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OVR-Kaepa® USA Juniors' Tournament Schedule 2020
March 28 - March 29, 2020
Lucas County Recreation Center, Maumee, OH

Tournament Cancelled

Pools, directions, hotels, and additional tournament information are accessible from the OVR-Kaepa Juniors' Tournament Schedule.

Starting Times

  • May 1: Doors to all schools open at 8:00AM, first match at 9:00AM.
  • May 8 and 9: Doors to the GCCC open at 8:00AM, first match at 9:00AM.
  • May 14: Doors to the GCCC open at 5:30PM, first match at 6:30PM. Following Friday night's competition, play will resume on Saturday, May 15, at 2PM.
  • May 15: Doors to the GCCC open at 7:00AM, first match at 8:00AM.
  • May 16: Doors to the GCCC open at 7:00AM, first match at 8:00AM.
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Welcome to the largest regional Junior Volleyball Championship in the United States (and maybe the world)! Almost 900 teams will be participating in this event at various venues in the Columbus, Ohio area over the next three weekends. The Ohio Valley Region is very proud to provide this opportunity to its members.

This year we are the guests of five Columbus area schools on May 1. It is the obligation of every player, coach, parent, and spectator to respect these facilities and obey all of the rules of each site. Failure to do so will result in sanction by the region (not to mention possible loss of facility for next year!). All site directors and officials are instructed to report all persons violating facility regulations. These include:

  • Absolutely no food of any kind is allowed in the gymnasiums. Water and sports drinks in plastic containers are the only fluids permitted in the gyms.
  • Camping must be kept in designated areas. Make sure you pick up your camp before you leave the facility. No coolers are permitted in any facility!
  • No running, horseplay, or “pepper” in the halls.
  • Chairs may or may not be permitted on gymnasium floors. Bring them with you but check before you use them.

There may be concessions available at the sites for 10s and 12s.

Regulations at the Greater Columbus Convention Center are:

  • No coolers or bags of food may be brought into the building. Security guards will be on duty to enforce this rule! Concessions are available.
  • No running, horseplay, or “pepper” outside of Hall C, D, and Hall E/F.
  • Chairs are permitted in the facility. Make sure not to block any fire exits.
  • Water bottles are permitted at the courts.

Tournament T-shirts and volleyball apparel will also be available.

All registered adult members of the Ohio Valley Region are eligible and encouraged to vote for our Board of Directors. There will be a voting booth at the convention center. See the site director at your site to vote the first weekend.

Trainers will not be available on May 1. There will be a trainer on duty at the convention center.

Used volleyballs will be available for $25 ($20 for Lite balls) at the convention center after the tournament. You can inquire about purchasing one at the championship desk.

Any individual or business wishing to make available any goods and/or services at or in connection with events hosted by the Ohio Valley Region, Inc. must contract those arrangements in advance with Ron Wyzynski, OVR CEO/Executive Director (wyzynski@ovr.org, 888-873-9478) or his designees.

Information and Format

  • Seeding: Seeding for all divisions was done using all information available through the latest possible events. Teams that reported results for 6 or more events only had their best five finishes considered for seeding in all Club divisions. Open teams only had their top 6 finishes considered. Teams will hold their seed into the playoff brackets whenever possible, and we will try to avoid teams playing a team from their pool in the first round of playoffs. Playoffs will consist of 8 teams in most divisions.

  • Rosters: Any changes to the team roster must be submitted to the site director prior to the team’s first match. All rosters must be printed on the back of the Official Lineup Sheet. Rosters will be checked by the officials prior to each team’s first match. Persons not listed on the roster will not be permitted to play.

  • Officiating: Teams are assigned to provide support officiating crews for pool play and playoff matches. Whistles will not be provided. Teams failing to show up on time will be penalized one point in Game 1 of their next match up to 15 points for each minute they are late. They will forfeit their next match if they are more than 15 minutes late. Teams failing to officiate assigned matches after losing in the playoffs will be fined $100.00.

  • Warm-up procedure: All warm-ups will consist of 2 minutes of shared court on the side of the team bench, 4 minutes of full court for the serving team, and 4 minutes of full court for the receiving team. Serving will be included in the 4 minutes. You may ask the official to inform you of your remaining time (usually 1-minute) for serving.

  • Match format for 4 team pools: All matches for 4 team pools will consist of the best 2/3 games. The first two games will be to 25 points. All deciding games will be to 15 points, teams switching sides at 8 points. There will be no cap for any game.

  • Match format for 2 pools of 3 teams: Any division with 2 pools of 3 teams will play a round robin pool play schedule that includes three matches.

