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OVR-Kaepa® USA Juniors' Tournament Schedule 2020
OVR-Mizuno Boys Regional Championships
Sunday, March 1, 2020
Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH

Tournament/Site Director

Matt Mihelic

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Greater Columbus Convention Center
400 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

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Columbus map
Greater Columbus Convention Center
Greater Columbus Convention Center


  • From Port Columbus International Airport: I-670 West, Exit 4-B to the Convention Center

  • From Cleveland: 71 South to West on I-670 109-A, Exit 4-B to the Convention Center or 71 South to Spring Street Exit; West on Spring Street to Fourth Street; North on Fourth to Nationwide Boulevard.

  • From Cincinnati: 71 North to 70 East to Fourth Street Exit; North on Fourth to Nationwide Boulevard.

  • From Indianapolis: 70 East to Fourth Street Exit; North on Fourth to Nationwide Boulevard.

  • From Pittsburgh: 376/22/30 West to 79 South; 79 South to 70 West; 70 West to Fourth Street Exit; North on Fourth to Nationwide Boulevard.

  • From Wheeling: 70 West to Fourth Street Exit; North on Fourth to Nationwide Boulevard.

Real Time Parking Lot Information

Site Rules

Real Time Parking Lot Information

Safety and Security at the Greater Columbus Document (click for this GCCC brochure)

Below are the Columbus Convention Center site rules and regulations. Violations of the rules and regulations will result in disqualification and elimination from the event of the offending teams and/or individuals, including parents.

  1. No coolers or food may be brought into the building by players or parents. (The center has two concession areas.)
  2. No passing volleyballs in hallways or concessions areas. Warm-up time will be provided on the court before the match.
  3. No smoking in gym areas or hallways.
  4. Junior Championships: All teams are to camp in the concourse (and not to block any doors!). Do not camp in exhibit halls A, B, C, and D,
    where the tournament is running. NO PILLOWS, BLANKETS, COOLERS, WAGONS, ETC.!!
  5. There are no shower facilities.
  6. Keep all chairs far away from any court or playable areas. (Parents must bring their own chairs.)
  7. Only certified vendors may sell clothing, shirts, shoes, etc. with approval from the Commissioner.
  8. Put all trash in containers provided by the Convention Center staff.

Tournament Information

Please mail checks to: 

5556 Grove St. 

Louisville, OH. 44641


Court Layout


Seeded AES Playing Schedule


18s Coaches Handout

17s Coaches Handout

13s Coaches Handout


Note: OVR rankings appearing in the following listings are intended only as a helpful tool for tournament directors. They are subject to frequent change, including after the pools are set, and other factors may also be considered when determining pools and order of play.

Boys' 13 and Under: 2 courts (openings for 1 team)
 Pool 1
 team coderankteam
1.MJ3-EVERE1-OV1Everest Volleyball Club – 13 Smack
2.MJ2-OPVCB1-OV1 [12U]Ohio Premier Volleyball Club Boys – 12-1 Taggart
3.MJ3-OPVCB2-OV8Ohio Premier Volleyball Club Boys – 13-2 Bricking
4.MJ3-AAVBC1-OV5adidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club – 13 Red
 Pool 2
 team coderankteam
1.MJ3-OPVCB1-OV3Ohio Premier Volleyball Club Boys – 13-1 Brockman
2.MJ3-CATTK1-OV4Cincinnati Attack, Inc. – 13 Black
3.MJ2-AAVBC1-OV3 [12U]adidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club – 12 Red
Boys' 17 and Under: 4 courts (filled)
 Pool 1
 team coderankteam
1.MJ7-OPVCB1-OV1Ohio Premier Volleyball Club Boys – 17-1 Schloemer
2.MJ7-EVERE1-OV8Everest Volleyball Club – 17 Smack
3.MJ7-PHOEN1-OV9Phoenix Boys Volleyball – 17 Gold
4.n/aMichigan Elite - 2
 Pool 2
 team coderankteam
1.MJ7-CATTK1-OV3Cincinnati Attack, Inc. – 17 Black
2.MJ7-AAVBC2-OV10adidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club – 17 Scarlet
3.MJ7-CVABV1-OV12Cincinnati Volleyball Academy Boys – 17 Green
 Pool 3
 team coderankteam
1.MJ7-AAVBC1-OV4adidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club – 17 Red
2.MJ7-CXTRM1-OV7Club Extreme – SAPPHIRE 17U
3.n/aMichigan Elite - 1
 Pool 4
 team coderankteam
1.MJ7-CATTK2-OV5Cincinnati Attack, Inc. – 17 Red
2.MJ7-OPVCB2-OV6Ohio Premier Volleyball Club Boys – 17-2 Boothe
3.MJ7-AAVBC3-OV11adidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club – 17 Cardinal
Boys' 18 and Under: 4 courts (openings for 2 teams)
 Pool 1
 team coderankteam
1.MJ8-CATTK1-OV2Cincinnati Attack, Inc. – 18 Black
2.MJ8-OPVCB2-OV8Ohio Premier Volleyball Club Boys – 18-2 Brockman
3.MJ8-CXTRM1-OV17Club Extreme – SAPPHIRE 18U
4.n/aVanguard 18 Silver
 Pool 2
 team coderankteam
1.MJ8-OPVCB1-OV3Ohio Premier Volleyball Club Boys – 18-1 Gustely
2.MJ8-PHOEN2-OV11Phoenix Boys Volleyball – 18 Maroon
3.MJ8-AAVBC2-OV21adidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club – 18 Scarlet
 Pool 3
 team coderankteam
1.MJ8-CATTK2-OV4Cincinnati Attack, Inc. – 18 Red
2.MJ8-PHOEN1-OV5Phoenix Boys Volleyball – 18 Gold
3.MJ8-OPVCB3-OV19Ohio Premier Volleyball Club Boys – 18-3 Miller
 Pool 4
 team coderankteam
1.MJ8-BVPVA1-OV1Beaver Valley Premier – BVP 18
2.MJ8-AAVBC1-OV6adidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club – 18 Red
3.MJ8-614VB1-OV23614 VBC – 18 Navy

Officials [Hired officials: sign in for more information]

The officials' assigner for this event is Brian Hemelgarn (hemelgarn@ovr.org, 419‑410‑2291 /m).

0 officials are still required for this event.

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