV-B-75
  Phoenix 18 Gold-MeehanB 18sB18PHOEN1OVOV-B-65
  Phoenix 18 Gold-PietromicaB 18sB18PHOEN2OVOV-B-69
  Phoenix 18 Silver-LeydenB 18sB18PHOEN3OVOV-B-70
  Phoenix 18 Silver-RogersB 18sB18PHOEN4OVOV-B-71
Premier Volleyball Club
Perrysburg, OHJodi Schramm, Director 
  Premier 17 BoysB 17sB17PREMR1OVOV-B-92
Princeton Volleyball Club
Princeton, WVWendy Johnson, Director 
  Tigers 18uB 18sB18PVCLB1OVOV-B-93
Spiketown Volleyball Club
Chillicothe, OHKristin Posey, Director 
Lori Dresbach, Asst. Director 
  Spiketown - HardiestyB 17sB17SPIKE1OVOV-B-34
Tool City
Meadville, PAJustin Johnson, Director 
  Tool City 16 BlackB 16s/10GB16TLCTY1OVOV-B-62
  Tool City 18 NavyB 18sB18TLCTY1OVOV-B-33
  Tool City 18 BlackB 18sB18TLCTY2OVOV-B-53
  Tool City 18 RedB 18sB18TLCTY3OVOV-B-86
  Tool City 18 GoldB 18sB18TLCTY4OVOV-B-90

20 clubs and 95 teams listed.
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