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Juniors' Team Seeding

The purpose of OVR juniors' standings is to seed OVR Championship tournaments. The OVR Championships are for all OVR juniors' teams, offering all levels of play. To view the results contributing to the standings of any team shown, click on its team code. The Juniors' Seeding System details how standings are calculated. Standings listed on this page reflect results reported by tournament directors.

Girls' 13 National
 OVR Champ. rank:
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team codeteamTtotal
G13ELEVA1OVElevation – 13 Lippert4100.69625.17414100.69625.1741
G13MSPRT1OVMintonette Sports – Mintonette Sports m.316145.50724.25128182.57422.8222
G13ACAVC1OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC ROX 13 Red6131.91321.98537149.91321.4163
G13TOLVC1OVToledo Volleyball Club – TVC 13-Black598.70119.7404598.70119.7404
G13ELEVA2OVElevation – 13 Downs6112.38918.73258140.92317.6155
G13SWVBC1OVSouthwest VBC – 13N Amy6110.40218.400610166.53516.6548
G13AAVBC1OVadidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club – 13 Green6107.65217.94277120.85217.2657
G13ACAVC2OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC ROX 13 White6105.22417.53786105.22417.5376
G13MOVBA1OVMid Ohio VB Academy – MOVA 13-M6100.75516.79398126.07315.7599
G13OPREM2OVOhio Premier Volleyball Club – 13 Ostendorf462.27415.56910462.27415.56910
G13TOLVC2OVToledo Volleyball Club – TVC 13-Royal462.18415.54611462.18415.54611
G13BSVBC1OVBlack Swamp VBC – 131692.14015.357127103.60714.80113
G13EVBTC1OVElite Volleyball Training Center – EliteVBTC 13 Black576.64815.33013576.64815.33012
G13ROCKC1OVRockCity Volleyball Club – 13-1690.19315.032147100.45414.35115
G13MSPRT2OVMintonette Sports – Mintonette Sports m.32689.86414.97715799.46414.20917
G13OPREM1OVOhio Premier Volleyball Club – 13 Cooper343.66814.55616343.66814.55614
G13ELEVA3OVElevation – 13 Middy685.93214.32217685.93214.32216
G13PRIME1OVClevPRIME – ClevPRIME 13.1682.74713.79118682.74713.79118
G13CVBCO1OVCleveland Volleyball Company – 13 Black567.93413.58719567.93413.58719
G13AAVBC2OVadidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club – 13 Shamrock680.11613.35320680.11613.35320
G13CEAST1OVCincy East VBC – 13.1 SNIDER453.17413.29321453.17413.29321
G13GCINC2OVGreater Cincinnati Volleyball Club – 13 National Gray225.76512.88222225.76512.88222
G13CCRSH1OVCincy Crush Volleyball Club – 13 Orange224.94112.47123224.94112.47123
G13MAVRK1OVMaverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 13 Elite-Smack558.92911.78624558.92911.78624
G13ACITY1OVAiR CiTY CHiCKS – 13-PiNK111.27311.27325111.27311.27325
G13GCBUS1OVGreater Columbus Volleyball Club – GCVC 13 Silver666.41411.06926666.41411.06926
G13PRIME2OVClevPRIME – ClevPRIME 13.2551.30910.26227551.30910.26227
G13CVBCO2OVCleveland Volleyball Company – 13 Blue440.68610.17128440.68610.17128
G13CCVBC1OVCincy Classics – 13 Red329.9749.99129329.9749.99129
G13EVBTC2OVElite Volleyball Training Center – EliteVBTC 13 Blue545.1459.02930545.1459.02930
G13ACAVC3OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC ROX 13 Blue653.9228.98731653.9228.98731
G13ECJRV1OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 13.1N Anne Mann432.2248.05632432.2248.05632
G13ATHHQ1OVAthlete HQ – 13 Black17.2177.2173317.2177.21733
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