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Juniors' Team Seeding

The purpose of OVR juniors' standings is to seed OVR Championship tournaments. The OVR Championships are for all OVR juniors' teams, offering all levels of play. To view the results contributing to the standings of any team shown, click on its team code. The Juniors' Seeding System details how standings are calculated. Standings listed on this page reflect results reported by tournament directors.

Girls' 13 National
 OVR Champ. rank:
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team codeteamTtotal
FJ3‑NKYVC1‑OVNKYVC – 13-1 Tsunami588.51317.7031588.51317.7031
FJ3‑MSPRT1‑OVMintonette Sports – m. 31 Rox352.53117.5102352.53117.5102
FJ3‑ECLVJ1‑OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 13 Elite582.54116.5083582.54116.5083
FJ3‑BSVBC1‑OVBlackswamp VBC – 13 Moran581.61716.3234581.61716.3234
FJ3‑ACAVC1‑OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – Rox 13N Fulton697.56716.2615697.56716.2615
FJ3‑MCCVC1‑OVMizuno Cincy Classics – 13 Red696.37816.0636696.37816.0636
FJ3‑TOLVC1‑OVToledo Volleyball Club – 13-1576.56215.3127576.56215.3127
FJ3‑CVBCO1‑OVCleveland Volleyball Company – 13 Black576.54815.3108576.54815.3108
FJ3‑COLVA1‑OVColumbus Volleyball Academy – CVA 13 Silver683.52213.9209794.05513.43711
FJ3‑CVBCO2‑OVCleveland Volleyball Company – 13 Blue682.73513.78910682.73513.7899
FJ3‑ELEVA1‑OVElevation – 13 Grafton341.24713.74911341.24713.74910
FJ3‑NKYVC2‑OVNKYVC – 13-2 Tide667.11811.18612667.11811.18612
FJ3‑TEAMZ1‑OVTeam Z – 13 Orange110.85710.85713110.85710.85713
FJ3‑SPIRT1‑OVSpirit VBC – 13 Black439.3769.84414439.3769.84414
FJ3‑ACEVB1‑OVMaverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 13 Elite548.0179.60415548.0179.60415
FJ3‑SWVBC1‑OVSouthwest VBC – 13 National657.4849.58116657.4849.58116
FJ3‑MCCVC2‑OVMizuno Cincy Classics – 13 Black437.0789.27017437.0789.27017
FJ3‑TAVBC1‑OVTeam Atlantis VBC – 13 National545.1869.03718545.1869.03718
FJ3‑COVBC1‑OVCentral Ohio Volleyball Club – CO 13-N17.7147.7141917.7147.71419
FJ3‑EVBTC1‑OVElite Volleyball Training Center – Elite 13 National427.6446.91120427.6446.91120
FJ3‑TOLVC2‑OVToledo Volleyball Club – 13-2421.3625.34021421.3625.34021
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