  • Pools reduced to 3 teams: Pools reduced to 3 teams without the “crossover” option will play the best 3/5 games (3 games to 25 for youth teams 10- and 12-and-Under).

  • Tie breaker procedure: All ties will be governed by USA Volleyball Tiebreaker Procedure.

  • Awards: Awards will be given to the top four teams in each playoff bracket. There will be no matches to determine third place.

There will be a coaches’ meeting at each site one half hour prior to the first scheduled match.

Check the Ohio Valley Region’s website, www.ovr.org, for updates, changes, and directions.

Nick Nystrom (nystrom@ovr.org; posted 2004-04-28 12:43:14)

Tournament Director

Michael Varn

[OVR officials, club directors, assistant directors, coaches, and staff: log in for complete contact information.]

Site Director

Maribeth Wielfaert

[OVR officials, club directors, assistant directors, coaches, and staff: log in for complete contact information.]

Entry Fee




Lucas County Recreation Center
2901 Key St.
Maumee, OH 43537

Web page: http://www.toledocvb.com/sports/rec.html

Marathon Oil CorporationMarathon Route Planner
Starting address: 



Building 1, next to Ned Skeldon Stadium

  • From I-80/I-90:

    • Take the Ohio Turnpike to exit 59.
    • Get off the exit and go South, you will end up on Reynolds Rd.
    • Turn left at Dussel Rd (first stop light).
    • Turn left at 3-way stop sign to stay on Dussel Rd.
    • The road will dead end into the parking lot of the LCRC.

  • From I-75 South:

    • Take I-75 North to exit 192 (I-475 Norht/US 23).
    • Travel north towards Maumee/Ann Arbor for ~7.3 miles.
    • Take exit 6 (Maumee/Dussel Rd).
    • Turn right (East) on Dussel Rd.
    • Travel about 3 miles and turn left at 3-way stop sign to stay on Dussel Rd.
    • The road will dead end into the parking lot of the LCRC.

  • From I-475 North:

    • Take I-475 to exit 6 (Maumee/Dussel Rd).
    • Turn left (East) on Dussel Rd.
    • Travel about 3 miles and turn left at 3-way stop sign to stay on Dussel Rd.
    • The road will dead end into the parking lot of the LCRC.

Tournament Information


Thank you for your interest in our tournament!


Please Make Check/Money Orders payable to:
Toledo Volleyball Club
2901 Key Street- Hall 1
Maumee, Ohio 43537

Please include our team(s) OVR number and tournament date(s) with your payment. Credit Card Payment is available. Please direct your questions to Michael@ToledoVolleyballClub.com or the TVC office @ 419.794.4656

Day One: 
Door opens at 8:00 AM. There is a mandatory coaches meeting at 8:30 AM. Officials are required to be present. The tournament starts at 9:00 A.M. sharp. 

Teams will play first round of pool play. After round one teams will be re-seeded into round two of pool play. Teams will play first 2 matches of the second pooling.

Day Two:
Doors open at 8:00. There will be no coaches meeting unless specified by Tournament Director. Play will resume at 9:00am. Teams will complete the second pool and be seeded into the tournament format.

Pool play is the best of three sets with rally scoring. Each non-deciding set will be to 25 points with a minimum two-point advantage (no scoring cap.) The deciding set, if needed, will be to 15 points with a minimum two-point advantage (no scoring cap.) All warm-ups will use the 2-4-4 format; 2-minutes shared court, 4-minutes Serving Team, 4-minutes Serve Receiving team. Teams may request the referee to tell them when to serve, usually one minute.

[Team in () refs]
Match 1 1 vs. 3 (2) 
Match 2 2 vs. 4 (1) 
Match 3 1 vs. 4 (3) 
Match 4 2 vs. 3 (1) 
Match 5 3 vs. 4 (2) 
Match 6 1 vs. 2 (4)

Teams will officiate according the above schedule for pool play.

All teams advance. All teams must be ranked within their pools based on match percentage first. For any ties, use the tie-breaking procedure below. Top two teams in Pool AA and BB play in Gold tournament. Third and fourth place teams in Pool AA and BB play in Silver tournament. Top two teams in Pool CC and DD play in Bronze tournament. Third and fourth place teams in Pool CC and DD play in Copper tournament. Awards to first and second and in Gold Division. 

Coaches and Players who are not complete with their registration will not be permitted to participate in OVR Sanctioned events. 

Since all teams advance to playoffs, ties will not be decided by playing a set. 
1.    If 2 teams from the same pool are tied, their head to head match determines their order of finish. 
2.    If 3 teams from the same pool are tied after match and set % and point differential have been calculated, a coin flip will determine their order of finish 

Only USAV members may be in the playing area to assist with warm-ups.

