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OVR Archives: 2016-2017 Season
Juniors' Clubs and Teams in the Ohio Valley Region

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Advancement Academy Volleyball Club
Westerville, OHShaun Servick, Director 
Sandra Borer, Asst. Director 
Chun Min Yu, Asst. Director 
  12 GreenB 12s/6GMJ2-AAVBC1-OVOV-MJ-1
  14 GreenB 14s/8GMJ4-AAVBC1-OVOV-MJ-11
  15 GreenB 15s/9GMJ5-AAVBC1-OVOV-MJ-5
  16 GreenB 16s/10GMJ6-AAVBC1-OVOV-MJ-6
  16 ShamrockB 16s/10GMJ6-AAVBC2-OVOV-MJ-7
  17 GreenB 17s/11GMJ7-AAVBC1-OVOV-MJ-12
  18 GreenB 18sMJ8-AAVBC1-OVOV-MJ-8
Air City VBC
Kettering, OHMonte Moser, Director 
Carol Bysak, Asst. Director 
  Air City 14 BlackB 14s/8GMJ4-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-25
  Air City 14 GreenB 14s/8GMJ4-AIRVB2-OVOV-MJ-26
  Air City 14 GoldB 14s/8GMJ4-AIRVB3-OVOV-MJ-27
  Air City 15 BlackB 15s/9GMJ5-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-24
  Air City 16 BlackB 16s/10GMJ6-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-22
  Air City 16 GreenB 16s/10GMJ6-AIRVB2-OVOV-MJ-23
  Air City 17 BlackB 17s/11GMJ7-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-19
  Air City 17 GreenB 17s/11GMJ7-AIRVB2-OVOV-MJ-20
  Air City 17 GoldB 17s/11GMJ7-AIRVB3-OVOV-MJ-21
  Air City 18 BlackB 18sMJ8-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-16
  Air City 18 GreenB 18sMJ8-AIRVB2-OVOV-MJ-17
  Air City 18 GoldB 18sMJ8-AIRVB3-OVOV-MJ-18
Beaver Valley Premier
Baden, PAGlenn Freed, Director 
  BVP 18-RedB 18sMJ8-BVPVA1-OVOV-MJ-13
  BVP 18-BlueB 18sMJ8-BVPVA2-OVOV-MJ-14
Cincinnati Thunder Volleyball Club
Cincinnati, OHDarla Ober, Asst. Director 
William Wauligman, Asst. Director 
  18UB 18sMJ8-CTHUN1-OVOV-MJ-70
Club Ashtabula Volleyball
Geneva, OHStephanie Kubec, Director 
Mason, OHJohn Paul Case, Director 
Lisa Schaad, Asst. Director 
  Nation 11-1B 11s/5GMJ1-ELEVA1-OVOV-MJ-66
Elite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company
Uniontown, OHLaurie Thewes, Director 
Brandon Thewes, Asst. Director 
  12 NavyB 12s/6GMJ2-ESVBC1-OVOV-MJ-64
  14 NavyB 14s/8GMJ4-ESVBC1-OVOV-MJ-65
Elite Volleyball Training Center
Columbus, OHJaclyn Cline, Director 
Clark Cline II, Asst. Director 
  Elite VBTC Boy's 16B 16s/10GMJ6-EVBTC1-OVOV-MJ-30
  Elite VBTC Boy's 18B 18sMJ8-EVBTC1-OVOV-MJ-28
Glass City Volleyball Company
Toledo, OHDana Hooper, Director 
Melissa Hier, Asst. Director 
  Glass City 18s BoysB 18sMJ8-GCVCO1-OVOV-MJ-29
Hudson, OHHeather Piccone, Director 
Sharon Durdel, Asst. Director 
Richard Jackson, Asst. Director 
  12 BlackB 12s/6GMJ2-IGNIT1-OVOV-MJ-36
  16 BlackB 16s/10GMJ6-IGNIT1-OVOV-MJ-34
  16 RedB 16s/10GMJ6-IGNIT2-OVOV-MJ-35
  17 RedB 17s/11GMJ7-IGNIT1-OVOV-MJ-33
  18 BlackB 18sMJ8-IGNIT1-OVOV-MJ-31
  18 RedB 18sMJ8-IGNIT2-OVOV-MJ-32
Phoenix Boys Volleyball
Medina, OHWilliam Hoshaw, Director 
  12 RedB 12s/6GMJ2-PHOEN1-OVOV-MJ-15
  14 RedB 14s/8GMJ4-PHOEN1-OVOV-MJ-4
  15 RedB 15s/9GMJ5-PHOEN1-OVOV-MJ-3
  16 RedB 16s/10GMJ6-PHOEN1-OVOV-MJ-10
  17 RedB 17s/11GMJ7-PHOEN1-OVOV-MJ-2
  18 RedB 18sMJ8-PHOEN1-OVOV-MJ-9
Positively Charged Volleyball Club
cincinnati, OHJoseph Chaney, Director 
  14 ChaneyB 14s/8GMJ4-PCHRG1-OVOV-MJ-75
Tool City
Meadville, PAJustin Johnson, Director 
  TobinB 14s/8GMJ4-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-38
  HeringB 16s/10GMJ6-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-39
  PietkiewiczB 16s/10GMJ6-TLCTY2-OVOV-MJ-40
  AdkinsB 18sMJ8-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-41
  JohnsonB 18sMJ8-TLCTY2-OVOV-MJ-42
VANGUARD Volleyball Club
Columbus, OHWesley Almond, Director 
  14 GoldB 14s/8GMJ4-VANVC1-OVOV-MJ-56
  14 SilverB 14s/8GMJ4-VANVC2-OVOV-MJ-57
  15 GoldB 15s/9GMJ5-VANVC1-OVOV-MJ-55
  16 GoldB 16s/10GMJ6-VANVC1-OVOV-MJ-53
  16 SilverB 16s/10GMJ6-VANVC2-OVOV-MJ-54
  17 GoldB 17s/11GMJ7-VANVC1-OVOV-MJ-51
  17 SilverB 17s/11GMJ7-VANVC2-OVOV-MJ-52
  18 Gold AlbertsonB 18sMJ8-VANVC1-OVOV-MJ-48
  18 Gold RandolphB 18sMJ8-VANVC2-OVOV-MJ-49
  18 SilverB 18sMJ8-VANVC3-OVOV-MJ-50

14 clubs and 57 teams listed.
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