Prior to each team's first match of the day, junior’s boys'/girls' mandatory warm-ups are to consist of 15 minutes (7 minutes shared, no hitting across net), 4 minutes serving team, 4 minutes receiving team. After each team's first match, the mandatory warm-up time between all matches is will be 10 minutes, consisting of 2 minutes of shared ball handling on-court, 4 minutes full-court for the serving team, and 4 minutes full-court for the receiving team.

During each team's full-court warm-up segment, the opposing team must be in their bench area and not interfere with the team using the court. However, for purposes of risk management, the off team could offer to help with retrieving balls when the on team is hitting provided the "on-team" coach agrees.

Teams that wish to practice serving during the warm-ups may ask to be informed when they have one minute (or more/less) remaining in their 4-minute period. Shared serving between the two teams is not permitted.

This applies to all matches. The time between sets is 3 minutes. Teams may warm up with balls on their respective courts or free zone during the 3-minute set intervals. Spiking at the net is not permitted. Balls may not be used for warm-ups during time-outs. 

Player’s bags and equipment are not allowed in the competition area nor will teams be allowed to camp in the competition area. Each team will be assigned a table in the Club House to place their bags.

FOR INSURANCE PURPOSES the camping area is restricted to players, officials and OVR/USVA registered individuals. Ball Handling and Horse Play in the camping area is not permitted. Camping area is restricted to players, officials and OVR/USVA registered individuals.

A Concession Stand with a variety of healthy foods is available at the tournament site.

NO OUTSIDE FOOD IS ALLOWED. - Individual portions are allowed in a player's bag.  

Keep all coolers in cars. Coolers are prohibited in and outside facilities hosting OVR-sanctioned events. 

Setting up tables and/or cooking by teams or their support staff, fans, coaches, or parents are prohibited at OVR-sanctioned events.

This means NO TEAM BUFFETS.  Team buffets will be confiscated if found.

Bleachers are located on the west side of the building (in the front of Courts 1 & 2). NO CHAIRS are allowed to be placed in front of these courts. Chairs may be placed on the North, South and East perimeters of the courts. Please place chairs in designated area (between the black lines surrounding the courts). Chairs are no longer able to be rented. 

Team/Tournament Cancellation: Per OVR regulations- a team canceling after the entry deadline will forfeit its entry fee. A team canceling prior to the entry deadline does not forfeit its full entry fee if a replacement is found. A team canceling from this tournament to enter a different tournament will forfeit its entry fee.

If Lucas County is under a level 3 snow emergency, the tournament will be cancelled. For any reason the tournament is canceled, a notice will be displayed at the OVR Junior Tournament List. Club directors and/or coaches and officials will be contacted via email as soon as possible. Entry fees will be returned.


Note: OVR rankings appearing in the following listings are intended only as a helpful tool for tournament directors. They are subject to frequent change, including after the pools are set, and other factors may also be considered when determining pools and order of play.

Girls' 12s: 4 courts (filled)

No points shall be awarded for OVR Championships or tournaments following the OVR Championships. [OVR Juniors' Seeding System]

The following teams are registered (waiting list not displayed). Pools will be announced closer to the tournament date.

 team coderankteam
1.FJ2-TOLVC3-OV125Toledo Volleyball Club – 12-Silver
2.FJ2-LATIT1-OV53Latitude 41 – 12 Elite
3.FJ2-NSVBC1-OV21NorthShore VBC – Muenz
4.FJ2-NSVBC2-OV51NorthShore VBC – Holeman
5.FJ2-LEGAC1-OV111Legacy Elite VBC – 12 Elite
6.FJ2-NAVBA2-OV130The National Volleyball Academy – 12R
7.FJ2-FOURN1-OV22Four1Nine Xtreme – 12-Bunn
11.FJ2-LATIT2-OV48Latitude 41 – 12 Purple
12.FJ2-BSVBC3-OV63Black Swamp VBC – 123
13.FJ2-GRLVC4-OV24Grandlake VBC – 12R Craft
14.FJ2-NSVBC3-OV32NorthShore VBC – Maldonado
15.FJ2-NSVBC4-OV68NorthShore VBC – Ringler
16.FJ2-OACZZ1-OV126Oiler Attack Club – 12 Black

Officials [Hired officials: sign in for more information]

The officials' assigner for this event is Michael Varn (michael@toledovolleyballclub.com, 614‑302‑0596 /m).

The officials' assigner has not yet named officials contracted for this event.

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